Playing with Glocal

We had a bit of artistic play time this week, with some creative results. We used photo manipulation software that we were given many years ago by an organization called Arts Umbrella as part of the Glocal Project. Using the built-in webcam on our Netbooks, we captured images, layered and manipulated them and–Voila! What do you think? What do you notice about these images? Please check out the student blogs for other examples of Huzzahnian creativity.


King and Ace by Evan


Seeing Red by Ethan

Seeing Red by Ethan

Many-Me  by Tengis

Many-Me by Tengis

Hearts by Mia

Heart of Hearts by Mia

Blogging friends, have you ever used photo manipulation software or apps before? Do you like photography? Perhaps you have some tips for us. We look forward to reading your comments.



  1. Dear Ms. Smith and class,
    We really love all the pictures that your class took. We think the idea of changing pictures around is great! The colours and designs look amazing, plus the people in the background it looks incredible!

    Sarah and Sofia

    1. Hi Sarah and Sophia,
      We had a great time with Glocal. I was very impressed with the way students layered their images to make such interesting pictures. I don’t really recognize them–they look like they have been dipped in Koolaid! Thanks for your comment, girls!
      ~Ms. S.

    1. Hi Brayden,
      I know that as a creative person you will come up with new ways to use Glocal when we investigate it again this year. I like those photos, too!
      What do you think we should choose for our image manipulation?
      ~Ms. Smith

  2. I love the style of the pictures! I kinda looks like Photo Booth from the Mac computers. The picture Tengis made is funny. How did you make them? Photoshop? I want to know! Anyway, this is really creative and cool. Maybe, we can do this in the year for Art?


    1. Hi Ethan,
      Glocal is a program that was designed by some digital artists in Vancouver. It has some similarly with Photoshop but with a narrow focus. And yes, we can try it in class–students enjoyed it last year. I think they were all pretty clever. I bet when you use it you will be surprised by what you’ll make.
      Let the adventure begin!
      ~Ms. Smith (fellow adventurer)

  3. Hi Ms. Smith,
    Wow! That is super cool! I love how colorful the pictures are. My favorite is Heart of Hearts. That one is cool plus is has Snoopy from the Peanuts. I hope that we get to do this in the upcoming months. 🙂
    Best wishes.

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