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Beth’s Blog is Brilliant!

I so admire Beth Donofrio. Her blog Hey Kids! is as good as it gets and deserves to be read and emulated. I would love to see her blog be recognized with an Eddie for Best Class Blog.2014-11-23 10_51_34-ATKOSD2

Beth blogs with her grade 6, 7 and 8 Language Arts students in Venice, Florida. She has been at it for about two and a half years, but she really blogs like someone who has been doing it much longer. Beth admits to being a tech newby, but you’d never know it because in a short time she has become a master. Beth gets the essentials and her blog banner shows it: Reading+writing+learning+sharing=Blogging. Doesn’t she sum it all up perfectly?

My students love to comment on Beth’s blog because she always responds. Often she visits their blogs and leaves encouraging, insightful comments. She models good blogging practice on her blog and her students emulate her on theirs. They are total pros–I really love getting comments from Hey Kids! kids because they are thoughtful and carefully crafted. The students are obviously reading deeply and thinking about what they write.

Being a blogging teacher is hard work. There are lots of fiddly bits that can go wrong. Beth is not afraid to ask for help, and I know the good folks at Edublogs have helped her a few times. I also had the privilege of Skyping with Beth to get her over the learning curve on a few things. She is a real treat. The voice your hear on her blog is as genuine as she is in person.

Beth uses her blog to get her kids thinking and caring. I see her blog is her faith in action. She is involved in charity work with her students and she uses her blog to reflect and highlight that work. I would love to be a student in her class–what she does is meaningful and fun.

I am grateful that Beth is a blogging neighbour and friend–right across the continent, but really just next door. I invite you to go visit her.

WOW! We have been nominated!

I try hard not to over-use adjectives, but sometimes there is only one best word, and I find myself saying it again and again.

The past few days have been thrilling. Webcast with Yes I Can! Science Canadians in Space and astronaut Clay Anderson: thrilling. Having long-time blogger Paul Hamilton visit us: thrilling. Skyping Hobart & Miss Wyatt’s class: thrilling. Soon you’ll read great posts about these experiences on the student blogs.

And then we learned (during the webcast, actually) that we had been nominated for an Edublog Award–woot! We are in some pretty amazing company: take a look at the nominees here. Of course we would love it if you (friends, family, blog readers, pet rabbits, paper clips) voted for us–but there is that democratic right to choose we learned about.

There is only one vote per IP address. The school shares one IP address, so we have voted our one vote in that category. That means students vote from home, and parents vote from work… or from iphones, apparently, but don’t ask me how!

Voting closes Saturday, December 20 at 4pm Pacific, so go take a look at the ballot and cast your vote!

Image: Scared? by brocha