Unboxing a New School Year!

We’re Baaack!

And we’re ready to open up a brand new year.

Out of Ideas

I’ve met this year’s grade 6 and 7 Huzzahnians and they are a very cool crew. I believe 2016-17 is going to be an exciting year of discovery and learning, with lots of laughs thrown in for good measure. Bring it on!

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  1. Hello Grade 6 and 7 Huzzahnians,
    I was so pleased to check the Huzzah blog and find out it is up and running once again. I look forward to reading many interesting things here throughout your school year.
    Some of you might remember me from Brooklyn school. I bet there are even a few of you I taught.
    Perhaps some of you can help me with a dilemma I have.
    I was very lucky to go biking near Whistler with friends today. It was the first day of Fall. Some mountains were snow capped. The air was crisp. My friends claimed it’s the best place to bike ride in BC. I disagreed and said although the Whistler was great, the Comox Valley is better. When they asked me where in our Valley was the best, I told them I would ask some experts and let them know.
    So …. Are any of you Huzzahnians experts in choosing great places to bike in our Valley? Can any of you recommend some places I can put on my list?
    Be good for Ms. Smith. She deserves it.
    ~Ms. Bulger

    1. Hello Ms. Bulger, you might remember me form your grade three class. I have missed you. That bike ride you had sounds spectacular, there are many good places to bike but I recommend that you take a scenic route of the town and if you have the time you could stop by Brooklyn and say hi.
      Your dearest wishes.

      1. Good afternoon Andrea,

        Of course I remember you. I think I even recognized you in the sunglasses slideshow that is posted on this blog.
        Your idea of biking the scenic route around our town is a great idea. I do bike in
        Comox often. Do you have any particular streets or areas you think I should add to my list of special bike places?
        I will certainly stop by Brooklyn School someday soon to say hello to all of you.
        ~Ms. Bulger

    2. Hello Ms. Bulger,
      You might just remember me James. I was in your class I think 3 years ago. You got me into geography now I love it. I can nearly name every single country in the world! I have one bike riding place. It is actually the Brooklyn Forest. Maybe some other Huzzahnians could help you with some bike riding places.

      Sincerely, James

      1. Good afternoon James,
        You can be guaranteed I remember you. You were one of my best fact finders when looking for information about our seven mountains we “climbed” during that grade 3 year. I recall you had the fastest time on the Canadian geography game on the whiteboard so it doesn’t surprise me you continued to be a geography buff.
        I think Brooklyn Forest is a great place for me to go biking very soon.
        If you know almost all the country names in the world, can you suggest a southeast Asian country I can travel to where I will most likely see orangutans?
        ~Ms. Bulger

        1. Hello Ms. Bulger

          I have though for a while and I think that Indoniesia has orangutans. Yes I am very good at geography now. I have practiced a lot since grade 3. We play a game called alphabet countries. So basically you just say a letter and everyone playing has to say a country starting with that letter. We found out that the only country starting with o is Oman, and the only one that stars with y is Yemen. I also got a very good bike. It is a cross bike called Jake The Snake. It is vEry fast on the road and not much slower on trails. I really enjoyed your class. Plus how was Whisler.


        2. Hello Ms. Bulger

          I have though for a while and I think that Indoniesia has orangutans. Yes I am very good at geography now. I have practiced a lot since grade 3. We play a game called alphabet countries. So basically you just say a letter and everyone playing has to say a country starting with that letter. We found out that the only country starting with o is Oman, and the only one that starts with y is Yemen. I also got a very good bike. It is a cross bike called Jake The Snake. It is very fast on the road and not much slower on trails. I really enjoyed your class. Plus, how was Whistler.


    3. Hello Ms. Bulger,
      You might remember me, I was in your class four years ago and I would be happy to
      help you with your problem. But I’m afraid I can’t because I don’t bike around that much. As you may or may not know, I’m a competitive swimmer. I find a good spot to swim is Goose Spit beach or Nymph Falls. I’m super sorry I could not help you with your problems but there are some other Huzzahnians who could help you with your dilemma.

      There’s one more thing, what is it like biking near Whistler?

