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Guest Post: Myths and Superstitions

This year’s first guest post is by  Solana and Lizzie . Huzzahnians, if you would like to guest post, let Ms. Smith know!
7 Years Of Bad Luck If You Break A Mirror 7 Years Of Bad Luck If You Break A Mirror

Some people are superstitious and believe in things like breaking a mirror will give you 7 years of bad luck ! Also that Friday the 13th is bad luck, if a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck, stepping on a spider will make it rain and -walking under a ladder will give you bad luck… we think that most of these aren’t true. Here are some facts…

1. Lizzie – I have broken a mirror before and almost no bad things have happened to me.

2. Solana –  I got my report card on Friday the 13th and got two A’s !

3. Lizzie – I have a black cat. She has crossed my path thousands of times!

4. Lizzie – I hate spiders so I have squished them a lot! It has NEVER rained when I have done it.

5. Solana – Nothing happened when I walked under a ladder.

Do you have any superstitons? What do you have to prove that one is fake… or true… We would like to know.

Image: Smashed by magnetomotive

Shoreline Cleanup

We contribute.

shoreline splendorI mean that in two ways.

We contribute to the problem.

And we contribute to the solution.

Our class and school will be heading to the beach this week to gather garbage left there or washed ashore.

Huzzahnians, how do you think you contribute? Is there a problem? If so, what might be the solution? What advice do you have for people in our community and elsewhere?

Image: Shoreline Splendor by Chicago Man