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Poem Found in the Woods

(We are really fortunate to have the beautiful Lazo Woods right behind our school. We went out on “solos” to find poetry–record our observations and inspirations–and later, to read in the woods. Each student  submitted just one favourite line in the poem below–in order of their last name. Even though the lines are random, the poem has unity.)

Dark green
The board shimmered not black, but evergreen

The humming wings of the fluttering bee
Soaring raven

Dandelion seed lightly flutters down through the breeze
A shadow moves through the forest

The sun is so bright you can close your eyes, face the sun and still be blinded
For a tree cannot stand alone

Boulders poking up from under the moss and dirt
The bright sunlight gleaming through the trees
Green moss crawls up the trees

Baby raven oh so fun waiting for it’s mom to come!

The forest is a quiet place to work
Pushed aside the cedar grows lonely

Trees tower like city buildings
The forest gets older

The sun peeks through the swaying trees.
Big bugs buzzing
Leaves glowing like emerald
Sun peeking through the trees

Twigs crack, birds sing, the story of the forest silent, until you listen
Salal covers the forest floor like a carpet

Each tree tells a story, each stone starts anew

Learning Among the Trees

Regal Douglas firs towering overhead, sword ferns blanketing the under-story, and slanting sun rays illuminating our path: what a spectacular place to learn. Our class was fortunate to spend a morning with Natasha Taylor, environmental educator, in Courtenay’s Millard Nature Park. Our experiences are documented below.

Huzzahnians, what do you remember about our trip? Did one of the activities especially help you learn about forest ecosystems? In your comments below, please tell us what you learned during our morning in the park. Natasha sent some questions along for you to consider. Answer one or contribute facts of your own in your comment.

  • What is a symbiotic relationship? Give an example.
  • What is the difference between a conifer (evergreen) tree and a deciduous tree?
  • A habitat is comprised of three elements. What are they?
  • Why do you think it is important to have dead wood (standing dead trees, fallen dead trees, tree stumps) in a forest ecosystem?
  • What important job do fungi perform in the forest ecosystem?

Finally, what is the most interesting thing that you learned, saw, or experienced in Millard Nature Park? Would you recommend your friends and family visit the park?

Blog visitors, do you have a favourite nature park or wilderness near you? What is the ecosystem like? Let us know why you value wild spaces.