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Drop Everything and Read!

DEAR_2009 This is a classroom of readers.

Many students pop open a book first thing everyday and get ten or fifteen minutes of reading done before the school day starts. I often over-hear students talking to each other about the books they are reading.

To add a special something to our regular silent reading time, we will be taking over the library once again. Blankets, pillows, and really great books will be the perfect combination for a relaxed reading experience.

Huzzahnians, you job this week is to recommend a really good read.  It can be any genre, and can even be a book you might recommend to a younger reader. Think like someone who is browsing the stacks: what can you tell them that will make them reach for this really good book?

Call your post DEAR Reader, then include the title and author of your book as a size 3 heading. Tell your readers what makes this book so good. Is it the plot, the characters, the setting? Is it the writer’s way with words?  Please include a thumbnail image of the book cover–because you are writing about the book as a reviewer would, using the image is considered “fair use” so attribution is not necessary.

Your posts will be a help to anyone who has ever thought…hmmm, I can’t find anything to read.