We’re Cooking with Gas!

Cooking with gas is a favourite idiomatic expression of mine. It means you’re on fire–full of enthusiasm–efficient–getting things done.

And we are! The student blogs are loaded with great writing worth reading. These bloggers have only been at it for a month, but I think they are really getting the hang of it, don’t you? (By the way there is a lot of great reading beyond the posts listed here–take a gander, read a little or a lot, leave a comment, leave some more…but I digress.)

There’s something here for everyone (student names are linked to the post):

  • Are you interested in penguins? Do you know the difference between crows and ravens? Colt and Chelsey are experts.
  • And more on birds–Mya shares cool facts about owls.
  • Turtles, too. Jared has deep knowledge to share.
  • Are you a sports fan? Read about Bekkam‘s love of hockey and Coltons latest soccer goal.
  • Are you a skateboarder? Kyle, Jordan, and Jackson have reviews for you.
  • From rap to a capella, Sophie‘s got the history of music.
  • Want a little Halloween fright? Read Kehana and Summer‘s blogs.
  • Family pets? Reece is a fan of gerbils and Kenzie has dogs, cats, and chickens!
  • Do you want to remember the summer? Travel to Italy with Julia.
  • Have you done something that made a difference? Read about Tristan‘ s efforts.
  • Are interested in Minecraft? Max dishes the dirt on the latest 1.9 release.
  • Like TV shows? Nic tells you about his favourite.
  • Want a dose of creepy? Tommy has a post that will curl your toes.
  • Are you hungry? Try a yummy dessert on Caitlyn‘s blog
  • Looking to try designing video games? Griffin as a great post on Stencylworks.
  • Find out about Charlie‘s favourite book, Briannes first books,  and where Mara likes to read. Oh, and read all the other Me as a Reader autobiographies on the student blogs.
  • And of course you want to read some great monster stories with ink monster art by Dylan and Jack (and the whole gang–just look).

You can cook with gas, too. Read, think, comment!

image: 3D Frozen Flame – 2D friendly! by bufivla




  1. I’ve honestly never heard this expression before but I love it! I think I am going to say it a lot more often!I have been blogging for about a year now, for the summer I stopped for a bit but im back into it! Blogging has got to be my favourite thing to do during our computer lab time! I would have to say my favourite thing to do while blogging would be writing new posts or replying to comments! What are your favourite things to do while blogging.

    1. Well, Dakota, my favourite thing is seeing the growth in my students as writers. I know that sounds a little saccharine [too sweet] but really, it is thrilling to see people grow and take risks. When it comes to crafting my own posts, I like trying to find an intriguing title and just the right lead. I can also spend far too much time hunting for the right image. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    1. Thank you, Julia. I think learning and using idiomatic expressions is fun. One from the Maritimes that I really like is, “It’s a large day” which means the sky is blue and bright. Glad you like the image. 🙂

  2. So when Dakota starts repeating “We’re cooking with gas!” in class, I’ll know exactly who to come talk to, Mrs. Smith. 🙂

    It’s pretty tough to get Dakota away from his blog these days (not that I really mind his enthusiasm for it), but I would be very curious to hear his thoughts on whether his perception of blogging has changed over the last year or not

    @Dakota … How do your current thoughts about blogging compare to your thoughts on it last year (around this same time) when you just started out with it?

    1. “Idiomatic Expressions R Us!” I got a million of ’em. You can bet the farm that I’ve got a feather in my cap and there’s no time like the present to share idioms. . Jump on the band wagon if you like. Maybe I just jumped the shark, though. time to face the music, I guess.

  3. I’m cooking with gas, too, right now!

    What am I excited about? Student blogging! Blogging is such a great thing for classes and students!

    I’m very impressed by the quality of writing and overall layout of your students’ blogs. I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts you linked to and I look forward to showing my students such terrific examples.

    Keep up the great work!

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