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Eye Candy — Yummy-Looking Art

The drawings below aren’t supposed to represent anything (that’s the big idea behind abstract art), but don’t they look just like candy to you? They make me think of candy sticks, the kind the that were in jars at the corner store when I was a kid, except not bendy. The idea for this project came from this excellent website (take a look for lots a of terrific art ideas).

You can let the drawings run through the spiral below by turning it, scroll through each image one at a time or click on the picture to enlarge it.

Abstract 3-D Art on PhotoPeach

After drawing the lines with markers, we shaded each fold with pencil crayon to give it three-dimensional effect. There was something quite therapeutic about making these drawings (yes, I made one, too)…I think it might be something we do every year.

So, do you have an art project that you have really enjoyed? Please tell us about it!