Spooky Halloween Houses!

Halloween Victorian Mansions on PhotoPeach

Don’t go in alone!

These haunted houses were inspired by the work done here and here. We took a look at the features of Victorian homes: asymmetry in structure, a focal point front door, turrets and towers, bay windows, iron railings, roofs made of slate, brick or shingle siding, sash windows, and tell-tale gingerbread woodwork on roof peaks, porch corners, and around doors.

We sketched in pencil first, then went over the drawings with a Sharpie. The backgrounds were done using oil pastels for the ground and moon, followed by a two colour-wash of water colour paint. For detailed instructions, check out Tyler’s post or Abbie’s post.

The results….

The music, Night on Bald Mountain by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky, adds to the drama, I think!

What do you notice about these houses? Do you like the music or would you have chosen something different?  Have you done any Halloween art this year? If so, leave a comment with your blog address and we will come and take a look.


  1. I like how you draw how you think a scary house looks like, I just wanted to ask you what you like to eat in Canada and what are some typical dishes in your country.

    1. Hi there, there is a large variety of foods eaten and enjoyed here in Canada. Many of my students like poutine as a very occasional snack, which you can read about in a post above this one.
      Happy blogging!
      Ms. Smith

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