Don’t Lose Your Place!

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.”
                         -Garrison Keillor

Well, as long as it’s taken care of, that is. There is nothing more disappointing than discovering a missing page or feeling the book spine fall off in your hands because a book was abused. One way to be kind to books is to mark your place with a bookmark rather than turning down corners or leaving your book splayed open. A bookmark also lets you get quickly back to where you were reading before–and who doesn’t like that? Losing your place can slow you down when all you want to do is read!

We made these pop-up bookmarks during our first week of school. They are easy and fun to make by folding manilla tag (teachers use it for word strips). I have very creative students as you can tell. Soon they will have their own blogs and you’ll be able read their interesting posts and see what they create.

Here’s a sample of our bookmarks. Take a look, and as Neil Buchanan used to say on his program Art Attack, try it yourself!

Here is an Art Attack from the 1990s–Neil brought so much enthusiasm and creativity to the show. It’s a little corny, silly, and over the top–but I love it. I wish I could find the episode that had the bookmarks in it –but I bet you can figure it out yourself. If you are really stuck, leave a comment and I will give you some details.
(Video starts after 10 seconds–it’s a bit loud!)

So, students of Smarthlandia and guests too: in your comment below, please tell us about your reading habits: what do you like to read? What have you read lately that you recommend? Any favourite authors? And do you use a bookmark?

We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hi Ms. Smith,
    I love the book marks; they are awesome!
    I recommend the Inkheart Trilogy! They are the best books I have ever read! I also recommend The Never Ending Story which is also very good!

    1. Hello Ms. Smith,
      I would have to say that my favourite type of books would be action and adventure. One book would have to be the Mad Dogs I would highly recommend it. I have found bookmarks are very helpful.


      1. Hi Tate,
        I have had many students who have devoured Robert Muchamore’s CHERUB series. I know we have lots of action-packed books in our library–you’ll always have something exciting to read!
        Ms. S.

    2. Hi Ayla,
      I’m glad you enjoyed making your bookmark–I think they make great gifts. I have read one of the Inkheart books… maybe it’s time I got back to them. Thanks for your recommendations.
      ~Ms. Smith

  2. Hi Ms. Smith,
    I enjoy reading, medieval and fantasy books. The books I recommend to a classmate to read are the Percy Jackson Books or the Ranger’s Apprentice series. I wish by the end of the year I can be as good as a “blogger” as you. My question to you is, have you done these with other classes over the years? Also everyone likes a little bit of corn everyday.

    1. Hi Owen, I know Percy Jackson writes really exciting novels. I do a have a really fabulous medieval book to recommend–it won the Newberry medal tow decades ago: It’s called The Midwife’s Apprentice. It really captures how difficult those times were, when people didn’t understand germ theory or how diseases were transmitted. I really loved it–it has the second most outrageous beginning of any book I have ever read.
      I have a feeling you will be an excellent blogger. Yes indeed, a little corn every day, please.

      1. Hello Ms. Smith,

        Sounds great! It also sounds like a great book for my Mom. She’s a big fan of ‘Call The Midwife’ the BBC TV show. But thanks for the suggestion!


    2. Hey Owen,
      that was a pretty nice comment! I remember reading the Percy Jackson books a couple years ago after seeing the terrible movie adaptation, man was that ever bad! although i’m not a very big fan of fantasy books, they can be cool every once and awhile!

      Thank you for your time!

  3. Hi Ms Smith it’s Hana. I recommend “The Land of Eylon” it’s a great series I have read them all. I hope you try them. Oh I can bring them in if you want to try them. And I use a bookmark.

  4. Hi Mrs. Smith, I love fantasy books, and lately I’ve been reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phionex. (I apologize, I have no idea how to spell that.) 🙂

    1. Hi Chantal,
      I find re-reading favourite books very rewarding. I always notice something I did not pick up before, and I am reminded of what I appreciated about the author the first time around.
      Ms. S.

    2. Hey Chantal,
      Yeah ‘Phoenix’ is a hard word to spell but there you go. Harry Potter – The Order of the Phoenix was one of the first books my Dad read to me, great book!

  5. Hello Ms. Smith,
    I loved making that bookmark. It was really fun. I am hoping to do more crafts like that. I used to watch that show when I was young.
    Can’t wait for more posts,

    1. Hi Cami,
      I am happy you enjoyed making these bookmarks. I can tell you have a flair for anime drawing. I’m sure you’ll have lots of opportunities to enjoy drawing, art, and crafts this year.
      ~Ms. Smith

  6. Greetings, your majesty!
    I have been reading a lot lately. To everyone of Smarthlandia and visitors from other lands, I recommend The WondLa series! I have only read the first and second book, and I apologize for the names of the books I have left out, but order them if you are a sci-fi fan! The first book’s name is The Search for WandLa. The second is A Hero for WandLa! It is a great series and I really recommend it.
    I learned from you Ms. Smith not to bend corners of a book. Thank you! I use a sticky note at the moment, but I am designing another one.
    Also, I loved Art Attack! Every time they would say “send in your own art work” I would make something and try to send it in. But what I didn’t know that the show had ended at the time. 🙁 None the less, the show is what interested me in art and design!
    thank you,

    1. Dear reader,
      If you are wondering why I greeted my teacher Ms. Smith with a *Greetings your majesty*, it is because she is the Queen of the Universe! 🙂
      Bye for now

      1. Hi Autumn, I get the feeling you are going to be a very committed blogger! You have convinced me to take a look at the Wondla series. Thank you for explain my royal pedigree–everyone needs to know I am Q of U. 🙂
        ~Ms. S.

