1. Hi Mrs.Smith, you did a good job on the video. Everyone looked good in their sunglasses. I showed it to my parents they both really liked it too.

  1. Hello Ms.Smith,
    I think I will be accepted in to UVIC the university in Victoria. I would really like to be accepted because it is HUGE! I also want to go the there because it is close to home. I really hope I get good at blogging it seems really fun. What do you see in your future?

    1. Hi Hudson,
      My daughter went to UVIC and really enjoyed it. I appreciated that she is relatively close to home, and she did too. Do you have thoughts about what you would like to study? My future…well, I have plans to get some knitting and quilting projects done before Christmas… and then there is that pile of books by my bed….
      Happy blogging!
      Ms. Smith

  2. What I see in my bright future is me either being a carpenter or pilot, for many reasons being a pilot means you get to explore the world and its a free trip anywhere you go and you’ll get paid for doing it. I think it’s an amazing job to have! Second is being a carpenter. It is a really good job because it pays well and I enjoy building with Lego and making fun little creations with wood.
    That’s what I see in my bright future. What do you see in your bright future?

    1. Hi Jack, you could be a professional carpenter who is a pilot on the side, or the other way around. Or, you could be a flying carpenter who flies to interesting communities to build. What a great experience!
      My bright future? Well, many things will stay the same for me I hope: good health, loving family, and a job I truly love. That’s good enough for me!
      ~Ms. Smith

  3. I see me owning a bakery in Victoria. It would be called Delectable Delights. I will serve cupcakes, muffins, cookies and other stuff.

  4. In the future I see myself being a optometrist and owning a eye shop.
    I would drive a big fancy sports car and live in a big mansion.

    1. Hi Blake,
      An optometrist does really important work–speaking as someone who has worn glasses since I was in grade 3. I really value my eyesight. I think you would make a great optometrist because you are so good with people.
      ~ Ms. Smith

  5. In the future I predict that I will be a pediatrician or some other type of doctor and maybe a ice cream taster but who knows what will come in the future.

    1. Hi Andrea, medicine is such a fabulous area of study–I can imagine you would be a very kind and knowledgeable pediatrician. Being an ice cream tester AND a pediatrician would make you the most popular doctor on the block!
      Happy blogging!
      Ms. Smith

  6. Ms. Smith
    In the future I see myself as a car engineer. I think that a car engineer would be a really cool job because I am very fond of cars and love researching them.

    1. That would be fascinating, Daniel. There have been so many interesting innovations in cars lately. What do you think of driverless cars. Will they be the panacea that automotive engineers claim? What do you think?
      ~Ms. Smith

    2. Hey Daniel,

      What would company would you work for or would you make your own company?would you rather Build the cars or fix them? Oh, and what is your favourite car? mines a Audi R8.


  7. Hello Ms. Smith
    I would be delighted to tell you what I see in my future.

    Mainly what I see is being a chef and working and running my Aunt and Uncles restaurant in Alberta. But my parents think I won’t make enough money. So my next career would be a dentist just like my Grandpa. Though It’s really hard to be a dentist and you have to work really hard in school, I think I can do it.

    What did you see in your future when you were in grade 7?

    Sincerely, Eli

    1. Hi Eli, being a chef–career or not–is a worthy goal. I for one will be a loyal patron of any restaurant you open! You are right, being a dentist would be hard, but also very rewarding, I bet. Your Grandpa is an excellent dentist and I know he would be proud to have you join the profession. When I was seven, I actually thought I would be a nurse. Did you see how good I was with the sawdust in your eye today? Maybe I have another career ahead of me.
      Thanks for your lovely comment,
      Ms. Smith

      1. Dear Ms. Smith

        Yes I noticed you were very good with helping get the sawdust out of my eye. Maybe you could work with my mom at the St. Joseph’s hospital. You probably wouldn’t because you’re already an amazing teacher who’s really good with tech, so I think you’d not want to change your career after you’ve come a long way. Anyway, that’s all.


        1. Thank you for the compliment, Eli. I really don’t think I am tough enough to work in a hospital. I really do love the job I’m doing. It’s very satisfying to watch young people grow and discover new things. Like blogging!
          Ms. S.

  8. Hello Ms. Smith

    In the future I see myself on the soccer field, playing my favorite thing to do: soccer. Yes, I love soccer. I want to be on a very good soccer team. It will be a big challenge though. I can also see myself getting a good job when I am older. Like working at a restaurant.

