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Looking for a good read?

just like daddy _roger smithCurl up with any of these fabulous books:

Do you like fantasy adventure stories with dragons and quests? Josh, Mason, Greyson, and Savannah have some suggestions. Or fantasy adventure without dragons? Priya has a book for you.

Do you like to be creeped out by horror stories? Read Ben‘s post.

How about novels set in a not-so-bright future: Danny and Riley have some hot titles.

Survivor fan? See what Solana recommends.

How do you feel about a book that is made into a movie? Read Lizzie’s opinion.

Are you a Wimpy Kid fan? John and Tyrone have reviews.

Bet there are a few Twilight fans out there: read expert opinions from Tyler and Tat (coming soon).

Do you enjoy a trip down memory lane to the books of your childhood? Rosa chats about a famous meal.

How about the “Teen Drama” genre: Payton has a book for you.

If you like books that make you feel sad, check out Jaiden and Rebekah’s posts.

Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? How about these Dahl classics, reviewed by Eric.

Our avid readers will continue to give updates on the best of kids’ books…come back for more!

Image: Just Like Daddy from Roger Smith

Drop Everything and Read!

DEAR_2009 This is a classroom of readers.

Many students pop open a book first thing everyday and get ten or fifteen minutes of reading done before the school day starts. I often over-hear students talking to each other about the books they are reading.

To add a special something to our regular silent reading time, we will be taking over the library once again. Blankets, pillows, and really great books will be the perfect combination for a relaxed reading experience.

Huzzahnians, you job this week is to recommend a really good read.  It can be any genre, and can even be a book you might recommend to a younger reader. Think like someone who is browsing the stacks: what can you tell them that will make them reach for this really good book?

Call your post DEAR Reader, then include the title and author of your book as a size 3 heading. Tell your readers what makes this book so good. Is it the plot, the characters, the setting? Is it the writer’s way with words?  Please include a thumbnail image of the book cover–because you are writing about the book as a reviewer would, using the image is considered “fair use” so attribution is not necessary.

Your posts will be a help to anyone who has ever thought…hmmm, I can’t find anything to read.