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Things are beginning to hop on our student blogs. It takes a while to learn (and in some cases, relearn) digital citizenship, commenting process and etiquette, how to work with widgets, theme customization, how to plan, write, and revise posts, how to add Creative Commons images, how to tag, categorize, and make links…It’s a tall digital order!

So now it’s time to take a look at the fruits of our labours. Students have done a few assigned posts and now they are blogging about their own interests. Follow the links, read the posts, and why not leave a supportive comment? Please leave your blog url so students can return the favour.Grape divinity

Amy and Will tell you about their sailing experiences.
Faith has two cute, unique pets.
Boone knows about the biggest stuff on Earth!Tools
Gillian likes to dance. Here’s why.
Brayden has learned about Pugs.
Find out what Lauren collects.
Luke can wants to know if you prefer cats or dogs.
Maya has adventures at the lunchtime zoo.
Renée shares a delicious recipe.
Sara has changed her mind about being in Band.
Cameron plays Canada’s favourite game.
Curious about longboarding? Read Ethan V.‘s post.
Josh I likes a sport you can play inside while Mike likes one you play outside.
Kenzie shares her creativity.
Liam writes about pets, not once but twice and video games, not once but twice! Bonus, one more!
Logan is putting dinner on the table.
Scott is looking forward to winter weather.
Alana has re-read this great book many times.
Tengis tells you about robots.
Andrew, Eric, and Ethan P. share their favourite video games. Cade too. Ok, and Josh J. too.
Teyia has won six medals!
Trevor is flying high and enjoying life in the water.

Do you have some great posts for us to read? Why not leave a link. Thanks for stopping by!

Photo Credit: See1,Do1,Teach1 via Compfight


  1. Hello Ms. Smith,

    I loved how you advertised my blog so gracefully. I think the way you preview everyone’s blogs is great. I find it fascinating that no one has commented yet, good luck with the edublogs awards

    1. Hi Mike,
      Than k you, Mike, I really appreciate that you noticed my efforts. I am not worried if people don’t comment on this post–I am hoping folks will follow links to your blog and spend some time reading and commenting.
      You are doing great, by the way. 🙂
      Ms. S

  2. CONGRADULATIONS ON THE NOMINATIOM FOR BEST CLASS BLOG!!!! If hey kids! Doesn’t win I really hope you do. You have an amazing class blog! I love reading your post even if I don’t comment on the post I still read it.

    This blog post is so cool I love how you can find something that you like and find someone else with the same hobby. This is a good way to make friends, which is one of the reasons we have a blog.

    Any way congrats on the nomination!

    Did any of your students get a nomination for best student blog? I know faith has a really good blog so I thought maybe she was nominated.

    1. Hi Johnny,
      Thank you for your enthusiasm! I think the purpose of the Edublog Awards is to draw attention to the ever-expanding community of bloggers. I am really hoping people will notice how wonderful your class blog is. You are right, Faith has an excellent blog–I am fortunate to be surrounded by excellent writers.
      I know many of my students are already enjoying the friendly dialogue you.
      Thank you Johnny,
      ~Ms. Smith

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