Marmots and Agents and Hair–Oh My!

We're not in Kansas anymoreLike Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz who was wide-eyed at the thought of “Lions and Tigers and Bears–oh my!”, my eyebrows are up as I read the engaging posts on Huzzahnian blogs. Just click your heels and click a link…

       There’s no place like blogs, there’s no place like blogs…

  • Are you a remote control buff? Visit Trevor‘s Blog.
  • On both Noah and Jacob‘s blog you’ll find great food reviews–burgers or bbq, anyone?
  •  Maddy tells you about a hair disaster.
  • Animals with hooves? Giraffes, donkeys, zebras frolic on Bailee, Kehana, and Jenna‘s blogs
  • Want to read about more unusual animals? Brendan, LiamKenzie, and Monica
  • Kyle talks about an animal you find everywhere.
  • Julia describes snowboarding
  • On Bekkam‘s blog you’ll read about his problems with pencils.
  • Reece tells you about his top 10 favourite dogs
  • Ever heard of Dr. Who? Let Roxanne tell you about him.
  • Sam tries her first zoom post–she wants your ideas, too.
  • Sophie discusses favourite seasons.
  • Got some random questions? Nicole is looking for your thoughts.
  • Favourite bands are discussed by Melanie and Kaiden.
  • Furry friends? SummerCole, Josh, and Spencer talk about them.
  • More good news about good deeds is shared by Adena.
  • Tristan reviews the video game Spore.
  • Becky writes poetically about fish.
  • Do you have an artistic side? So does Elysa.
  • Finally, want a little fiction? Chelsey is beginning a Secret Agent saga.
So, follow the yellow brick road to some terrific posts, and why not leave a comment or two? Do you have a great post for us to read? Let us know–and leave a link–in a comment. 

Photo Credit: Here’s Kate via Compfight cc


  1. Goodspeed Huzzahnians!
    We have today off here in the United States as we are remembering the efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Civil Rights movement. When we get back to school, you can be sure we will visit your wonderful blogs. My kids have just begun their own blogs, and I am in the process of adding them to our class blog. So far, I have three done, and the rest will follow soon. We are looking forward to blogging with you again! Thanks for all the neat topics and ideas in your blogs. I’m sure they will inspire us. And what a fun picture of the ruby red slippers! Giraffes, and donkeys, and zebras…oh my!
    ~Mrs. Donofrio

    1. Hi Mrs. Donofrio, I should have paid closer attention to the calendar. Martin Luther King Day is often a day that Americans do volunteer work, as I understand it. It was also the day of your president’s inauguration for a second term–a busy day all around. We look forward to seeing your student blogs pop up, and we will be ready to read.
      ~Ms. Smith

  2. We are on the move in the blogging world. Monday is our day in the computer lab, so we missed out this week due to the holiday, but some of my fabulous students are investigating on their own, and I am proud and happy to report that you can find photos and new posts, done without any encouragement from me, on the blogs of Louis, John, Lil’ Brooke, and Johnny. Michaela included a link to a YouTube video in her newest post. By Monday you will see lots of new posts, and your students will have comments from us on their own blogs as well.
    Hip, hip, hooray!
    We’re blogging away!
    Looking forward to a Skype visit. I’m thinking we are three hours ahead of you. Are you on the same time as California? Another new blogging friend, Mrs. Chonody, wants to visit our classroom, and I thought it would be very neat to Skype with you while she is here. She has lived in Pakistan and Nigeria and wants to share some stories with us. Our classroom walls are flattening! Let us know what dates work for you, and we will ready for our next adventure.
    So glad to hear about Nelson as well. If he heard a small roar this morning, we were cheering in Florida.
    Mrs. Donofrio

    1. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
      On Monday your bloggers will find some comments waiting for them. Be sure to check your spam traps too, as we were blogging quickly and have and suspect some comments were “trapped”. Your plan for a Skype visit sounds great. We’re looking forward to watching this blogging connection grow.
      Thank you for your support of Nelson. He is feeling great these days and hoping for a quick return of his hair.
      Ms. Smith

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