1. Hello Huzzah! I love this video. It’s really inspiring and makes you feel like you can do anything. I like how it had allusions to William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein. This post is so true. all people start equal and work there way up to the top. I also enjoyed the music that went with it. Is there anything that you specifically want to learn? Hope to blog you later! visit my blog at http://hannahpsblog.edublogs.org/.


    1. Hi Hannah,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I find I am always learning. But I am not so sure I can learn anything….and maybe that is what stops me! I think it is essential to develop what people call a growth mindset. Remaining optimistic is essential (but not always easy) when it comes to learning.
      At the moment I am re-learning hand embroidery. I did it as a 10 year old and just started again in the spring, more than 40 years after my first attempt. I find I am picking out stitches often because I make so many mistakes. But my desire to learn outweighs my frustration with not being able to get it right the first time.
      I see you are a committed blogger–I will send readers your way!
      Best wishes,
      Ms. Smith

  2. Hi Mrs. Smith,
    I watched the video twice, and I do believe that failing is just another word for growing. I think that if you practice something you have your heart set on, you can accomplish it. As an example, I was dead set on finishing Moby Max, a program to help you practice your math skills, and just at the end of last year, I finished it. It ends at grade 9.0 and I finished! Even though I finished Moby Max, I still complete my required 45 minutes a week to help me brush up on my skills! Some cool things that I am learning in 8th grade this year include reading The Odyssey and learning more in depth about the Constitution. This past Saturday was our 8th grade Hollywood themed dance. What are some things you are learning this year? Happy Blogging!

    1. Hi Raina,
      Congratulations on your achievements in math! Sounds to me like you are a very determined person. The dance sounds like a lot of fun–what Hollywood star were you? I think convincing costume making is a skill in itself.
      This year I have been spending a lot of time learning more about early humans and ancient civilizations. I have been reading, listening to podcasts, and I signed up for an online course to learn more about Hadiran’s wall. I am grateful to all the researchers of the past who have allowed me the opportunity to learn more about a time and place that I could not know about otherwise.
      Thanks for commenting and best wishes blogging,
      ~Ms. Smith

  3. Hello Huzzah!
    This is an inspiring video. It reminds me that two years ago I knew nothing about blogging, and while I STILL consider myself a novice, and STILL need help (a lot), I know I have made progress. Fact: We have a blog! Fact: There are photos and links on it. Fact: I still haven’t put a video on it. Fact: Today I somehow messed up the code on a SurveyMonkey, which caused my posts to merge into my sidebars. The people at Edublogs had to help me fix it. Conclusion: I, like my blog, am a work in progress. Still learning.

    Can I learn anything? ANYTHING? I don’t know. I don’t have a proclivity for everything, so my learning curve for some material would be exceptionally long.

    I think we all can learn just about anything to some extent. And that’s a good thing. We need experts and novices in all fields. If everyone could learn everything perfectly, I don’t think we’d need each other as much.

    I need the people at Edublogs, and they need to be needed! I am grateful to them for helping me.

    Today I re-learned that we need each other. It’s a good day.

    ~Mrs. Donofrio

    1. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
      I think that what makes you an inspiring learner is that you are not afraid of risk or hard work. I would say your blogging curve has been short and steep–you and your students have achieved so much in such a short time. Above all, it’s the quality of writing that draws me to your blog and your students’ blogs. Clearly they are thoughtful learners like you.
      Yes, we need each other. Blogging is such a great way to weave the fabric of connection.
      Here’s to many more great days!
      Best wishes,
      ~Ms. Smith

