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no title by mzffTwo recent posts from Huzzahnian bloggers: Lizzie and Eric:


As most of you know Haiti has just had an enormous earthquake that has changed the lives of many people. All you need to know is that we can help! The Red Cross is collecting money, so that is a great place to donate to.  Our class is  working on doing the best we can to make a difference. When you think about what has happened… you feel powerless!

And I bet the people in Haiti want our help. As Rebekah said yesterday in class “If the earthquake had happened where you lived… wouldn’t you want people to help?” And I totally stand by that! Think. If you got someone half way across the world that was thinking about you, praying for you, sending money for your benefit…wouldn’t you want it? People you didn’t even know existed are now sending money to help you and your country. That’s amazing and it is all happening! You can be one of those people who can help save the lives of many. There is still Hope.

Everyone is trying to make a difference with telethons and fundraisers. This is going to stay here for a lot of time. It’s not quick as in a few months,  this is a long time shock that will affect people forever. It will always be stuck in their minds and it may never go away. With missing limbs it’s not something you can forget… it will live with them till the day they die.

Please help all the people in need!

Eric did not say that this poem was specifically about Haiti–but somehow it feels like could be:


I sit in the dark
Waiting for something that will never come

As I stare into coal-black darkness
I  see the shadows dancing ominously

They sneer and cackle at me viciously

I heard the eerie silence speak to me
Luring me deeper into the empty abyss
Where I finally see a spark of light
That lit up the whole world
And everything became clear—

I was staring at hope.

What gives you hope when you are feeling hopeless? When others are suffering, how should we respond?

Image (no title) by Mzff®