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Tell us ABOUT yourself…

questions_oberazziReaders arrive with questions:

Who is this writer? What are his interests? What is her personality like? Do we have anything in common?

Your “About” page might just be the first place a reader goes to find out.

Your blog is a reflection of your personality.

Miss Wyatt’s post gives some directions and examples of ways to write your “About” page. We have already reviewed the advice to be “internet savy” by making wise decisions about our writing and blog content.

Take a look at these about pages from last year: Daniel C, Nicholas, Catie, and Rebecca. Notice how they tell you just enough about their personality without saying WHO they are.

This post will be a PAGE on your blog.

Your “About” page shows your voice: who and what you feel strongly about, your sense of humour, your passion and compassion–what drives you.

Look at the draft of your “About” page. What one word most captures who you are?

Image: Questions by oberazzi,  Creative Commons license.

Seven Random Facts

Leave nothing to chance!

Last year a student in Division 16 looked up the meaning of random for us: it means lacking a plan or depending on chance. But in blogging it’s not wise to rely on chance to keep your identity safe. Take a look at my random facts below. In combination, they tell a lot about my life, but those facts don’t identify who I am, precisely where I live, when and where I do activities, or give that information about my friends or family.

So here are my 7 Random Facts:

  1. I am the eldest daughter of an eldest daughter of an eldest daughter (and my only daughter is also the eldest!)
  2. I love to make quilts.
  3. I have sailed around the world in a tall ship.
  4. I didn’t have any pets as a child, but now we have two Golden Retrievers named Luke and Solo.
  5. My favourite place in the world is Fernando de Noronha, an island off Brazil.
  6. I repeated Grade One, and didn’t learn to read until Grade Three.
  7. I can say “Your baby is beautiful!” in Swahili.

Your task:

Look at the random facts of these students  Sophie, Daniel W., and Haley. They have used a numbered list to organize their posts.

Write your own Seven Random Facts. As you write your own, think about covering a broad range of facts that your close friends and family would know about, but that don’t give away too much about you.You are writing a quality post, so proofread and get a second pair of eyes to review your work.


After you have written and posted yours, visit and comment on the 7 Random Facts of other Division 4 bloggers: notice surprises and connections–I bet you’ll find other bloggers whose random facts are similar to your own!

Image: Seven about to happen three different ways by fd  Creative Commons license