      Sincerely, Eli

      1. Good morning Eli,
        Biking near Whistler in September was beautiful. Some of the mountains were snow-capped and the snow seemed to glitter in the sunshine. I don’t think I would want to bike there in the Winter with all the snow that town gets.

        I did not know you are a competitive swimmer. Congratulations on pursuing a sport that takes so much commitment. Swimming is my third favourite sport I enjoy participating in. I usually swim in pools because I don’t like cold water. When I look at the water at Nymph Falls, it looks so cold. Perhaps If I ride my bike up to the Falls, I would be hot from the ride and enjoy the coolness of the river near the Falls.
        Have you been swimming there? If so, what was the temperature of the water?
        ~Ms. Bulger

        1. Dear Ms. Bulger,

          Yes, I am a competitive swimmer, and it’s super fun to travel around the Island and make new friends. I have gone to Nymph Falls a couple times and yes it is cold. I think if you biked up to Nymph Falls and then took a cooling swim then I think it would probably balance out. So I guess a good place to bike is Nymph Falls, so I ended up helping you with your problem. If you ever go swimming to Nymph Falls, tell me how it how it went.

          If you tell your friends about Nymph Falls, was my advice helpful?


    4. Hi Ms. Bulger, That bike ride that you had in Whistler sounds super cool. I know I always love going there. For my personal preference of where to bike ride in the Comox Valley I think it would be right near Brooklyn in the North East Woods especially if it is a bright sunny day it is so beautiful even if it is raining.
      Yours truly

      1. Hello Daniel,

        Thanks for the tip on riding in the North East Woods. I had forgotten about those trails so close to home. You are so correct. The area is beautiful and it’s a great place to ride when it’s raining as the tree canopy helps to keep you dry.
        Do you have any favourite trails you can recommend to me?
        ~Ms. Bulger

        1. Hi again Ms. Bulger,
          There is one very nice trail that is right beside our school. I do not know the name of it sorry about that but it is a very nice ride and there are not too many technical pieces on the trail so it should be perfect for you.

    5. Hi Ms Bulger,

      You might not know me, but I’m glad you’re excited for we new Huzzahnians of 2016-17. We are all so psyched to comment and hear what happening from you and other bloggers.

      Do you remember some the students from when you taught them? Anyways, I am sad to say I don’t know any good bike trails in the Valley, but if I do I’ll be sure to tell you what I find. Unless you count biking to Helen Mackenzie Lake or to Battleship Lake I’m not all too sure where in the Valley to go… Good luck searching 🙂

      Thanks for commenting with us and reply soon; I can’t wait to hear what you say/type (whichever) Will you comment soon?

      Thanks, Martin.

      1. Hello Martin,
        Thanks for taking the time to help me with my dilemma even though you are not an avid bike rider. Your ideas of biking to Lake Helen Mackenzie to Battleship Lake are unique. I have hiked to both those lakes many times and always enjoy the scenery. I don’t think any of the bikes I own right now would be able to got on those steeper trails with roots and rocks. But I think you may have encouraged me to get up and hike in that area once again while the sun is still shining.
        Have you hiked to these two lakes? Do you have any other favourite hiking/walking trails?
        ~Ms. Bulger

    6. Dear Ms. Bulger,

      Nice to see you again! (by see well…you know what I mean).
      I am happy that you are happy that Huzzah! is active again!
      And about your biking place problem, I got you! There is a trail leading off from the parking lot at Kye Bay, it’s like being in the woods and having a beautiful ocean view at the same time!
      Anyways I’m happy to um see you? I do not know what to say when you see someone’s comment like “Oh my! I know that person I’m happy to see their comment!” I guess that would be “hear” right?…cause you can’t “see” the person only theircomment..but you cant “hear” them either? hmm
      Anyways have a nice day Ms. Bulger!
      P.S great description of Whistler!


      1. Hello Journey,
        It was great to get a response back from you. I am quite intrigued about that trail leading off behind Kye Bay parking lot. I don’t know anything about it and have not heard of anyone riding on it. I will definitely go search that bike trail out this weekend.

