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I’m Showing You the Door

nicholas macgowan blue door tunisia


When you “show someone the door” you are usually asking them to leave. It’s an idiomatic expression.

I am not asking you to leave! I am showing you this door for other reasons. Maybe you have some thoughts about why, whether you are a graduating Huzzahnian, a new Huzzahnian, or a friendly, thoughtful visitor. Or maybe you have other idiomatic expressions to share. Please do!

Let me know what you are thinking. Drop a comment, leave a note. Come in, come in.

Image: Blue Door by Nicholas MacGowan

Welcome, New Huzzahnians!

364630Well, gosh. How embarrassing.

Albert is very complimentary, and yes, I did have to fill in for him on short notice, but I am blushing a wee bit. He is much better at Scrabble than I am, and he never loses his keys.

I’m new here.

Well, new to this school, not new to this blog. As you can see, the Huzzahnian grads–now in Grade 7–were blogging all of last year. Feel free to take a peek at what they did, as well as what is on this, the class blog. With any luck, you’ll have a blog of your own in the next month or so.

Looking forward to meeting you!