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Classroom Olympics–the Pairs Event

We may not be Olympians, but we can dream–and we can pretend.

Today I invited Huzzahnians to dress up in pairs in honour of Mr. Laurie, former figure skating champion, to compete in our own Olympic event. We used the term “pairs” loosely, as you can see in the video. Students brought costumes, designed and practiced routines, and performed in front of their fans on behalf of their countries. They were judged against the criteria that the class established. The two very serious and highly trained judges, Mrs. B and Ms. Smith, used the old-fashioned 6.0 scoring scale.

The performances were entertaining and fun, as was the medal ceremony. The event was capped off with a rousing chorus of  ‘O Grapelandia on behalf of the gold medalists. We could almost hear the people in Vancouver singing with us.