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Reminding Us To Be Our Better Selves

A school is more than teachers and kids.

We couldn’t succeed without the support of our parents, administrators, educational assistants, clerk librarians, custodians, and secretaries. We ask a lot of them, and each of us has a story to tell of how, every day, each of these people has helped us solve problems or find the things we need.

One person who does a tremendous amount for all of us is our secretary, Mrs. Crawford. She is the one who keeps our school ticking along. In many ways she reminds me of the Energizer Bunny

Our school's Super Secretary, Mrs. Crawford

Our school's Super Secretary, Mrs. Crawford

She must have at least 500 interactions a day, from phone calls, emails, drop-ins, and requests for any number of things,–yet somehow she handles them all with grace and good humour. Students ask for permission forms, band aids, containers for lost teeth, and if they can use the phone. Usually, these interactions are courteous, but sometimes they are curt, demanding, and impolite.

We could say people are in a hurry, or lazy, or not aware, or maybe just in need of a little reminding. A little reminder to be, well, our better selves. Huzzahnians, a creative and thoughtful bunch, staged a bit of a Door Decoration Intervention to promote what all of us already know: good manners matter.

Here are some of our mini posters. Click on the thumbnail to see the whole poster.

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Is there someone you know who is especially courteous? What difference does it make to you? Do you sometimes forget one of these habits when you are interacting with others? Is one of them especially important to you, and you really notice it when people forget? Please tell us if we forget to mention anything.

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