Are you prepared for the Zombie apocalypse?

This silly video (aside from ArhArhArh meme that has taken over our classroom) reminds us of the three rules of emergency planning:

  • Know the risks
  • Make a plan
  • Create an emergency kit

Here in coastal British Columbia we don’t prepare for tornadoes (or zombies, for that matter), but we do anticipate earthquakes. We do regular drills where we drop-cover-hold-on-20mmacg

then evacuate the building. At our school we have first aid kits, a large emergency preparedness container, and organized plans for students to stay safe and be reunited with their families. Our staff train often to be prepared for a variety of emergency situations. Doing drills means we will stay safe, feel calmer, and be able to help each other through a difficult time.

Our Canadian neighbours in Fort McMurray, Alberta know that preparedness saves lives. Last year a devastating wildfire destroyed buildings and property in and around their community. Yet 88,000 people were safely evacuated in a very short time thanks to government organizations, local businesses (from gas stations to airlines), emergency responders, and individuals stepping up and helping.

Readers from the Student Blogging Challenge, here are your possible choices this week:

Activity #1
Readers, what natural disasters or emergencies are factors where you live? How have you prepared? If you have faced a large-scale emergency, how did you deal with it? Do you have any advice for us? Please let us know in a comment (and please leave your blog URL!).

Activity #2
Write a list post of items that a student can put in an emergency bedside kit. If you had to leave in a hurry, what could you have ready to grab-and-go? (Come back when you are done and leave your URL so we can read your post).

Activity #3
Write a post describing a natural or human-caused emergency that has happened in your community. What were the consequences? How did you, your family, or emergency responders deal with it? (Come back when you are done and leave your URL so we can read your post).

Activity #4
Please take our Emergency Preparedness Survey. We will share the results and our conclusions by mid-November. Thanks!

Stay safe, fellow bloggers!






  1. Dear Mrs Smith,
    I value your creative idea to post a video on what to do in a zombie apocalypse, even though this scenario might not happen, it teaches children the importance on being prepared for an emergency that might unexpectedly strike. I have learnt a lot from your informative post, thank you! Here is the link to my blog. http://anesha6wildy.edublogs.org/
    From, Anesha.

    1. Hi Anesha,
      Thank you very much for your thoughtful, well crafted comment. Yes, we know that the zombies aren’t coming (they’re far too busy in Hollywood) but if we are prepared for them we are prepared for anything!
      Best wishes in your blogging,
      Ms. Smith

  2. The video that you have posted would be very important to get you ready for a emergency that may or may not happen. It is very important to be ready for an emegency, this would help kids to be ready for an emegency.

  3. Dear Mrs Smith,

    I value that you inform students about emergencys and life threading situations. I love how you involved a creative video on your blog and you have instructions on what you should do in an earthquake. Your posts have taught me a lot and there very interesting.

    Here’s the link to my blog, http://olivias6wildy.edublogs.org

    Thankyou, Olivia

    1. Hi Olivia,
      I will admit that the zombie video was just to get your attention! (ArhArhArh) I am glad you read further and found the information useful.
      Best wishes blogging and stay safe,
      Ms. Smith

  4. In response to Activity #2
    Dear Ms. Smith, out of all the four guests that have left a link to their activities, I find yours to be the most interesting. I think the thing that made me gravitated to this link especially was the fact that I saw a video with a title “are you prepared for the zombie apocalypses? So in response to activity number 2, here are a list of things I would have by my bedside in case of an emergency:
    1. A knife
    2. A wrapping kit
    3. Tylenol – anything for pain
    4. A phone with a lot of useful phone numbers

    Jennifer – Here’s a link to my blog in case you’re interested : http://20jenng.edublogs.org/2016/10/31/in-response-to-activity-2/

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you for your comment and for thinking about emergency preparedness. By my bed I have a head strap flashlight so I can see in the dark and a pair of flip flops in case there is broken glass and I have to leave quickly. Having a phone with emergency numbers or apps that update you in the event of an emergency is a great idea. Not sure about having a knife by your bed. I am interested in your thinking about that–tell me more.
      Stay safe.
      Ms. Smith

  5. Dear Ms. Smith,

    My name is Jagga and I came to your website to take activity 4. I chose activity 4 because, I thought it was important to know how prepared I am for certain emergencies.

