Trying Something On Your Own

We’ve been getting our techie groove on…

And it is quite amazing how far we have come! We’ve learned to read, comment, write, format, and publish, change our theme, and many other skills besides. We are about to learn something new: adding a blogroll. A blogroll is a list of links to other blogs to read. You can see our list of class blogs in the sidebar on the right. It a fast way to get to the blogs you like to read, and a good way to let others know whose blogs you are reading.

Once you set up your blogroll, visit Miss Wyatt, answer her survey, and write a comment on her blog.

Setting up your blogroll:

First, from your dashboard, go to Design > Widgets. Find Link in the left-hand column. Click the Add button if it has not already been selected.

These directions are adapted from this post by the brilliant Sue Waters.

  1. Your Edublog blog automatically comes with a blogroll in its sidebar.  All you need to do is Add or Delete links to change what blogs are displayed. To start your blogroll, first add Huzzah, then three classmates, then three from beyond our class.
  2. On your blog dashboard, go to Write > Links (look next to Post and  Page)
  3. Insert the name of the blog, its URL and click Blogroll, then press Save.
  4. Follow the pictures below:

Removing links you don’t use:

Edublogs comes with links already installed. To get rid of them, go to Manage > Links.  Click on the blog link you want to remove then click on Delete.

Remember, the first link on your blogroll should be our class blog!

Good luck with this; let me know how you do!

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