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A Little Outdoor Art

Take a fence, take some wool, add some creativity and you get… well, a woven fence.

Hands at work.










Symmetrical weaving.

Symmetrical weaving.














Take a look at Huzzahnians at work:

It was a bit challenging at first to figure out how to work with the wire of the fence. I find it fascinating that students arrived at such different techniques in their weaving. Some incorporated natural elements, too.

Have you ever done any weaving? Would you try a project like this? Thank you for commenting!

I Get Wobbly Knees


When I read powerful student writing, something happens to my knees. They actually shake. I know that sounds silly, but it just happens. I get weak in the knees. It’s a good thing I am usually sitting down when I read student posts because these days I would have to strap a pillow to my derriere.

Good writing is not effortless. My students are really sweating over their work. I am proud of their willingness to polish their writing and hope you can tell how much thought goes into each blog post. 

The post below is written by Jenna. You can tell she has a topic she cares about, one she has been thinking about. 

Photo Credit: squacco via Compfight


Art is a passion, not pass time.

I believe with art you can never go wrong with being yourself  and letting your true passion shine. When you pick up a pencil or paintbrush you can just let your feelings flow. I love art because it’s a way to express yourself,  inspire and be inspired.

With art you can express your passion and you can make a difference if you care. My favourite form of art is painting, I usually use acrylic paints and paint on canvas instead of paper. I don’t like painting “exact” but I don’t have a specific technique. There are many forms of art, sculptures, paintings, drawings, clay, origami, etc. Lots of artists have specific techniques that they use every time. One of my favourite artists is Gustav Klimt. I love his tree of life painting and I’ve even done one myself at our local 4Cats Art Studio.

Gustav Klimt
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: David Flam via Compfight

Art is not about being exact; it is about being spontaneous, courageous and creative. Some people get so caught up in trying to make it perfect that they lose the meaning and importance to the the piece because art isn’t about perfection it’s about having fun and being able to express yourself whether it’s with a pencil, or a paintbrush it’s your chance to be creative and I love that about art.

What about you?

Please comment on Jenna’s post here.

Eye Candy — Yummy-Looking Art

The drawings below aren’t supposed to represent anything (that’s the big idea behind abstract art), but don’t they look just like candy to you? They make me think of candy sticks, the kind the that were in jars at the corner store when I was a kid, except not bendy. The idea for this project came from this excellent website (take a look for lots a of terrific art ideas).

You can let the drawings run through the spiral below by turning it, scroll through each image one at a time or click on the picture to enlarge it.

Abstract 3-D Art on PhotoPeach

After drawing the lines with markers, we shaded each fold with pencil crayon to give it three-dimensional effect. There was something quite therapeutic about making these drawings (yes, I made one, too)…I think it might be something we do every year.

So, do you have an art project that you have really enjoyed? Please tell us about it!

Monster Madness

For a little Halloween fun, we sought out the creative inspiration of graphic artist Stefan G. Bucher. Several years ago he shared his imagination and talent with the world by creating The Daily Monster. He filmed the process and invited people to make their own. A simple process with infinite variation.

You see it in high speed in his videos, but the video below shows how much time and care he takes in the process.

So, we had to make our own! Stay tuned for stories about these monsters on our student blogs.

Do you find these monsters scary? Funny? Silly? Let us know!

Our Div.16 Girls!

Hi! It’s Chaeyoon who loves to draw!

That picture, below, I drew that. It was hard to draw it.

One day, I was drew character at recess time. Then my friend Sophie asked me, “Can you draw me like that?” So I drew this picture at Saturday morning. But there was one problem. I knew there are nine girls in our class, but it’s really hard to draw without their picture. Maybe it’s hard to draw with their pictures, but it’s even more difficult to draw without them. So I had to think about what are they looks like for 1 hour…

Now I have to do one of the boys There are 18 of them!

My real post is at my blog My Drawing Life’s “The Girls of our class

Facing Forward

We finished our self-portraits!

We are a pretty fine looking crew, don’t you think? Not every student portrait is represented in this mosaic, but I will up-date this image as the last few are handed in.

These were our first self-portraits, and it’s an exercise we will repeat. Many artists, from Rembrandt to van Gogh painted their portraits again and again throughout their lives. They were able to capture the physical changes in their faces and some subtle qualities of their personalities, too.

Congratulations, Division 16 artists! You did a terrific job. Looking at your portrait, do you feel it is a good representation of you? As you think ahead to doing another portrait in a few months, what will you do differently? What will you do the same?