My Students Have Mad (Snow) Dance Skillz

Snow Dance

Canada is called the Great White North by some because of the blanket of snow that covers our country in the winter months. Neighouring provinces have already had their first blizzards and people are dealing with snow and cold weather. Our local ski resort, Mount Washington, already has 1.5 m of snow at the top.

Here in the valley, though, snow is a rarity, and snow days that close the schools are rarer still.

But the power of Snow Dance came through! A bit of wiggling, hand twinkling, turning in circles, and squinching of the eyes….and taa daa! Snow Day! I hope all my students get out, make snowmen, build snow forts, and have a snowball fight with family and friends today.

And thank you for your dance moves, Division 12.


  1. Hello Mrs. Smith,
    I’m so happy about the snow! Luckily, I was able to get out of the house yesterday with my brother to make a snowman. It’s huge! His name in Sirius (as in Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series) and he has everything a snowman needs. A hat, a scarf, a carrot nose, and a big old smile! What about you? have you been able to get out in the snow these past few days?
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Hi Lyric,
      I too was thrilled about the snow day. I would love to see your snowman–did you take a picture? Great name, he must look serious (urf urf). I must admit my trips outside in the last day have been to knock heavy snow off my rosemary shrub. It’s not looking very happy.
      I heard something interesting from my sister who lives in Ottawa: her daughter (my niece) says flushing ice cubes down the toilet will bring on a snow day. What do you think? I wonder what other kids around the world do to bring on unexpected holidays?
      See you soon,
      Ms. Smith

  2. Hi my name is Ben i’m from oamaru intermediate school last year we had snow at school how cold does it get in winter in canada?

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for visiting. We have had more snow this year than usual…it’s quite a novelty for us here on the west coast of Canada. But the ski resort only 30 minutes away from the ocean gets several meters of snow every year. Do you like winter weather?
      Thanks for visiting and good luck with blogging.
      ~Ms. Smith

  3. Hi! My name is Dylan i am 12 years old and i am from New Zealand. I go to Oamaru Intermediate school in the South Island your page is really funny! We all like the zombie apocalypse video.

  4. Hi ms.Smith,
    I like That your former class mates did a snow dance!
    Do you think we will get snow this year or no?
    What do you like to do in the snow?
    I like to go up mount Washington and slide down hills on tubes.

    1. Believe it or not, Morgan, I actually like to shovel the snow. I do it quite slowly and wear very warm, very grippy boots. I did a lot of shoveling last year. I don’t slide much anymore unless it’s by accident! I hope the snow stays on the mountain where it belongs and that the skiers and tubers have a fabulous time.
      See you soon,
      Ms. Smith

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