    Sincerely, James

  9. Hi Ms. Smith,
    I would like to tell you what I see in my future. I see myself being a pro BMX racer coming first in lots of races and I think I can do it with enough support so maybe I will be a pro BMX racer. If not, I will be a pro scooter-er if I practice enough I will be doing back flips double tailwhips and even a bri flip! So, basically that is what I see in my future.
    Sincerely, Connel

  10. I see in my future being a better hockey player and also going to a university and taking a course for something (I don’t know what yet). I want to be a better hockey player because I want to be able to score more goals over the season. I know how to do this by practicing for 20 minutes or more a day. I recently bought a net and a Shooter Tutor which is a thing that straps to your net and has holes to shoot into. I want to go to university because I can get an actual profession so I can get a better job. I have no clue what job or profession though hopefully I can decide soon.

  11. Hey Ms. Smith,

    To be 100% honest, I do see a lot in my future. Of course, being some sort of artist is almost guaranteed at this point, but, I already am trying to improve my voice to become an actress, and, if I’m lucky, maybe a singer.

    Some of those are probably unrealistic, but that still doesn’t stop me from trying, because, if I do (by some miracle) succeed, it would be well worth the time and effort.


  12. Hi Ms. Smith,

    I think I’ll be accepted into Goldsmiths University of London like my father and then go in medical studies to be a doctor or some other medical profession. I’d like to do that because I enjoy science and university gives me the best chance of having that job description. Also, most of my dad’s side are in a medical profession except one of my great uncles who was a test pilot of fighter jets and is now a jet instructor teaching that. What do you see in your future after teaching?
    Yours truly,

  13. Hi Ms. Smith!

    In my future I want to either be a therapist that works with kids who have disabilities, or a photographer. I think I would rather be a therapist though and just have photography as a hobby. I’m not really sure where I want to go to university but I’m thinking the University of Victoria. I will never know what will happen until it actually happens but I hope it all goes well.

  14. Hello Ms. Smith,

    When I am older I want to be in the NHL hockey and to go to a good college and university. I also want to be in the Olympics and win a gold metal.

    – Josh

    1. Hello Josh,
      It is Evann. How are you? Why do you what to be in the Olympics? What sport do you want to do?
      Yours truly,

  15. Hi Ms. Smith,
    No one knows what the future brings us. But right now I’m thinking of being a counselor, maybe a elementary school counselor or having personal business at my house or I’d go to the patients house. But that’s what I want right now, I don’t know what I will want to be after high school. I also don’t know what University or college I’d want to go to. Cause I haven’t done or don’t need to do any research yet.
    ~ Kassidy

    1. Hi Kassidy,
      You are right that you know have to make any decisions about future careers yet. At this stage, it’s all dreaming and imagining. But there are other things to think about: do you imagine living on the Island in your future? Do you want to travel anywhere or get better at a sport or hobby? Maybe there is a specific destination or activity you imagine taking part in. Inquiring minds want to know!
      ~ Ms. S.

      1. I do imagine my future on the island. I think I’m going to stay on the Island, unless I get a scholarship to a university that leads me somewhere not in the Island.

  16. Dear Ms. Smith,

    The future can be good…or bad…although most of the time it’s good. The future can be unpredictable and I like the sound of “our future is so bright we got to wear shades”. I never would have thought of that, very clever. Most of the time no one knows who will be what, like who will be a…Lawyer? a Doctor? a Carpenter? a Chef? (me) NO ONE KNOWS AND THAT IS THE BEAUTY! It’s like opening a gift. A SURPRISE!…now that I think about it if you jump out and say “surprise” it’s not much of a surprise cause your saying it’s a surprise that means the surprise is ruined because you said surprise and that was the surprise 0.0 wow confusing.
    Anyways that’s all bye.


    1. Journey, you are one of a kind. I really had not thought of that issue with “Surprise!”, but now that you’ve said it, it makes total sense. I think I will learn a lot from you this year. 🙂
      Ms. Smith

  17. Hi, Jan!

    My name is Chase, and i’m in Mrs. Kriese’s 7th Pre-AP class this year. I found out about your blog when I was scrolling through our class blog, and I thought it would be really fun to interact with classes in another country. My favorite post of yours was the ”What we think we know about Texas”, because I thought it was very interesting to see what other people think they know bout our state. Because i’m a sports fan, I thought it was really funny that your students got all the spoorts teams correct, but not all the geography. Come visit me! This is my url: http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/chase8472022/

    1. Hi Chase,
      Thanks so much for visiting our class blog. Yes, it was fun to tap into our background knowledge to see what we know about Texas. We have some keen new bloggers here, ready to comment. You may see them visiting your blog soon. Please say hello to Mrs. Kreise. You are lucky to have her! Thanks for visiting and good luck with blogging this year.
      Ms. Jan Smith

    2. Hi Chase I’m Connel I’d like to know more about Texas could you please leave a link for me to check out some facts about Texas please and thank you

      your friend Connel

    3. Hi Chase,
      I don’t know very much about Texas and I would love to find out more about it so I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about it.
      1. How many sports teams are there?
      2. What are the sports teams called
      3. Do you get droughts often.

