The ABC of Me

As a new school year begins in the southern hemisphere, we north-of-the-equator types are heading into spring. Time for a shiny new Student Blogging Challenge! In the first week, Miss Wyatt is suggesting we reintroduce ourselves. We are drawing inspiration from Brianna’s Alphabet Post and writing our own.

Me first!

This lovely Mason Bee hatched in my backyard and enjoyed my rosemary.

I love watching people in the airport arrivals lounge. The anticipation and then the hugs when family and friends reconnect–that makes me happy. I am fascinated by bees and take pictures of them whenever I can. Mason bees in particular fascinate me. Chocolate is my favourite treat. Dark, of course.  I admire Queen Elizabeth II for her lifetime of service. I find felines far too finicky. Spring, summer and fall…you’ll find me in the garden. I have a bad habit of losing my keys. Not infrequently, either. My real first name is Janet. I come from a long line of knitters and people who laugh a lot. My mediocre superpower is that I can tell you when milk is about to go bad. I have never bungee jumped, and don’t regret it one bit. I like old things, so I collect vintage Pyrex, quilts, and rare Christmas ornaments. I would like to travel to Scotland and take part in an archaeological dig at Hadrian’s Wall.

Isn’t this a beautiful bowl? We have popcorn in a bowl like this.

In 2004-05 I sailed around the globe on a tall ship with my husband, our two kids, and  65 students and adult crew. It was a unique experience, very challenging and immensely rewarding. I learned the world is a beautiful place, and that I live x-actly where I want be. To remain young at heart, I will stay curious about people, places, and new experiences. Perhaps I will even revisit Zanzibar again after I retire!


And there you have it, all about me, A to Z. If you’d like to comment, why not leave a letter or three about you.

Soon, Huzzahnians’ alphabet posts will be popping up on their blogs. I hope you’ll take time to learn their ABC’s!

Photo Credit: KitchenCulinaria Flickr via Compfight cc


  1. Hi Mrs. Smith,
    I really like the general idea of this activity! I thinks its really creative, and I’ve never seen it before. A couple of my letters would be;
    I have a *dog* named Thor, and he is *excellent*. My favourite *food* is definitely chicken ceasar salad wraps. They’re just so *good*!

    Anyway, are we going to be doing this this year? I hope we are.

    Sincerely, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah,
      If we don’t do this as a class, you can certainly do this as a blogger on your blog. It’s a great place to experiment with your writing.
      ~Ms. Smith

  2. Hello Ms. Smith
    I’ve never been on a plane my sister Marisa has been on a plane she said that she almost puked when she was landing.
    I’ve never seen a mason bee.
    Have you ever been stung by a bee and what kind of bee was it?
    I don’t think I’ve been stung by a bee unless I got stung when I was little but I don’t know I might have
    I thinks it’s cool that you used every single letter a-z.
    Have a great day
    From Nathan

    1. Hi Nathan,
      I am really impressed with your enthusiasm for commenting! I have never been stung by a bee, but I have been stung by a wasp. Mason bees look a lot like soft fuzzy flies. The males have the cutest little white Mohawk hair! You can actually handle mason bees in your hand, they are that friendly. I hope that when you get your blog you are able to make and A-Z post too.
      Happy weekend,
      Ms. Smith

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