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Blog Action Day: Poverty

Today bloggers around the world are thinking about and writing about poverty.

The first video above by the band Radiohead is a powerful reminder that people’s lives are affected by many things they can’t control, including the circumstances they are born into.

For blog action day, choose one of these activities:

  • write your response to one of these videos: what did it make you feel and think, and what do you think we should do as a class or individuals?
  • think about the title “All I Need”. What does a person need to have a “good” life? Do some people have too much of some things, and not enough of others?
  • the video The Girl Effect focuses on one aspect of poverty.  What are the consequences of the Girl Effect for boys? For communities?
  • you may have heard the phrase “Think globally, act locally”. What local actions can we do together to make a difference when it comes to poverty?
  • think about our Water Wise public service announcements. What is the link between poverty and access to clean water?

Post your responses on your own blogs. I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas. There are other links on Miss Wyatt’s site. I know other student bloggers will be writing about poverty. Take time to read and respond to their ideas, too.