  18. Hi Mrs.Smith,

    I would love to tell you what I see in my future. I can see me being a marine biologist. This summer me and my mom went to Deep Bay marine center. It was amazing! There were sea urchins, starfish and sea cucumbers in a touch tanks were you can touch them. It was fun seeing where they work.


    1. Kayley, I would also love to be a marine biologist. If I could, I would study the jewels of the oceans, the nudibranch. I highly recommend this excellent blog called The Marine Detective. The blogger, Jackie Hildering, is a biology teacher, cold-water diver, and underwater photographer. I have learned a lot from her, and I bet you would too!
      ~Ms. Smith

  19. Hi,
    My name is Ingrid and I am in Mrs. Kriese’s class in Austin,Texas. I am in 7th grade. I
    really like your class blog! When I graduated from elementary school, our class motto was also ” Our future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades”! I love your video that you made about everyone wearing sunglasses. I will be commenting on some of your student’s blogs. I hope you can respond to me on my blog at http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/ingrid8482022/

    1. Hello Ingrid my name is Connel do you know about BMXing if you don’t I will tell you about it soon I’m also into scootering if you know what that is I will also tell you if I don’t I will visit you and Chase’s blog and comment on it so until then bye

      Sincerely, Connel

    2. Hi Ingrid,
      This is Daniel from Ms. Smith’s class, I really like the video too it was very fun to make. When I get my blog I would love to have further conversations with you.

  20. Dear Mrs. Smith,

    What I see in my future I see me bring and artiest, doing painting and portraits. I loved the video and it was creative of you to think of something like that. I had a lot of fun doing that I am looking ford to doing that again sometime.


    1. Brooklyn, here’s something that you don’t know about me: I studied art history at university. I loved looking at the beautiful creations of artists from the past and present. Do you have any favourite artists?
      Ms. Smith

  21. Hey Ms. Smith,
    I don’t really know what I want for my future, all I know is that I’m interested in body art and makeup artistry, or maybe something to do with forensic pathology. But I do know that no matter what, I am going to go to college and get a degree in something or other, so that what ever I do I have a degree to fall back on. But above all, I am going to do something that makes me happy, because otherwise what’s the point of doing it?

    1. Lyric, sounds like you have your priorities straight. Aiming to be satisfied (most of the time) with your career is a great goal. And having education that gives you options is the key!
      ~Ms. Smith

  22. Hi Ms. Smith,
    In my future I would like to travel to Mexico because it’s warm. There is surfing there and I would like to try that. I think it will be hard to balance, but if I practice I will get better. Tacos are a good dinner meal and they make tacos in Mexico.

    1. Hi Evann, I have never been to Mexico, but I would love to go. There is a lot of history from thousands of years ago that I’d love to explore. And yes, the food is fabulous!
      Ms. Smith

  23. Hi Mrs. Smith
    I look really good in those sunglasses. What I see in my future is me owning a bakery in Victoria. called Delicious Delights. I will sell cupcake, cookies, muffins and so on. I would like to go to UVic and take a business course, get a part time job at my friend’s store and you are welcome to visit me any time at my bakery.
    Yours truly,

  24. Hi Ingrid

    I agree that the video was pretty cool so make sure to check my blog out when I make one don’t forget to check out everybody else’s blog when we make them

    Sincerely Connel

  25. Dear Mrs. Smith

    In my future I want to be a builder or contractor because I am really good at building things at least my mom always says. I think so too. I love to build things with Lego my friends always say I am good at it too.

    1. Hi Scott! I’m glad you are still checking your blog, and that you have taken the time to comment. As I told you, it is rather nice to have collected the compete G-man set. I will send students to visit you.
      Take care,
      Have a great year.
      Ms. S.

  26. Dear Ms. Smith

    I see my self in the future being a conservation officer as my job and live in a nice home.
    And for my sports hockey and baseball in a pretty good league.


    1. Hey Lane,

      Where would you like to be a Conservation officer, its sounds like a cool job being outside doing what you love and getting paid! What are you interested in more Animals or Plants?


      1. Hi Jack,

        I am not interested in plants but I am in animals. Trapping them and taking them to nice places that don’t evolve houses or complexes that are bugging people. And I would like to be a conservation officer on Vancouver I land I would not go any were else.

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