Be More Awesome.

I will confess, I have often felt the word “awesome” is over-used. I had an awesome weekend. My bike is awesome. It would be awesome if I could borrow your pencil. Are those things truly awesome? If we say they are when other words are more accurate, does the word awesome loose its meaning and power?

Then this summer I traveled to a beautiful part of our country called Haida Gwaii. While on our journey aboard the 52 ft sailboat Sölskin we kept a journal called Our Book of Awesome fashioned after Neil Pasricha’s  The Book of Awesome in which he zooms in on those specific gems in the day that he calls simple, universal little joys .

Each day at dinner we would talk and then write about the special moments in the day that stood out for us. One day I wrote that it was awesome that I didn’t get seasick; on another I marveled at the beauty of the bald eagle I saw. Capturing with my camera its translucent eyelid as it blinked was awesome indeed. Then there was that time I was able to stand on my tippy toes and reach the perfect huckleberry. Awesome.

And here we are, at the beginning of new school year. We’re about to embark on ten months of learning together. I think we should be on the lookout for awesome. I am convinced it’s everywhere if we just notice it.

Let’s pay attention to those simple, universal little joys–those awesome moments– every single day.

Kid President  gives us a pep talk in the video below, reminding us that we are  all teachers and students. In his silly way, he invites us to think about what we’re teaching the world– and to be more awesome, because “life is school and you gotta show up”.

What do you think of his message? What do you teach the world? What are you learning from the teachers in your life? And what awesomes have you noticed since school started? Please teach us!


  1. Hello Huzzahnians!
    What a fun video! Kid President certainly made me smile and legitimately laugh out loud. Justin Timberlake in the same category as Einstein and Confuscius. What a hoot! I also loved his imitation of Shakespeare. I loved his take on science. We all matter. That’s important to remember.
    I try to teach people every day that our attitude is a choice we make. It’s a daily decision. I also try to instill a love of reading. When we read, we learn what it’s like to walk in other people’s shoes. We learn empathy.
    The ability to read is AWESOME.
    Public libraries are AWESOME.
    Sharing what you’ve read with someone you like over a cup of tea is TRIPLE AWESOME.
    Of course, the people we love are AWESOME.

    I hope you all have an awesome year,
    Mrs. Donofrio

  2. Hi Ms. Smith
    I agree that the word awesome is over used and its starting to loose its power. I found that the video was very inspiring as it makes me want to never miss school again. Great Post!

    1. Hi Evan,
      I try to use “awesome” when it suits, but sometimes I slip. I hate missing school myself but I know there are times when it is best for everyone if I stay home. If you are sick, be sick, stay home, get well, and then come back!
      ~ Ms. Smith

  3. Hello Mrs. Smith,
    This is really a great motivational post and video for anyone and everyone! It’s amazing to know you can be “awesome,” and strive for more. This post does set an example though. Awesome is a great word, but it is greatly overused. The video is a true inspiration too! It tells how great of a person you are, and how you can set higher goals as you go. Thank you for posting this humorous and educational post.

    1. You are welcome, Nick. I am noticing that brief, entertaining videos do get people thinking. There is plenty of silliness in this, but the message rises to the top. Have a enjoyable year of blogging!

  4. Hello Mrs.Smith,
    I think that he is trying to say that we should all be excited to go to school, because our teachers teach us something new everyday.
    I try to teach people that everything isn’t always about winning. I have noticed that being in 7th grade is awesome because we learn new things. What do you think is awesome about the new school year?

    1. Anthony, I learn something new every day, most often from students. I would have to say our class community is pretty dang awesome: friendly, committed, intelligent, fun. I learned something new today about quilting that I didn’t know before. Be on the look out for learning. By the way, I have an Anthony in my class. Perhaps you two will connect this year.
      ~Ms. Smith

  5. Dear Huzzah,

    I think this is a great video. I try to teach the world to be a more positive place. Even though sometimes I’m feeling down or not having the best day you have to keep your chin up, especially to be a good role model for the world. I am learning from the teachers in my life that learning is becoming more and more important every day. Getting older now I’m realizing it a lot more. A lot of new awesomes are at our school is now teachers have Ipads and we do more things virtually. It keeps it more interesting. What about you guys?


    1. Hi Brooke, I can see you are an engaged, self-directed learner. For many years formal education has been seen as drudgery, almost punishment. A little research about the value of education in other parts of the world can change one’s perspective. How are you using iPads to support your learning? We too are using technology to support learning, from using Google Apps to blogging.
      Have a great year,
      ~ Ms. Smith

  6. Hey Huzzhnians,

    I thought this video was very inspiring and awesome! I also believe that the word ‘awesome” can be over used in our daily conversations. I always try to teach the world to be kind to one another, because who wants to live in a world full of hate? I know I don’t. I learn SO much from my teachers. Not only the subjects they teach but to be the best person you can be. Keep up the great posts on your blog!
    What are some things that you think are awesome?


  7. Hi, I really liked your pep talk video I found it inspiring and funny. it reminded me that we have to work hard to make our dreams come true, I would like to be a brain surgeon. What is your dream?

  8. Hello Huzzah!
    I think Kid President’s message is AWESOME! I feel this way because it is so inspiring to see a kid younger than me trying to make a diffrence. Kids President’s great advice and A+ enthusiasm drew me in to the video and made me actually listen to what he was saying. I try to teach the world whenever I can. Whether its helping a friend, a sibling, or a younger kid that I am helping, it still counts. It all starts with one person at a time.

    Since school started, I have noticed people trying to change. By change I mean fix the things about them that they, or someone else, may not like. I am always trying to do this for myself but when I see other kids doing it, I think it’s awesome. Another awesome thing I have seen is my teachers trying their hardest to help us learn. They try to teach us in every way possible and I appreciate it so much. Finally, I have seen kids working together to get something done. You’re never going to like every solitary person you are with. But when I see students like me trying to over come that and just get along, it is truly awesome.

    I nominated your blog “Huzzah!” for the Best Student Blog Challenge. I think your writing is thorough and detailed, and you have spectacular pictures, videos, and widgets. Keep up the good work! Happy Holidays!
    Grade 8, Mrs. Donofrio’s class

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