      1. Thank you. You made my night!
        My kids have been asking about you and your Huzzahnians. We are glad you are on the way back to learning, blogging, sharing, and growing in your studies. We are also glad that we get to share all that with you.
        We have been asked by Mr. Webb’s class in New Zealand to collaborate on some type of project. We are thinking it would be cool to send and collect “post”cards from all over the world as we think that blog “posts” are sort of the 21st century’s postcard. They have photos. They are small snippets of life. They both utilize the word post! I think people still like receiving mail that they can hold in their hands, and it is becoming more rare. What do you think of this idea? Would you like to collaborate with us? Aside from the initial concept, I haven’t worked out any of the details. I am a big picture person first; and a detail oriented person second. I usually jump into the pond and then figure out how to swim. Once I’m in the water, swimming becomes a necessity, so I figure it out. If I tried to learn how to swim before jumping in, I might never jump. We did write a postcard to Mr. Webb, which I need to put into the mail this week. Anyway, if you’d like to join us in our worldwide quest for post cards, let us know! Or if you have any other ideas, we are all ears.
        Hope your back-to-school plans are going swimmingly!
        ~Mrs. Donofrio

        1. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
          We will join you in the pond! I will read up on how my friend, Ms. Bulger did post cards last year. I will say that occasionally we get unsolicited cards or letters from around the world that are written by students and begin with “Hi, we are doing a project…” I can see making our own postcards and sending them to specific students in your class…that might be more meaningful.
          Yikes! I just looked up how much it costs to send a post card to the US from Canada: $1.20! I think I am reaching for some sort of flotation device. Hmmm. How to create a collaboration that is meaningful and affordable. My thinking cap is going back on.
          We’ll talk again,
          Ms. Smith

          1. Hello Mrs. Smith,

            What do you think about oral reports together via Skype? What do you think of a news show format with an anchor reporter in one location and another journalist reporting from “in the field”? I’m getting excited thinking about it! I think it can work!
            We are so glad you are back in school and back to blogging!
            ~Mrs. Donofrio

  4. Hey Jan
    I actually do not believe that you can learn anything because everyone has a a different IQ level. So I think that there are limits to what we can learn. But I do think that you can learn a lot about many things and nice video.
    Do you think that you can learn anything.

    1. Hi Eric, you do have a point. We do have limitations, but I think we often sell ourselves short. The brain is a malleable thing–we can learn to do things we don’t think we can. I agree that there are skills and abilities that may be beyond us–levitation, for example. But it’s fascinating to me that humans have learned to fly. Our creativity and determination take us way beyond the frontiers of what we believe we can do. I see by your blog that you are a sailor. I bet you didn’t imagine how far you would go in developing your skills.
      Thanks for commenting and best wishes on a great school year.
      ~Ms. Smith

  5. Hi Mrs.Smith,
    I watched the video three times. I found it very inspirational! I loved how the video was all about how it takes time and practice to learn something new. And that you don’t always get something right away. Whether or not it’s learning algebra, riding a bike, or learning your multiplication facts! Nobody is born knowing how to do those things. But you learn how to! I used to have trouble at diagramming sentences in language arts. Then I asked my amazing teacher for help and she taught me that they were not so hard!

    I understand now that even though I might not understand something today I may tomorrow or the day after that! This video was just what I needed today! Thank you for sharing it! What did you learn from the video?-Sydney

    1. Hi Sydney,
      I love your optimistic outlook on life–it is inspiring. Your wonderful teacher, Mrs. Donofrio, may have had the knowledge to help you but you had the desire to push past your challenge to learn. I think the video reminded me that failing is part of learning and the each tiny victory is a step toward the next inevitable failure. I tell my student, “failure leads to learning, and learning leads to success.”
      Wishing you many positive failures,
      ~Ms. Smith

  6. Dear Huzzah,
    That was an awesome video! It is true that when we are first born we don’t know how to do anything. What I like to do is dance, but it is not like I was born doing the Tango. I had to learn. Just like in school. We don’t know how to diagram a sentence, or do multiplication and addition, we half to learn these things. What do you like to do? When did you start to learn it?