  7. Hi Ms Smith,
    I really like in our class Blog and the way you encourage people to take care of the books by using bookmarks.
    I have one question for you, when did you first do it with a class.

  8. Hello Ms. Smith,
    I love the list of ideas on how to make books last longer.
    Also I have noticed that in the last sentence that, you spelt bookmaker wrong.
    Just to give you a heads up.
    Thank you for the help to make a blog.

    From: Kasandra

    1. Hi Kassy,
      The great thing about a blog post is that you can always edit it! Thank you for pointing my mistake out to me in such a polite way. I appreciate it. Owen spotted one other, so now I think my post should be error free! I am sure you will enjoy having a blog of your own.
      Best wishes,
      Ms. Smith

  9. Hello Ms.Smith
    I had so much fun making the book marks. I remember watching that show when I was really little. By the way they are really cool.

    1. Hi Rowan, I am glad you enjoyed it. I think you will find blogging fun, too! I bet lots of kids enjoyed watching Art Attack. I wonder if there are any similar shows now?
      ~Ms. Smith

  10. Hello Ms. Smith,
    Some of my favourite books are Hunger Games, Divergent and Crossed. My favourite author is Suzanne Collins. She wrote the Hunger Games series. At the moment I am reading a book called Olive’s Ocean. It’s a really good book and I think you would enjoy it. I have many book marks but I am looking forward to using the ones we made in class.

    thank you so much! from Brooke L.

    1. Hi Brooke, looks like you are a fan of dystopian novels (look up the word–am I right?). I think they can really make us examine the world carefully and look for signs of injustice. I haven’t read any books in the Matched series–but I guess I should get busy! I’m glad you like your bookmark.
      ~Ms. Smith

    2. Hey Brooke,
      I was wondering… are the Hunger Games scary? I really want to read them but not sure if I should! Also, isn’t Crossed part of a series? There’s Crossed, Matched and Reached. Matched is the first book, Crossed is the second and Reached is the third. You should really read the rest of the series!
      – Liv

  11. Hi Ms.Smith,
    A series I recommend is Legend by Marie Lu. I have read them all and they are very well written. The hunger games are also a series I would recommend.


  12. Hello Ms. Smith,

    I must say that the post and the bookmarks that my classmates have made are most delightful. I really did enjoy making the bookmarks, (even though I lost my first one and had to make a second) it was a pretty neat project. I was wondering when we were going to do another interesting little project like this, I hope it would be as equally fun to create. thank you very much for your time, goodbye now!

    1. Nathan! What a delightful comment! I hope we can quickly get to making more creative things this year as a seem to have a room full of talented folks. I am looking forward to reading more of your friendly comments, and soon, new posts on your blog.
      ~Ms. S.

  13. Hello Ms. Smith,

    Some of my favourite books are: “The Princess Diaries” (based on the movie) I also like Allie Finkle’s “Rules for Girls”, “The Fault in our Stars”, “Out of my Mind”, ect. My favourite authors are Meg Cabot, John Green, and Sharon Draper. I have a lot of other favourite books and authors but the ones that I have listed are my favourites.
    Thanks a lot,

    1. Hi Abby,
      The book, Princess Diaries, by Meg Cabot actually came out before the movies. There seem to be a lot of movies that began as books. Sometimes (usually, in fact) I prefer the book. How about you? I am glad you are such a keen reader–you are sure to get good use out of your bookmark. 🙂
      ~Ms. Smith

  14. Hello Ms. Smith,
    I don’t read a lot but I like to read Amulet the comic book series so I honestly like comic books but like who doesn’t and I do use bookmarks.
    Sincerely, Tyler B.

    1. Hi Tyler,
      Well, this is your year to become a real reader–there are books out there for every taste. We can find a good book for you that will be the next step after comics–but you don’t have to give up comics, ever!
      ~Ms. S.

    2. Hello Tyler,

      The Amulet books are great, I first started reading them two years ago. Great books, that’s why I showed you them! Let me know if you have any suggestions for graphic novels, I would love to know more series!


  15. Hello Ms. Smith,
    It’s Rylie. I like your webpage and all the things on it. I love to read Treasurer Hunters, there is about 3 book with more than 300 words, the first one is all about these four kids looking for their mom but on the way they lost their dad and they haven’t found them. I would recommend it to you.

  16. Hello Ms. Smith,

    I think that these bookmarks are super cool, and I enjoyed making mine even though it is not on the site. I haven’t yet watched the video but I am sure it would be very cool and I will probably watch when I get home.

