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Our Class Pets

My students can be relentless:

Can we have a pet? Can we have a pet? Please? Please! Puh-Leeeeeese?

How could I resist such a courteous plea? Easy. I am a mother as well as a teacher. I know who winds up feeding, paying vet bills, and cleaning cages.

As well as being the Queen of the Universe, I am also the Queen of Compromise. Remember the frequent references to unicorns in their grade 7 student applications? I am not cold-hearted, just practical.  Unicorns make great pets because they are magical and cute. And they eat very little. And they are healthy. And, most important of all, they do not poop.

So I could afford to buy two. Here they are, Epona and Stephano. They have their own blog.

They have already been on a few adventures exploring our community and meeting new people. That basket just can’t hold them back!

Do you have a class pet? Who cleans up? Or do you have class pets that take care of themselves?


You’re hired!

How to get your iPhone application approved by App Store

All of the applications for Gr. 7 student have been approved!

Well, based on the outstanding applications submitted by potential Huzzahnians (and the fact that underneath her harsh and prickly exterior she is a softy), Ms. Steak has chosen to  HIRE ALL OF THEM!

These future bloggers will be busy in the coming months  becoming chemists, literary critics, historians, mathematicians, musicians, athletes…and Huzzahnians.

They will soon be finding time to visit blogs, to read, and leaving meaningful comments. The 7s at Hey, Kids! have already modelled high quality in blog communications (see their comments on our last post), so we will aim to match their standards.

Congratulations, Huzzahnians. You are off to a great start.

Creative Commons image. Link and credit on the image itself.

Have you got what it takes?

We’re hiring! Looking for a few good men  Huzzahnians…

Gorilla Rentals: Now Hiring

Ms. Steak is on the street looking for future Huzzahnians.

The call has gone out and applications for the position of Grade 7 students are pouring  in. Ms. Steak is reviewing each candidate carefully. What do you think–do these applicants have what it takes to be a Grade 7 Huzzahnian?

Some applicants let her know how wonderful they are right away:

  • I would love to apply as a Grade 7 student. I am very amazing and hope I meet your expectations. ~Kaiden
  • I would love to apply for the position of Grade 7 student, just like I did for that unicorn raising job, which was very cool. My friends and family told me I’d do great. (Not really. They just said go to Grade 7.) ~Roxanne
  • I am the best student you’ll ever have (sometimes)…So when I get this job, and I know I will, you will be proud! ~Julia

Many have special talents:

  • I have a great number of eating trophies from the USSR, but sadly I got kicked out for trying to eat the national monument.  ~Kyle
  • If you accept me you will never regret it. I am a genius. I am an awesome cartoonist  and I could make millions if I showed the world my talents. ~Noah
  • One of my qualities is that I am athletic. I play soccer and I make Ronaldo look like he has never touched a soccer ball before. ~Spencer
  • I am also creative and raise unicorns with moustaches in my backyard. Just kidding. See? Creative. ~Adena
  • I am such a fabulous genius. I have created a miniature ferris wheel that can hypnotize anyone, even Superman. ~Tristan

Some have fabulous personalities:

  • I am very easy going so I know, like, legitimately, positively that EVERYONE will like me. I’m not even kidding. Everyone loves me. ~Sophie
  • I am a great role model, and am nice and friendly. I will try my best to work hard and listen. And I have great manners. ~Trevor

A few were making excuses already:

  • I will try my best to listen and work hard but I can’t come to school on all days that end in a Y because I have to make McNuggets at McDonalds. ~Cole
  • You should know that I have very important meetings in NY (New York) and may not get to do homework. ~Chelsey

Some know how to…appeal to Ms. Steak:

  • I would like to, wait, no, LOVE to be a student in your Grade 7 class! It would be an honour. ~Summer
  • You sound like an amazing teacher! I’m very quiet in and out of class and won’t waste your time with stupid questions. ~Melanie
  • All the teachers have said that I have been a very good student and that I listen to the teacher at all times. ~Reece

There were a few perfect students in the pile:

  • I am known as the teacher’s pet. Everyday I will bring and apple for the teacher. NEVER will I be late or miss one day of learning; all my homework will be finished before it is due. ~Kehana
  • I truly believe that I would be a fantastic Grade 7 student because I’m funky fresh and have an extraordinary sense of humour. I also have convinced myself that I have a fabulous voice that I can keep quiet at the right time. ~Josh

Some applicants shared their limitations:

  • I would also like to inform you that my greatest dislike of all is my arch enemy…BROCCOLI (scream). ~Liam
  • My least favourite subject is math because it requires hard work and smartness. ~Bekkam
  • I am amazing at art. It’s just…I have no control over a pencil (I got my mom to write this for me). I have not sense in colour, pictures, or shadowing. But aside from all that, I make a great artist! ~Elysa

Others knew how to wrap it up with a bit of begging:

  • So, Ms. BBQ–I meant Ms. Steak, I hope you will accept me as a great Grade 7 student. ~Monica
  • I hope my good manners, leadership skills, and awesome personality will help you make the right decision for this awesome job! ~Maddy
  • I have just informed you of all the reasons why you should let me into Grade 7. I hope you don’t make a “mistake” and not pick me. ~Becky

Creative Commons image. Link and credit on the image itself.

So the pressure is on. Ms. Steak is finalizing her list of new hires for the 2012 – 2013 team. What do you think? What qualities should she be looking for in her new students? Leave us a comment, we’ll let her know.

We’re Having a Baby!

Do we make babies smile--or do they make US smile?

Yes, a baby boy!

And how very fortunate we are. A lovely baby named Elliot is going to visit our class. He’ll teach us a lot about how to care for and about him and the people around us. I bet your curiosity has been piqued. I will leave the details about Elliot and his visits to two of our hardworking Huzzahnian bloggers.

From Sophie:

We recently found out that we are getting a new student! His name is Elliot and he is barely 2 months old! Elliot will be coming into our class every three weeks for a visit with his mom. He is coming in for a special program called Roots of Empathy. It is basically where a baby comes into our class and we learn from him/her by their actions. What is empathy? Empathy is a way of showing compassion by reading other peoples’ body language and acting on it. For example, if you noticed someone was hurt you would show empathy by helping them.

Just from our first visit with Mrs. Kennedy I have already learned lots about babies. One of the things that I was most surprised about was that newborn babies can hear just as well as adults can. When Elliot comes to visit, we will all sing songs because babies enjoy the sound of singing. Did you know that babies like the sound of soft, high voices? That is why we will be singing.

From Mara:

Roots of Empathy is a program that is designed to help stop violence in youth. We are learning about understanding other people’s feelings. We do this program with a baby because babies don’t know how to mask their feelings as apposed to kids where they can look happy but inside feel very sad.

Our baby’s name is Elliot; he is now 2 months old and although we haven’t met him yet we are still having classes to prepare. Today is Monday, our first class and on Thursday Elliot will come to our class to visit us.

What is empathy you ask ? Empathy is the ability to put yourself in some one else’s shoes, to understand some else’s perspective.

(You can read other responses to our first ROE lesson with Mrs. Kennedy on the student blogs.)

So, Huzzahnians, today you met Elliot for the first time. What did you observe about him? What did you notice about your reactions to him? Think about Mrs. Moore’s relationship with Elliot–how is she helping him as he grows?

And guests–we value your thoughts. Do you have a little brother or sister? What can babies and toddlers teach us about how to treat each other?

Image: Look at my chompers! by nick see