    Thank you

  6. Hi Ms, Smith,

    My name is Daisy, and I found your post was amazing and taught me heaps of things about emergencies. I choose to do activity 4 because I wanted to she how much I knew. Now I am much more prepared for emergencies. Hope loads of people participate in your survey.

    Thank You

  7. Hi Mrs Smith,
    My name is Jaemi, in this comment I will be responding to the questions in Activity #1.
    Here in Sydney there is unfortunately no snow, so we don’t get snow storms except for other parts in Australia they do. We don’t have earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and so we don’t really have natural disasters. I think we may get a few very small bushfires, but rarely. At school we have about 4 to 6 different drills a year. We have many different drills depending on what the problem is at the school for example sometimes we may have to go to a park and wait there for a while or we may have to squish up under the desks and stay quiet. I haven’t really dealer with a big problem before. One advice is maybe to alert kids to stay calm during a emergency mainly at school.

    This is the link to my blog

  8. Dear Mrs Smith I loved your creative idea to post a video on what to do in a zombie apocalypse. I also loved how you picked this creative and interesting topic to blog about. I have learnt a lot from your informative post. It was very useful for me.

    Thank you

    Here is the URL to mu blog



  9. Hi Mrs.Smith,
    My name is Imogen and I am from Australia.
    I love travelling to new countries, so this post about preparing for emergencies will be very helpful to me, if I ever find myself in a situation that may include an earthquake, or a tornado.
    I love hearing new posts so remember to keep me posted! Here is the URL/address to my blog incase you would like to see what’s going on in my life at school!
    From Imogen

  10. Hi Mrs Smith,

    My name is Grace and I enjoyed watching the zombie apocalypse clip. It was informative as I learnt how important it is to be in case of an emergency. Did you create the video yourself?

    I was interested to learn about the wildlife fire. I live in Australia so there is not many drills (accept for lock down and fire drills) that we have to prepare for. Although some days in summer can get really hot over 30 degrees Celsius.

    At school we do have multiple evacuation and lock down drills to insure our safety if there was a real issue.

    How often do devastating natural disasters occur in British Columbia?

    Check out my blog at http://gracek23.edublogs.org
    Thanks Grace

  11. Dear Mrs. Smith

    I think that it is wonderful how you value and care about life threatening situations and worry about children’s safety. I also LOVE the video that you included in your blog! I chose activity 4 because i also think it is important for safety of kids.

    Here is the link to my blog Go Check It Out!- http://alliesgms23.edublogs.org/

  12. Dear Ms. Smith,

    I responded to activity #2, because I am the kinds of person who always likes to be ready, and I thought that making a list might be a good way to tell people how thy can be ready. I found the fact that there is a video on being prepared for a zombie apocalypses, very funny, but you never know what could happen. So check out my blog post at http://20lleas.edublogs.org/2016/11/01/emergency-kit/ to see what kinds on materials I put in my list.

  13. Why hello there!

    I chose this post because it seemed to be the most appealing and most interesting. This post was really well done and the survey quite useful, I really like the way it was made, and how it was pretty detailed too. Video was also very enjoyable. This was a really good post and in response to it, here are my answers regarding activity two, and a link to my blog.

    So what we get to deal with here down in West Africa, more specifically Senegal are the following: Power outages, flood’s of literal death during the rainy season, and extreme heatwaves, almost any other time.

    And in the case of a zombie apocalypse I would I would pack a bag and throw by my bedside to grab and get the ever loving heck out of there. In there I would pack:

    > Swiss Army Knife


    >Flare gun

    >metal baseball bat

    >Packs upon packs of granola bars ( small but nutritious )

    >Water purifier/water bottle


    >And a map

    Pretty extreme list, but in the case where the undead has taken over, this isn’t a bad idea.

    Hope this lists helps you when it happens. Lol

    Also, my blog. http://kaanisd20.edublogs.org/2016/11/01/what-to-pack-for-the-apocolypse/

  14. Hello Mrs. Smith,
    I will reply to activity 2, I would pack:
    To keep me hydrated

    So I don’t get low on blood sugar

    A Torch,
    If it’s during the night

    So I can contact emergency services and/or friends and family

    Lucky Bracelet,
    To keep me calm during the situation

    Swiss Army Knife (or any small weapon of such),
    So if I run into any danger I could protect myself with the knife

    So if I have to travel to avoid the disaster


    If I have to by food or by some more water.