    1. Hi Lexi, (I can tell Mrs. Donofrio has taught you well–you ask just the right sort of questions to get me thinking and writing.)
      I like to geocache. It is a bit like a hide and seek game using a gps device. It gets you outside visiting special places that you wouldn’t normally find. I started a few years back but stalled a little until I met some people who were very enthusiastic and willing to share. They invited me along and gave me suggestions. I may not be as good as they are, but I can see my progress.
      I will be dropping by your blog soon.
      Keep blogging!
      ~Ms. Smith

        1. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
          I have seen a few letter box caches listed but I have yet to visit one. I took a look at the local list and there are two in the Comox Valley. However there are well over a thousand geocaches! Letter boxing is very common in the US–isn’t interesting how much the two sports have in common? Now that the rainy season is upon us, I will be doing less caching… but the next sunny day may see me out and about again.
          We have done geocaching as a class event. It was really fun and I have every intention of doing it with the new crew of Huzzahnians. If you letter box, please share it in a post, and I’ll do the same about caching.
          Ms. Smith

  7. Dear Ms. Smith and Huzzahians,
    YES! I totally believe you can learn anything if you want to put the effort into it. You may not learn the skill or information to the level you hope to or to the extent others do, but you can learn it.
    An example of this happened to me this summer. A very good friend of mine invited me to learn how to make a new seat for a little rocker I had. Her husband gave us some instruction on using power tools and correct measuring skills and together we created a lovely rocker seat. I know my friend mastered the skill of “seat making”. I learned many new skills but did not master this skill -yet. I know that if I keep working on it a few more times, I too will have mastered it.
    Never give up on something you truly want to learn. You CAN do it.
    Ms. Bulger

    1. Ms. Bulger! Thank you so much for taking time out of your world travels to stop by our blog. I hear you are in Sicily at the moment–I bet you are having a splendid time. You are referring to the lovely morning we spent reupholstering your little rocking chair. What a great memory! Never give up on something you truly want to learn. You CAN do it. I will quote you on that.
      Happy trails!
      Love and hugs to you and Mr. Warren.
      Your friend and admirer,
      Ms. Smith

  8. Hello Ms. Smith!

    I love this video, everyone has to start from some where and everyone is learning all the time this is very cool!

  9. Hi Ms. Smith,
    It’s your super awesome friend Mike and this is my first comment on your blog. I really like this video and I am excited to get my new blog thanks!

  10. Dear Huzzah,

    yes, I do think that is true because if u were born smart u wouldn’t have to go to school u will already know everything. so there for u do put one foot in front of the other u do have to go through grades and every grades get harder and harder and learn more and more!


    1. Hi Kendra,
      My mum used to say, “Chin up!” to encourage us. I think your idea about putting one word in front on the other is another way of saying, “Persevere, move forward, don’t give up!” That’s great advice!
      Many thanks,
      Ms. Smith

  11. Hello,
    Yes I belive that it is true. You can’t get something right the first time you try. It takes practice. For example I don’t think that anyone knew how to walk the first time they try. You stumble and fall but then you get back up and keep trying.
    I thought your vidio was a great inspiration to me and to everyone els who has watched it.
    -Your friend Emma!

    1. Hi Emma, thank you for your comment. I remember watching my children as they learned to walk. We gave them a lot of encouragement, smiles, and and support. Maybe that is what all learners need. What do you think?
      Ms. Smith

  12. Dear Huzzah,
    After watching the video I do believe that all people can learn. I think this is true because when we were first born we didn’t know how to do much by ourselves. For example Albert Einstein didn’t even know how to count to 10 but look at where he ended up…a famous scientist. People learn to do certain things but at different times in their life. I learned to ride my bike when I was 7 years old and some of my friends learned when they were 6. Also in the video it says that “failing is another word for growing up”. I strongly believe this quote is true because whenever you try something new you’re not going to be perfect the first time. After lots of practice you will achieve it.