    1. Hi Connor,
      I am glad you liked making your bookmark. You can put a picture of it on your blog once you get up and running. I think you will enjoy the quirkiness of Art Attack. Let me know what you think!
      ~Ms. S.

      1. Hi Ms. Smith

        I have now watched the art attack video and I thought that it was quite amusing. Thank you for your suggestion of putting my bookmark on my blog once I get it going. I think that a picture of my bookmark will probably be my first post once I get my blog.

        Thank you for your suggestion,

  17. Hello Ms.Smith

    I really enjoyed making these, they are super cool. I also really liked looking at everyone else’s bookmark they were all super duper awesome. I also think I did a pretty good job on mine turtle all day every day.

    1. Hi Ben,
      I agree, everyone has made such amazing bookmarks–they are a practical treasure that will keep our books safe. Thanks for the turtle–he’s particularly cute.
      ~Ms. S.

  18. Hi, Ms. Smith,
    I just wanted say how much I loved making the bookmarks, they are such a good idea! I love to read action packed books, they always give me a thrill! I would really recommend reading the Harry Potter series, they are amazing!! My favourite author would have to be J.K Rowling, she has a really good way of hooking the reader. Of course I use a bookmark, that way books don’t end up in the garbage from being butterflyed and doggy eared. I was wondering if you have done this for many years because the video that I watched (Art Attack) seemed pretty old. I hope that in the future all kids and adults will be using bookmarks!! Thanks again for teaching us how to make bookmarks!!!
    – Abbie

    1. Hi Abbie,
      I have read all the HP books except the last one. I think I just don’t want the series to end! Right now my bookmark is a very old Christmas postcard that I bought at a local antiques store. I have been doing theses bookmarks for many years and I continue to be amazed at my student’s creativity.
      ~Ms. S.

  19. Hello Ms.Smith,
    I really enjoyed what you had about are bookmarks. The book I am reading is “The Land of Stories”. It is a great book and I would recommend it. My favourite author is E.D. Baker. I am really exited to use my bookmark when reading my favourite books.
    Have a great day,

    1. Hi Talia,
      I will look for The Land of Stories as I am not familiar with it. I think my favourite author is Alice Munro. She lived in Comox at one time. I am glad you like the pop up bookmarks!
      ~Ms. S.

  20. Hello Ms. Smith,

    I love the idea of the book marks! My favourite books to read are the Nancy Drew books and my Grandma used to love them but now she is more in to murder mysteries. I recommend Nancy Drew book #162 that one is really good. The mystery starts at a museum.
    See you,

    1. Hi Hayly,
      I watched my sister read a lot of Nancy Drew books when I was young. I liked the cover pictures so much!I also like that she is a brave, intelligent, resourceful character.
      Happy reading!
      Ms. S

  21. Hi Ms. Smith,
    Some of the people in our class are very creative! I think the Batman bookmark is the best one. My favourite book is “A Taste Of Heaven” by Meg Tilly.
    I recommend this book for the girls in our class, if it ever comes back to the library.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Allina, did you know Meg Tilly is an actor, too? That’s how I know her best. I will have to read her book. I thought I saw her book in someone’s hands today. If not, order any book and Mrs. Auchterlonie will get it from another library.
      ~Ms. S.

  22. Harley

    This was a real fun project. I think that everyone should do it. It does not take any time to make.Thank you for letting us do this.

  23. Hello Ms.Smith!

    A book I recommend is a book called “Perfect Blue” it takes place in the
    Comox Valley and it’s about a girl named Erin trying to get ready for a dog show but she needs a makeover before the show. I don’t really like reading and I don’t have a favourite author but I will find the odd book that is good, the type of books I like are happy books with imagination or some times serious books with crimes or drama.

    happy chatting with you.

  24. Hello, Ms. Smith.
    If I was going to recommend a book series it would be the Eragon books because it’s nice and contains some humour. Also the book marks are really cool.
    See later, Seamus

  25. Hello Ms. Smith,
    A few days ago the Queen of the Universe visited are class again. She was nice until she stole my carrots. Now I am sad so I made more carrots for her and now there gone to the castle. I hope she is enjoying them with out me :(. I would like to know your opinion. What should I do confront her or let her have the carrots I made her? Please help me.
    P.S. This is role play just to let you know;). But please let me know your answer.
    From Kassy

    1. Hi Kassy, well, it seems Smarthlandia is ruled by a despot. The tyranny of the Queen of the Universe is becoming legendary. How terrible that she forces the peasants of Smarthlandia to grow carrots for her! I heard she had armed thugs and spies working for her. I would not confront her personally. Maybe it is time to gather friends together for a peaceful rebellion?
      Huzzah! Ms. Smith

  26. Hi Ms. Smith I really loved the video about art. I think I am going to do the comic strip. The bookmarks caught my attention first, they are amazing! My favourite book is Skippy John Jones, and yes I use a bookmark. I am working hard to get better at my reading habits.

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