        Are you still an avid reader Journey? Do you still enjoy creating amazing artwork?
        Thanks for the suggestion.
        ~Ms. Bulger

    7. Hi Ms. Bulger, though I wasn’t in your class I still miss you! I hope you enjoyed your trip. I’d recommend any forest around here for biking, I find it especially fun to go over roots and almost bounce off my seat. That’s only fun if you’re bike has suspensions on it though! Bye!

      My blog (for now) http://huzzah.edublogs.org

      From Jayden

    8. Hi Ms. Bulger if you are an experienced rider then Cumberland is the place to go or Mount Washington. if you want something a easier then North East Woods is good by Highland.


    9. Hi Ms.Bulger,
      I am a new kid at the school it is my third year here. I have heard a lot of good things about you. I have a good idea on where to go bike riding. I think you should go bike riding in the Highland Forest.


    10. Hello Ms. Bulger
      I love to bike here in the Comox Vally, the the three best place to ride are North East right here behind our school, Cumberland woods and Mt. Washington. I recommend North East for new riders and Cumberland for better riders.

    11. Hello Ms. Bulger.
      I have never been to Whistler but I do know some good spots for biking! Like: The Cumberland Trails, Northeast Woods and the best… Mt. Washington. They are all so good! The North East Woods are good for a normal ride where it’s not too hard. It’s really flat mostly with slight hills so it’s not that hard. Cumberland is a lot harder as long as you stay on the trails and don’t go on the logging roads, the trails are full of uphills and ramps and is not as easy AT ALL but there are very cool rocks and trees.
      Mount Washington is super good for jumps at the Bike Park in the summer, and good for trails that are just normal. It is cool on the trails because the ski runs are clear and there is nice pockets of beautiful trees to bike through plus from there, in those ski runs, you have beautiful views of the whole Valley!
      Sincerely, Elijah

      1. Good day Elijah,
        I am guessing you are a active bike rider. It certainly know lots and show your knowledge through the detailed descriptions of places to ride in the Comox Valley. I did a bit of biking in the Cumberland Forest a few years ago but haven’t been there recently. That is a great idea of a place for me to ride again. It was great to hear that Mt. Washington has opened up the bike park for summer riding again. I think I will have to wait until next year now.
        If you had just one place to ride, which would you choose?
        ~Ms. Bulger

        1. Dear Ms. Bulger,
          It is cool that you think I’m an active biker because I’m not… anymore that is. Back when you taught at our school I was biking to school and back each day but now I skateboard to school mostly.
          To answer your question my favourite of the three is the Cumberland Trails because of a couple of things:
          I like to go to get a donut on the way there at the Cumberland Bakery,
          I like that it goes flat on the road to UP-hill on the trails and because of the awesome trees and rocks and even coal patches if you’re lucky. Which one is your favourite?

    12. Hello Ms Bulger, you might not know me but my name is Tyler. I came here last year so you probably don’t know me. I’m not a biker so I might not be much help, but some people I know told me some places you could go like some trails in Cumberland that might be quite fun. the main star for biking in the Valley is Mount Washington. I heard they have amazing trails up there. Well, I hope this helped you in some ways. Please tell us which place you went.-Tyler

      1. Good afternoon Tyler,
        Your ideas of biking in Cumberland and up on Mt Washington are great choices. I think I may put Cumberland on my list for this weekend. I will try to remember Mt. Washington next summer. I think they are gearing up for skiing up there soon and have closed the bike park for this year.
        I will let you know which places I end up biking to. I am excited to share my bike choices with my Whistler friends someday soon.
        Even though you aren’t a biker, you certainly helped me with my dilemma.
        ~Ms. Bulger

    13. Hello Ms. Bulger!
      I am most certainly not the person you want to talk to about this, but I know someone who is! My older brother really enjoys riding his bike about the highland woods, and he loves telling my family all about his adventures! Those woods seem like a fun place to ride, just based off of his stories. My dad also really likes bikes, and he has a whole workshop full of them! There he dismantles and fixes them in his free time. So anyways, if you plan to do the highland woods, be careful! My brother was biking with some friends there once and he totally wiped out!
      Sincerely, Lyric