    1. Gabi, you are a very thoughtful person! I bet you write excellent persuasive essays. We all have wonderful examples of learning in our own life that was out of synch with others. For example I didn’t learn until I was in grade 3 but my sister (who was younger than me) learned when she was four years old. It took a lot of patience and practice for me to learn to read–it was hard and embarrassing at times. I asked a lot of questions and that really helped, and I had people in my life who helped me along.
      Thanks for writing,
      Ms. Smith

  13. Dear Ms. Smith.

    I really enjoyed the video! And I did watch it twice:) And YES I do believe it, that’s why I never give up. I would like to ask you and your class a question. If you do believe this, why do you believe it? I would love to hear you answers!
    Don’t forget to check my blog! http://www.learningin21/edublogs.org

    1. Hi Tony,
      Thank you for commenting. I have added your class blog into our blogroll under “our Blogging Friends”. I appreciate your question about learning. I think often the biggest barrier to learning is our attitude about failure. Failure is just information about what didn’t work. If we look closely at what didn’t work, without judging ourselves harshly, we can take the steps towards success. What do you think?
      ~Ms. S.

    1. Hi Sydney,
      Thanks for your comment and for your question. At home I am learning about Hadrian’s Wall, a fortified stone wall built 1900 years ago by the Romans in what is now Great Britain. I am taking a free online course with a university with several thousand other people. It is quite fascinating and I hope that one day I will be able to travel there to visit it and maybe do some archaeology. What have you been learning lately, Sydney?
      ~Ms. Smith

  14. Hello!

    I do believe this is true. It’s a big thing, but you really are capable of doing anything. This video is also right from where it says that making mistakes is another step to doing it right. It would boggle anyone’s mind to think that all of the famous (and not famous) people start at square 1. This includes any profession; art, science, Olympic, writer, even a clown. I’ll bet anything that it comforts people around the globe to know that they’ll eventually reach the stars!

    Your 5th grade friend,

    Please Visit me and my class at our blog at http://www.learningin21.edublogs.org ! We’d Love to hear from you!

  15. I do believe that people don’t start really good at math or really good at French, but I think they earn it by practicing as the old saying goes “practice makes perfect,” meaning that over time if you practice you will get better and better at something until its perfect.
    If everyone were born with the skills they would have at the age of 18, there would be babies running marathons, babies in the Olympics etc. but that doesn’t happen, you always see adults doing it. Why??? Because Adults have more experience and more training than babies because babies are not born perfect they earn it over time.

    1. Hi Jeremy, I think you make some interesting observations–we are all born with so much potential. Our lives are an accumulation of experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      ~Ms. Smith

  16. I Think that that video is very true. That you learn from your mistakes and that you can learn anything. That is what life is all about: learning. If it wasn’t for learning you wouldn’t be where you are right now.

    1. I agree, Dante. Life is all about learning. Most of our learning is invisible to us–we only notice the changes if we force ourselves to reflect on where we were and where we are now.
      Have a great school year,
      ~Ms. S.

  17. Hello Huzzah, I do believe this video, partly. I believe the part about you can learn anything but I think some people learn faster than others and some people need to practice more before they remember something. Also, some people are better at learning some subjects better than others because some people know every capital of every country in the northern hemisphere but can’t wrap their head around the subject of averages. I wonder why different people do better at some subjects than others?

    Your faithful reader, Boone

  18. That is really neat, i would not have thought about it without this video, I guess we all do start at zero and work our way up with everything!!!!

  19. Hey Ms. Smith,

    This is my first blogging experience and my first comment on edublogs! I love it so far it’s an easy way to interact with other people from all of the globe!

    This video is really inspiring! It shows that you can achieve anything. You can learn anything that you want to easily!

    Your biggest fan, Will

    1. Biggest fan–how thrilling is that!
      Will, I know you will find blogging very satisfying. In my experience, blogging does bring us closer to our global neighbours. I challenge you to find student bloggers to contact in as many places as possible. I wonder how far you will reach.
      ~Ms. S.

