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How do you see the world?

Guest post by Jane and Laina

You’ve eaten breakfast, brushed your hair, and made your lunch. Now you’re standing on the corner of the sidewalk on your way to school, looking at the straight road that stretches ahead of you, its sides appearing to meet and disappear far, far off. It’s called one point perspective and it means that parallel lines appear to come together in the distance. It also means that objects and buildings look less detailed and colorful the farther away they are.

Perspective drawing is challenging.

It’s easy to draw flat things on flat paper, but it is harder to create the illusion of three dimensions on paper.

Our class went on a mini field trip…so mini, in fact, that it was just out into our hallway. Examining the ceiling tiles, lights, lockers, and floor tiles, we noticed that they seemed to changes in size, distance apart, and detail the further away they were from us. When our classmate, Laina, ran down the hall, it was as if she started to shrink! This was perspective at work.

Two other students show you what perspective looks like in our halls.


We summarized the following rules of perspective:

  • objects in the distance appeared smaller than objects closer to us
  • parallel lines came together at a vanishing point
  • colours and details faded toward the distance.

Ms. Smith’s minions have all created perspective drawing pieces, just for her. She was just so proud of the pictures, that she decided to post them right here on Huzzah!

Please, feel free to take a look at them.

Have you ever drawn a perspective piece of art? What did you find challenging? What did you find the most fun about it?

Please leave a comment.

You can spin the display below to look at all the art created by our classmates. Keep checking in on Huzzah! for more art!

Perspectives on Abstract Perspective on PhotoPeach