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Guest Post: Myths and Superstitions

This year’s first guest post is by  Solana and Lizzie . Huzzahnians, if you would like to guest post, let Ms. Smith know!
7 Years Of Bad Luck If You Break A Mirror 7 Years Of Bad Luck If You Break A Mirror

Some people are superstitious and believe in things like breaking a mirror will give you 7 years of bad luck ! Also that Friday the 13th is bad luck, if a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck, stepping on a spider will make it rain and -walking under a ladder will give you bad luck… we think that most of these aren’t true. Here are some facts…

1. Lizzie – I have broken a mirror before and almost no bad things have happened to me.

2. Solana –  I got my report card on Friday the 13th and got two A’s !

3. Lizzie – I have a black cat. She has crossed my path thousands of times!

4. Lizzie – I hate spiders so I have squished them a lot! It has NEVER rained when I have done it.

5. Solana – Nothing happened when I walked under a ladder.

Do you have any superstitons? What do you have to prove that one is fake… or true… We would like to know.

Image: Smashed by magnetomotive