    BTW this is the link to my own blog : http://dakotad23.edublogs.org/
    (Just copy and paste into your search bar)

  15. That was a great video! I loved the quiz! I learned a lot about disasters. And the zombie apocalypse.

  16. Dear Mrs. Smith,
    I think that its very thoughtful of you guys to care so much for your students. It’s awesome that you guys have regular drills. Have you guys ever had an actual earthquake? And if so, did it go orderly?

  17. Dear Mrs.Smith

    I really like the idea of Emergency Preparedness Survey! I also think that it’s cool how you set up the survey. I really would like to set up my own survey. I also think that it’s really funny how you put Zombie apocalypse!

  18. Dear Mrs.Smith,

    I love the fact that you made a video about preparing for the zombie apocalypse. It was very funny. I’m going to respond to activity #2. If I was in a hurry to get out of my house during the zombie apocalypse, I would grab a life jacket, a kitchen knife, my dogs, food, water, a gun, and my phone. I would bring a life jacket because zombies can’t swim so that would make it safer for me and my family.

  19. Dear Mrs Smith,

    I really value this information, I would love to find out more and I will definitely remember the drop, cover and hold on when there is an earthquake but I have one question, what if in an earthquake you drop, cover and hold on and the earthquake is too strong and it starts to break your hold on the table, what do you do?

  20. Hi Mrs Smith

    My name is Chloe and I found the video you posted a very fun and creative way of learning about emergency planning. Living in Australia the only drills we do are at school. We do a fire drill (when you evacuate) and a lock down (if someone/thing comes into the school grounds). Where do you do your drills?

    This is a link to my blog (copy and paste) – https://chloet23.edublogs.org

  21. Hey Mrs Smith,

    Wow, that was a very well done post! I enjoyed reading it and have learned what to do in emergencies. This has made me aware of how many different situations you can be in and how lucky I am to not have to be going through this stuff. I also like the creativity of using the zombie apocalypse. I like the idea of the survey as well! My blog is- jessica56ma.edublogs.org
    and my teacher’s is- mrpastrosclass.edublogs.org hope to see a reply soon from you. Keep up the good work! bye

    From Jessica <3

  22. Dear Mrs Smith,
    I found your survey on this post very useful. It helped me to really think about if my family and friends are actually ready for emergency’s such as floods, bushfires and many more. I know that after reading your post I will definitely be asking my parents if we are ready for emergency’s.

    Please check out my blog at:

    From Martha

  23. Dear Ms. Smith,

    I really liked the survey that you made about how to be prepared for an emergency. It made me think about if I was actually prepared for an emergency. I also like your video about the zombie apocalypse.

    Ms. Smith’s Activity:

    1. What natural disasters or emergencies are factors where you live?

    There have been bush fires where I live because in Australia has lots of big gum trees and can get to very high temperatures.

    2. How have you prepared?

    We have a first-aid bag in our car and house incase anyone gets hurt. We also have a list of emergency phone numbers to ring.

    3. If you have faced a large-scale emergency, how did you deal with it?

    My family would call my aunty or grandparents so we could stay at there house incase we need to evacuate.

    4. Do you have any advice for us?

    Some good advice is just to always be prepared for anything to happen at any time.

    5. Write a list post of items that a student can put in an emergency bedside kit.

    – First-aid kit
    – A map
    – Torch

    6. If you had to leave in a hurry, what could have ready to grab-and-go?

    – Water
    – Food
    – First-aid kit
    – A map
    – Torch
    – Phone

    My Blog URL:

    Sincerely, Phoenix

  24. Dear Mrs Smith,

    I think it was very creative of you to do a post about a Zombie Apocalypse, though I’m not sure if it will actually happen!
    The survey was great to do, I really liked interacting with the blog and it makes it so much more interesting!

    Here is the URL to my blog;



  25. Dear Mrs Smith,

    I found your post very interesting. It is important to make sure that you are prepared for any emergency event, such as fires, floods or earthquakes.

    I have created a list of things to ‘grab and go’ if there was an emergency where I lived. If I had to leave in a hurry I would take:

    1) Unopened bottle of water
    2) Travel first aid kit
    3) A non perishable snack (something in a can)
    4) Mobile phone – to contact people
    5) Torch – in case there is no light
    6) Warm clothing – if it’s cold
    7) Toiletries – such as tissues
    8) Garbage bags – to act as a raincoat and sleeping bag if need be

    I think it is very important to make sure you at prepared for an emergency event.