  20. Hello Ms. Smith
    Cool video, it is really inspiring and helpful to the people who don’t think that they can do anything. But if you practice, you will get better at something that is hard for you. Just keep trying and trying at everything in your life. Remember what William Arthur Ward said, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”


  21. Dear Mrs. Smith,
    I really enjoyed this video. I loved how it made you think. I think that talents are born but the fun and creative ways people use their talents or skills is created by that person. What is your talent other than teaching and computers?

    1. What a great question, Maya. I would say a talent (more of a curiosity, really) that I am developing is my fascination with pollinators, particularly bumble bees. I took hundreds of pictures of them this summer. My friends sent me pictures bees on their flowers to identify them. Learning about pollinators is one of my best memories of the summer. What about you, Maya, what are your talents or passions?
      ~Ms. Smith

  22. Hello Ms. Smith,
    This video is amazing. It inspires me to do more than I can. Without this I would probably think I cant do things that I actually could do. I think the most important lesson is no matter what you can do anything. Thanks for the awesome video
    Your great friend, Cade

  23. Hi Huzzah,

    I loved the video my favorite part was when they talked about Einstein and Shakespeare, because the failed but they kept practicing now they are famous. I hope to be like that one day do you?

    Your citizen Scott

    1. Dear Citizen Scott,
      As I understand it, fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I think both Einstein and Shakespeare had plenty of challenges along the way. Maybe the goal is to find some satisfaction through learning. I don’t need to be famous. Though mind you, I do feel like a famous rock star every time I solve an algebraic equation or trouble shoot a tech problem…
      ~Ms. S.

  24. Great message in the video, I believe you should always try your best at everything even though it may hurt you both mentally and physically. I wouldn’t be as good at biking if I didn’t try, even though there were lots of days where I was in a lot of pain and didn’t want to, but I still went out, and look where I am now, racing in the Island Cup. So the message really works!!!!

  25. Hi Huzzah,
    I do believe that if you keep your mind set to learning, you will learn. It may take awhile but you will learn something harder than others. You may fail but you can still achieve great things. This video has everything right about it, if you believe you can do it you can, you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it.

    – Yours Truly Teyia

    1. Hi Teyia,
      I agree, that learning some things is more difficult than others. Say, algebra for example. If you believe you can (confidence) and you work to build your skills (competence), bit by bit you will improve.
      Thanks for commenting,
      ~Ms. Smith

  26. Hi Ms. Smith

    I watched the video once, I was thinking thoroughly throughout the video. When I watched the video, I thought about the question and believe the statement (” You can learn anything” ). When I watched it, it reminded me of when I started playing hockey. When I started playing hockey I couldn’t really skate at all!

    Josh I

    1. Hi Josh,
      I still can’t skate, but I know that is because I haven’t tried it enough. I was not successful at math when I was young, but have discovered the art and beauty in it and that has motivated me to learn.~I can picture you “thinking thoroughly” as you are the sort of person who pays attention–I know that trait helps you in hockey, too.
      ~Ms. S.

  27. Hi Ms Smith,
    Great message in this video! I think we should all try our hardest and never give up, that’s how I got so good at mountain biking, if it wasn’t for me crashing practically every time I went out I wouldn’t be racing the Island Cup probably. The Island Cup is a racing series that takes place on Vancouver Island and this is my first year qualifying. I am always getting better, just like the people in the video.

    1. Hi Logan, I know you are a passionate mountain biker so your enthusiasm and desire to practice have made a big impact on your success. Please let me know how the races go for you.
      Keep riding and keep commenting!
      ~Ms. S.

