The Over/Under Challenge

(This post was co-authored by Heather and Mia.)

Hello, visitors to Huzzah!

We have been challenged by Mr. Toft’s class in Ottawa, Canada to do something fun: the Over/Under Challenge. We’re showing you our completed challenge. You’ll have to watch the video to see how high we got! We have also challenged our buddy class (Ms. Bulger’s at Climb High!) to do the same challenge and we hear they are pretty fast.

You’ll notice in our video that we mess up our count in two places–counting too quickly and then too slowly. If you don’t think our final count is accurate, try turning off the audio to check our count. You’ll also notice some of us wore silly pants. That helped us a lot. 🙂

For those of you who are confused about what we are talking about, we will tell you what the over/under challenge is all about. The rules of the challenge is to pass the ball in a circle with the pattern of over and under. You are not allowed to drop the ball or throw it to other people otherwise you have to restart. The object of this whole challenge is to pass the ball as many times as you can within the time span of one minute. You have to make an UNEDITED video of your class doing the over/under challenge.

Happy Huzzahnians!

Happy Huzzahnians!

We hope to see your completed over/under challenge videos–please tell us in a comment if you try it.

Good luck!


  1. Greetings Ms. Smith,
    I’m really glad that we won the challenge, well, so far. I wonder how many more classes are competing in the challenge. It’s amazing how many kids will do that for fun!!

  2. Hi Mrs.Smith,
    This looks great! I think we did a great job of getting the ball over and under. We helped out our each other quite a bit and worked well as a team. I think we deserve the score we got because we all worked hard to get there. Do you think we deserved the score we got?

    1. Hi Tiana, maybe “deserve” is the wrong word. I would expect that older students would be more a little faster than younger students. But we did practice and encourage each other. So, in that sense we were industrious enough to be successful. What I enjoy is looking at the way each student turns around to see how the ball moves.
      To top of the fun, it also connected us with other bloggers around the world. Win-win!
      ~Ms. Smith

  3. Hello Huzzah! My boys and girls (Our Forest) loved the idea of your ‘Over-Under’ challenge. We watched your video a couple times to see what strategies you used. Today we tried it in the gym a few times. We were able to get up to 31 in one minute. We will probably practice a few more times next week before we video-record and make it official! Thanks for sharing this great team-building idea!

    1. How exciting, Mrs. Twin! We look forward to seeing what you and your Forest students come up with. You might want to visit Mr. Toft and his students to see what they came up with. I hope you hav a lot of fun blogging this year. We will come back regularly and read to find out what you are up to.
      Take care,
      Ms. Smith.

  4. Hello Huzzahnians,
    My name is Evan, I go to Epiphany Cathedral School. My favorite hobby is baseball. I love your post “Over and Under”! I don’t even think I could do that many over and unders. Hey, whats your favorite thing to do as a class? Please keep posting videos like this on your blog! Thank you.

  5. Hi Ms. Smith,
    The video turned out fantastic. I thought it was lots of fun doing the over under challenge, especially with the goofy pants! It is crazy that we got 61 passes in one minute. We had to use teamwork to get it done. I think when we stopped being distracted we did better. Do you agree? Anyways it was very fun. Thank you to Mia and Heather for co-writing this post you did a great job!

    1. Yes, Logan, when we decide we want to get a job done, we get it done. Thanks for complimenting Heather and Mia–I appreciate the work they put into this post.
      ~Ms. Smith

  6. My class enjoyed watching your video. We found it tricky to count at the “correct” speed as well. We have to admit, however, that while we knew that many classes were likely going to beat our score, it’s still at little sad to see it beat!

    Oh, and we liked the goofy pants!

    Thanks for inviting your buddy class. It’s cool to see how ideas spread.

    We look forward to making more challenges and finding other ways to connect with you.

    1. Hi Mr. Toft,
      Where would we be without the kids from your class? I think it takes a lot of courage to put out a challenge that includes “the big kids”, too. You are a creative bunch and we are grateful!
      Many thanks to you.
      ~Ms. S.

  7. Dear Ms. Smith

    I think we did great in the over under challenge and I especially like the photo everyone enthusiastic . I really like Carlos in the photo.


  8. Hi Ms.Smith

    I think that we did pretty well in the over/under challenge that Mr. Toft showed us. It was really fun and I think Ms. Buglers class will have fun too. I’m looking forward to the weekend though. What about you? <3


  9. Hi Ms. Smith I really liked the over/under challenge and I was wondering if we could do it again. But if not its OK because it gets really tiring.


  10. Your picture with all the students look great, the kids look pretty cool. What is the kids name with the shirt over his head?

    Jackson B.

  11. Dear Ms.Smith,
    Thanks for replying to me .By the way I always wondered what it was like to be a teacher.
    Braedon G

  12. I think the over under challenge is realy cool. It seems pretty cool exept I don’t fully understand what the point is. By the way, love the picture.

  13. Dear Jan Smith,
    I’m kind of new at blogging,so…how long have you been blogging?I also like the U Tube video you and some kids did with basketball.My basketball season is starting.Can you give me some good hints on exercising for basketball or any sports?Thanks again.Your new blogger,
    Jordan B

    1. Hi Jordan,
      I have been blogging for about 5 years. My hints for getting better at basketball would be to watch other players, try to emulate them and spend a lot of time shooting baskets. Let me know if that advice helps at all.
      Ms. Smith

  14. Hey Ms. Smith,

    This is so looks so fun! We should do it for P.E this year. I also did this at my old school and we got 36. Don’t know why, don’t talk about it. Also, why do students have their shorts up?

    ETHAN P 🙂

    1. Funny that you observed that about the shorts, Ethan. It was just a sully day in Smarthlandia–they were just being goofy. We should try that again and see if there are any other team challenges we can try.
      ~Ms. Smith

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