    Here is my blog URL: http://liv6wildy.edublogs.org/

    kind regards,

  26. Dear Mrs. Smith,
    I found your blog very interesting because not only have you made an educational video about an important subject (emergencies), you have also made the video fun and creative. I thought that doing a survey was a great idea because some emergencies can sometimes be underestimated and it’s interesting to see how prepared people actually are.
    Kind regards,

  27. Hi mrs smith,
    I read the post about the wood fire it sounded really scary! I’m glad you are safe though,
    It is good that you have sucure security plans. My plan is to contact emergency services and go go go! I have decided to do activity 2 because I love to be prepared
    here is my url, angelinaj23@edublogs.org (i’m sorry but you might have to search it up on the internet because I can’t make links yet)
    great post!

  28. Dear Ms Smith,
    I value your creativity while reading this post. Your idea about the Zombie Apocalypse made me think of how natural disaster can happen in a blink of an eye unexpectedly. I also really like how you provided information about what you would do if an earthquake hit: DROP, COVER, HOLD ON. I also loved and valued the way you put up extra activities to get the
    opinions of others. You have taught me so much from one post.

    Here is the URL to my blog, I will make sure I will complete at least one of your activities soon.


    Kind regards
    Olivia K

  29. Hi Mrs Smith,
    Where I live, I have never actually experienced any natural disasters, but I think that extreme cold might be a problem. Where I live, it is extremely cold in the winter. Sometimes you can barely go outside unless you are wearing an incredibly warm jacket, boots, and gloves. Actually, at some times, it is better not to go outside at all. It can get really cold here, I am more than a little used to it, but it does sometimes get a little too cold, even for me. At times like this, school would be out, and we would all be curled up in our rooms drinking hot chocolate. Tornadoes could also be a bit of a problem here. I may not have actually been put in a situation where I needed to be worried about tornadoes, but if that situation were to ever come forth, in school, we are all to go in the hallway, and sit down with our backs to the locker and our heads down. I never really thought very much about the cold, but I am saying that if I ever had to worry about to much cold, I would probably lock myself in my room and not come out until someone tells me that it is okay.
    Here is the URL for my blog

  30. I found the blog very interesting. In Saskatchewan we have to watch out for tornadoes, extreme cold and wildfires. AT our school we rarely prepare for drills for tornado warnings, because they think one won’t happen. We don’t have any safety packs at our school either. Hopefully we can change that and become more prepared so we wouldn’t lose supplies and survive.
    Hopefully you can visit my posts on my blog,
    URL: https://wordpresscommontyatim.wordpress.com/

  31. Dear Mrs. Smith,
    I agree that everyone should be prepared for natural disasters, and any dangerous situation. For example I live in Regina, Saskatchewan and so we are prone to Tornadoes. So we have been taught what to do in case of a Tornado. Also I don’t think there will be any real threat of Tornadoes here because our last Tornado was in 1914. SO once again I agree with you and have a good day.

  32. We have different drills for fire, tornados, and earthquakes. The only thing I think we should do is ice storms, we have had a few bad storms. I don’t know if we have zombie apocalypse kits. Do you have tornados in your area

  33. Dear Mrs. Smith,

    I think that you have made a funny creative way to send a message to kids like me about preparing for emergencies. Where I live there are not many types of emergencies, there may be a tornado here or there. But, say there is a fire at my house we have a meet spot outside of the house. Also here is my blogging link.


  34. I thought that this was a really good survey because this reminded me what I had for precautions inside of the house. This made me aware of where all the supplies inside of my house were. Thank you for bringing this topic up. I would have never though of it if it wasn’t for this comment.

  35. Dear Mrs. Smith,

    I think it is awesome that you are spreading awareness about being prepared for natural and human-caused disasters. It’s very admirable that you are thinking about others’ safety instead of yourself.

    Alex Ten Eyck

    P. S. Check out my response to your activities about emergency preparedness for ESBC week 4 at http://alexatene3404.blogspot.com/ . Click on the ESBC ’16 page and scroll down until you find week 4.

  36. Dear Ms.Smith,

    Thank You for making us more aware. This will help us later when there is an emergency.


  37. Dear Ms. Smith,
    Thank you for worrying about our safety that much, that you even created a well thought through blog about safety! My family instead of one medkit, has two actually in case somthing happenes which we are ready for. Our school practices drills of every sort every year so our safety is there. Come check out my blog at http://maxkozel3503.blogspot.com/

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