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I’m sad…

crying baby bbaunach

…that our year together is over.

Yes, I am a blubbering baby. I had such fun. I learned so much. I laughed so hard.

And I am not ready for this school year to end!

I do have fabulous memories of a great year. One of them is the making of our lipdub to celebrate the upcoming reunification of our school. Remember the day we taped it? Remember the Brooklyn Oscars? We do know how to celebrate, don’t we? Take a look:

Brooklyn Elementary LipDub (May 2011) from Brooklyn Elementary School on Vimeo.

So farewell, fabulous Huzzahnian friends. I will follow your life journey closely–on and off blog.

Image: Crying Baby by bbaunach

We know how to have a good time!

The last week of school is always melancholy for me: I’m happy for the approach of summer, but sad to see the school year end. So the best plan is to go out on a high note.

  1. We played marimbas for Monday’s Gr. 7 grad–and we sounded great!
  2. We tie-dyed t-shirts with a logo designed by Chaeyoon and our names on it.
  3. We painted Ms Snowdon’s car–just look at the results–

More fun to come as we head out to beach day in the rain…