Geometry Magic

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Of all the strands of math, I think I love Space and Shape (2-d shapes, 3-objects, and transformations) the most. I like to notice how the shape of objects appears to change as my perspective changes. I still remember how exciting it was to learn to create the illusion of three dimensions on a piece of paper when I was first shown how to draw a 3-D box when I was nine. It was just a bunch of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines! Geometry is magic!

The film below was made by Rene Jodoin, a Canadian animator at the National Film Board of Canada, in 1966, long before the age of computers. The  stop-motion animated paper cut-out technique he used required that each movement was done manually. It must have been complex to plan and carry out–notice how beautifully the music and images flow together.

When we watched this as a class there were plenty of oooohs and aaahhs–this is such a simple idea, but look at the endless variation.

We will be starting our geometry projects soon…this film and others like it are terrific inspiration.


    1. It would have taken a long, long time to make this film, and a team of people working together. This was made 40 years ago, and now we have digital tools to help us. Still, I think this is a work of genius!

  1. I see that you enjoy math too! Math is my favorite subject. It is also my easiest. But it can get hard somedays. Even though I’m only in 9th grade math, I find it easy. Great blog!

    – Connor

    1. Thanks, Connor! Yes, I like math as well, although I didn’t in grade 9. I like the rhythm and logic in math, and I wish I had seen it and understood it earlier.

  2. I like the geometry idea that a triangle can be changed in a hundred different ways just because of imagination and a little “magic.” Also, the shapes changing in time to the music with the shapes using perfect movements is fascinating.

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