      1. Hello Lyric,
        Thank you for responding to my question about biking. I used to do some biking in the Highland woods but haven’t for a long time. You have now jogged my memory so I will be sure to get out on those trails and I will be careful.
        Your dad’s workshop sounds like it would be a place I would enjoy being in. At my house we have eight bicycles but they have to share the space in the garage with our car, skis, kayaks, and household junk. A whole workshop would be fabulous.
        It doesn’t sound like you are a biker like other family members. If not, what is your sport of choice?
        ~Ms. Bulger

    14. Hi Ms. Bulger, you might remember me from your grade three class!! Have not seen you in a wile but actually I saw you on Thursday and you said you haven’t heard a post from me yet. I`m not to sure of a great biking spot but the Brooklyn Forest is pretty nice and if you do go there you could stop by the school. Good luck biking.

      ~ Kaiya

    15. Hello Ms. Bugler,
      You might remember me from your 2-3 class I’m in grade 6 now! Wow has time flied. I think just a good stroll downtown or in a quiet neighborhood is the best place to bike.
      I hope to write with you later.

    16. Hello Ms.Bulger,

      I’m new here I arrived here from Nova Scotia about a year and a bit ago but I’ve heard many nice things about like you’re a great and you’re a really fun teacher, I know I’m a bit late to help you out but from the time I’ve been here I’ve notice that the best biking trails are the North Eastern woods, Mt. Washington, Cumberland and Whistler. I have only been to North Eastern and cumberland but from my friends I’ve heard that those are some of the best places to go mountain biking!

      Best of luck ~Jack!

  2. Hi Mrs. Smith!

    Looks like you guys are already gearing up for this year’s batch of amazing writing!

    I miss you guys so much! Be a good class… I have to say that my class was pretty good. Probably the best! So you have some competition!

    I hope you guys have a lot of fun this fall getting your blogs going and I look forward to reading every single one of them!

    ~Chantal <3


    1. Hi Chantal
      It looks like you have a lot of fun blogging. I think I accept the competition of who is the better class. I hope I get to see your around town. I’m look forward to talk to you and replying.


    2. Hello Ms. Bulger!

      That sounds like a wonderful place to go biking, but I agree that Comox is the best. I’m not a professional biker but a hobby of mine is biking with my dad and brother! One of my favorites places to bike is the North East Woods, there is so many different trails to explore, and my dad, brother and I always have a great time! I hope you and your friends find many other good places to bike!

      1. Hello Livea,
        It was great to get a response back from you. Thank you for the tip on riding in North East Woods. I had forgotten about that area and it is so close to where I live. Those woods used to be where I enjoyed running. Now that I mostly bike, I think I will use my old running trails as bike trails.
        Do you think there are some technical trails that I should stay away from?
        Maybe I will see you out there with your dad and brother someday.
        ~Ms. Bulger

    3. Hi Chantal,
      We are all, all ready having a great year. We’re all also really looking forward to the rest of the year. I’m really exited to start blogging, and staying in contact with you. Are you enjoying high school? I love being in grade seven. Exited to see you again!


    4. This year is off to a great start, although its really sad that you are not there.
      PS. I’m going to try not to screw up this generation (Olivia told me not to).

    5. Hello Chantal
      I’m so happy that you will be reading all of our blogs you will be able to read all of your work. We might have competition but we are an awesome class!
      I miss you.

    6. Hi Chantal, You might remember me from grade 5~6 split. haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope high school is going good. It is much more different from elementary. But I think you are going to do great.
      ~ Kaiya

  3. I agree. Bring on the year and let’s see what learn gives us 🙂 A nice thing about a new year is new faces and that happiness we experience.
    Which is why these blogs are amazing letting our friends and friends to be to know all the great stuff we learn so this is awesome!

  4. Hi Mrs Smith, I am looking forward to having a great year. I think it will be a great year full of adventure and laughs. I hope you think the same too.
    from Blake

  5. Hi Chantel,
    You seem like a very dedicated blogger. You might remember me from your dad’s track and field camp. What was your favourite part about Ms. Smith’s class?

  6. Hello Ms.Smith
    I am really confident that this is going to be a great year. I like that there is only three hours
    of school on Fridays. I also like the teacher controlled recess. I am looking forward to be doing a lot of baking (mostly the cakes).
    Sincerely, Kaya

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