  28. Dear Ms. Smith,
    That video you posted was truly inspiring, it made me feel like I`m not the only person who wants to give up. But if you keep working you can do anything you put your mind to. I think the video is true, what about you, what do you think?
    Sincerely, Lauren

    1. I think that sometimes it depends on how we frame our successes and failures, Lauren. We can back away from an obstacle in our lives and redirect. That’s not failure, that’s being strategic. Our experience with the backchannel for example. I was not happy with the way it went the first time, but I think we can use what went wrong to be more successful next time.
      Thanks for commenting!
      ~Ms. Smith

  29. Hello there Mrs. Smith,
    I like this post and video because it is really inspiring.
    It really tells me that you can do any thing if you try and keep at it.


  30. Hello there Ms. Smith!

    I have to say, I completely agree with this video. absolutely anyone can learn anything. It doesn’t matter if you have the highest IQ, or the lowest IQ, you can learn anything. Failure is unavoidable. Failure will happen no matter what. But that doesn’t mean you cant try again. So yes. I very much believe this.
    Thanks for the great motivation and amazing video!
    With much respect,
    -Renee 🙂

    1. Dear Renee,
      Beautifully said! Can I quote you on that?
      “Failure is unavoidable. Failure will happen no matter what. But that doesn’t mean you cant try again.”
      (I think I just did!)
      Also with much respect,
      ~Ms. Smith

  31. Hey Ms. Smith,
    That was an amazing video, because it is so true. No one starts anything and becomes perfect after the first five minutes. I really enjoyed the parts where they said that Einstein had to count to ten and Shakespeare had to learn the ABC’s at one point or another.

  32. This video is so true, I love all the examples like Albert Einstein and William Shakespeare, when you grow up you can be anything you want

    sincerely Eric =)

  33. Hi Mrs. Smith!
    I totally agree with this video! Nobody gets anything right the first time you try something. You need practice and look up to the good role models around you to help you out. I do think that it’s incredible all of the things that humans have learned in the past thousand years, such as technology, finding cures for diseases, to even just simply the way we use English. I believe that in a couple of years we will even learn more ways to make the world a better place. Do you think that we will improve the world in the next couple of years?
    Can’t wait to blog with you!

  34. Hello Huzzah!
    My name is Aliciahk and I come from Mrs. Donofrio’s class. I would like to say that I do believe that we’re still growing and still learning new things. Here’s my reason, I’m only in the 8th grade and I don’t know how to do calculus or know how to do math using Greek letters and I would fail if I tired. After a while I could probably get it, but I would need a lot of practice. That’s just a part of learning and not everyone’s going to get it right away. I’m not the best at Language arts and fixing grammar (I’m getting there though) yet again that’s still a part of learning. My point is I believe this because there isn’t any evidence that says otherwise. No one is born knowing everything that just doesn’t happen. Once your take that first step, soon you’ll start to fly with knowledge at your feet. My question to you is what are some things that you don’t know?

    1. Hi Alicia, you ask excellent questions! I think we learn a lot just be asking thoughtful questions. Things I don’t know? Well, that is likely an infinite list. I would say I don’t know enough about the ancient Indus Rive civilization. I am very curious about it, though. The had sophisticated infrastructure more than 4000 years ago–yet we don’t know much about how the civilization came to be and why it collapsed. Good thing for me, there are archaeologists doing a lot of work that I can read about online. What about you, Alicia? What don’t you know?
      Thanks again for commenting.
      ~Ms. Smith

  35. Hello Mrs. Smith,
    My name is Evan and I am in Mrs. Donofrio’s class! I have heard many great things about your blog! I really liked your video! I thought it was inspiring because it told the viewers how you can do anything if you just put your mind to it and believe! In fact, I just started a new basketball season and, I feel like that video was telling me to learn more bball plays! Did your video inspire you in any way? Please visit my blog at http://www.evanhk.edublogs.org
    Thank you, ~EVAN

    1. Hi Evan, thank you for putting in the link to your blog. I will be sure to send some readers your way. Yes, I began to think more about the courage of the learner. You have to put a lot of trust in yourself to take the risk to learn. It is not an easy thing to do and I have great respect for that process. I think students are brave people.
      Best wishes with blogging and basketball!
      Ms. Smith

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