Remembrance Day, 2013

lest we forgetDo you have relatives who now serve in the armed forces? No doubt someone in your family was affected by World War 1 or World War 2–or another conflict since.  Your ancestors may have been soldiers, sailors, air crew–or men, women, and children who lived with war “on the home front”.  Remembrance Day is held at the same time as Veterans Day in the US, but is more like Memorial Day

In Canada, the United Kingdom, and through out the Commonwealth countries, poppies are worn during the days leading up to November 11th as a symbol of our remembrance and respect for those who fought and died in war. It’s also a reminder of how valuable peace is and how we are all responsible for creating a peaceful world.

We got together with our buddies at Climb High and shared our ideas about creating peace. We created this slideshow and presented it as part of our school Remembrance Day assembly.

Making a Peaceful World from Brooklyn Elementary School on Vimeo.

As well, Ryan and Tiana laid a wreath, and Luke, Heather, and Faith read their poems. Other students in our class were part of the choir.  

What do you, your family, and school community do to remember those who have fought in wars? Do you have other advice for ways that children and adults can create a peaceful world?

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  1. Communities all around the state of Florida have a program called operation shoe-box. What people will do is they get a shoe-box from their house and they will fill it up with items that they can’t get where they are fighting . You can fill the shoe-box with candy bars m&m’s, hats etc. Also at our local parish, during the mass they will ask all the Veterans to stand and we will give them a blessing during mass. I can say that donating is a good way to serving a community. World peace is a very hard thing to accomplish yourself but if many people work together you could create something big.
    Do you do anything like operation shoe-?box

  2. Hi Mrs. Smith! To remember those who have fought in wars, my class creates cards for the veterans. We also pray for those who gave up their lives to fight for our freedom. My advice to children and adults to create a peaceful world is to:
    – Put together a gift basket for those who are fighting.
    – Pray for them with a bunch of people.
    – Make some cheerful cards for the veterans with some nice messages.
    Those are just some ways to create a peaceful world and to cheer up anybody fighting as well. Although there is nobody in my family who have fought that I know of, I still respect them. My neighbor was a soldier. This is a great post! I am very curious, though. What is a popper? Visit my blog at

    1. Hi Rainer!
      I am a student of Ms. Smith. Do you mean the popper at 1:36 of the video? All of your ideas are great for making the world a better place. I might make a card for a veteran! My friends dad works for the military so I honor him. A peaceful world is so close yet so far. Thank you for this comment and I will visit your blog! Ciao!

  3. Hey Hazzah,
    I loved your idea of using your hands for all the messages you sent out through your video. How do you think some of you follow those statements? Are you a good friend, how? Do you Forgive people, how? I think that you guys are fantastic at coming up with constructive, unique ideas. Keep it up! I would appreciate it if you would visit my blog.


    1. Hi Heather,
      I am a grade 7 student from Ms. Smith’s class and I have just read your comment on Ms. Smith’s most recent post. Thank you for the complement with the hand idea, it was all Ms. Smith’s idea but oh well. I know that I am a good friend because I tell the truth and I am very trustworthy. I forgive people because I know that everyone makes mistakes because we are all human.
      I hope you have a great day!
      ~ Heather

  4. Hi Huzzah!
    I think the way you used your hands to show your message was very creative and inspiring, also, I didn’t know that Canadians wear poppies to show respect for veterans. That is a very nice way to represent your reverence for them.
    My grandfather is a veteran. I don’t know what war or where he fought, but I know he was a radio technician and fixed up some other things too. He said that after a couple of weeks he got used to being without his family, but it was great coming home to a huge feast just for him.
    I don’t know the exact and perfect way to create peace in the world, but I could sum up a few ideas, but I will have to think about that. It is a very serious issue and I don’t think I can actually make a concrete and successful idea to solve the topic. Even if I can’t imagine up an idea, I bet you guys can. What are your ideas to create world peace?

    1. Hi Audrey,

      I am in grade 6 in Ms. Smith’s class. Thanks for that compliment of that video. Also I cool to learn new things every day in our life right. Another thing that must be cool if one of your relatives was a veteran because my great, great uncle was one I think because he was in the 1st world war I believe so. That’s okay if you don’t know what you would say to make peace on a hands. I think that if people want peace they would smile often, be helpful and lots more. If you can would you tell me what your idea would be to make peace for the world.

      ~ Shayne

  5. Hello Huzzah,

    In our school community, we honor those who have fought in wars by praying for their wellbeing and for their souls. We also show our appreciation for them by thanking them in letters that are sent to those veterans who are sick, in our local hospital. I think one way humans can create a more peaceful world is by learning to be tolerant to those around them. Another way, is teach people the consequences of violence, even in its smallest forms.

  6. Hi Huzzah! My name is Brooke and I am from Mrs.Donofrios class. My Grandpa fought in WWII and my cousin is in the Air Force. In my family we put a little American Flag to remember all who fought for our country. I think we should all have peace in the world. If we help out our community it shows that we care for each other. And that is what I think we should do, help each other out. Do you and your class help your community sometimes?

    Bye Now!
    Lil Brooke

  7. Hey Huzzahnians,
    My name is Cogan from Hey Kids! My dad and my grandpa are both veterans and I am thankful that they are still here today. My dad tells stories about his time in the service and I call my grandpa and I wish him a happy veterans day.

    My school prays for the veterans, and the community puts little American flags in the grass along the sidewalk.

    Some ways we can help create a peaceful world is to start small. You have to start with friends and family by being more tolerant and patient because good deeds are contagious. We can also make fundraisers to help those less fortunate than us.


  8. We at Two Thumbs Up liked your Remembrance Day video. We think it is a great idea. Maybe we could do this activity together for our Anti-Bullying day in February?

    1. Hi Mrs. Green and the Two Thumbs Up kids,
      We would love to do a project with you–especially since we have perfected writing on our hands!
      Yours truly,
      The Huzzahnians

  9. Hi Huzza, my grandpa was in the air force. He tells me stories about when he was their. At my school we did a project, where we had to interview a veteran.Of coarse I did my grandpa. I wanted to thank you for your great blog. I like your posts, pictures, and videos. I wanted to just tell you that I am voting for you on the student blogging challenge. I looked through lots of blogs and I liked your creative writing the best.Why I like it is because it is very eye catching. The writing is also describes things well. Thank you for your time on this blog it is great and I hope to see more exciting posts.

  10. Hello Ms. Smith
    I agree that its up to us to make the world peaceful. If we don’t respect it we cant believe it. This video is very inspiring and makes you think how amazing our life is because of what people did for us. Not everyone thinks they have a purpose in the world but if we took all of those people out, there would be no one left and our world would be empty.

    1. Amy, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I agree with you that we all need to find our purpose, and that our lives are about searching. By under standing who we are, perhaps we all can contribute to building a peaceful world. What do you think?
      ~Ms. S.

  11. Hi Mrs. Smith, This post in nice for Remembrance Day and forgiving. I really like all the nice things those students are saying.
    Bye Cameron

    1. Hi Cameron, I was very moved be the thoughtful, peaceful messages of the students. It was great working with buddies. I hope you enjoy working with buddies this year.
      ~Ms. Smith

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