Do Good.

We have the power to do good in the world. Through small deeds of kindness to more profound change, kids and adults can make a difference. Here is our motto this year:


We built this message together, first by designing and colouring puzzle pieces with images of people–young people–making a difference. Some messages are about being honest and kind, some messages are about respectful or responsible action, and some are about caring for animals and the environment.

Once complete, students had to put pieces together–in silence. This involved a lot of gesturing and flapping, and I have to say I was very entertained. They completed the puzzle more quickly than I expected. Here’s what the process looked like:

So, tell us: how do you do good in the world?


  1. Hi it’s Hannah.
    I absolutely love your blog. You have a lot of great comments on the do good post. I like that you guys all worked together to design a colorful message to people. I am definitely inspired to do a good deed now.
    Love you’re friend blogger,

    1. Dear Hannah,
      What a lovely, kind comment! Encouraging people (as you have just done) is a great way to Do Good. I am grateful you took the time to write.
      Love, your fellow blogger, Ms. S.

  2. Hi it’s Anthony,
    I really like your blog a lot because they always give out positive messages like Do Good!!! Also I really like how you made the Do Good! I will definitely go do a good deed right now.

    1. Good morning, Anthony!
      The good news about good deeds is they are not that hard to do–a little change in attitude and a little effort go a loooong way. You may be surprised at the difference you make. 🙂
      Thanks for visiting,
      ~Ms. S.

  3. Hi I”m Heather,

    I am a 7th grader in Mrs. Donofrio’s class. I really like your idea of the “Do good” poster and assembly. I think that by making a point to do good will spread and inspire people that visit your awesome blog. Putting the puzzle pieces together in silence is a great teamwork exercise. Keep working hard.

    1. Hi Heather, what a pleasure to meet you through blogging. You are very observant and articulate. I am very proud of the silent collaboration my students accomplished–it’s harder than you would think. Yes, we will keep working hard, and I am certain you will too.
      Best wishes,
      Ms. S.

  4. Hi, I think this is a really great idea to make the words do good into good things you should do for others. I really liked how you put the pieces together silently. I bet it was fun to see everyone wave thier hands around trying to get something. I also liked the slideshow of the whole process of making it. I think it’s going to make alot more kids do good things.

    1. Hi Molly,
      I think “doing good” is natural for us, but sometimes kids just need opportunities and support to be successful. I think my students are spontaneously organizing something…more on that soon.
      I appreciate you taking time to read and comment–I hope you and your classmates have an excellent week.
      ~Ms. S.

  5. Wow, that really is an inspirational motto to go by, to do good for others. Anytime, Anywhere. That is a good thing for a whole class to go by. Well good luck with your motto.

    -Nick, from “hey kids”

  6. Hey, this is a cool way to do good. There so many ways to do good like help people, donate, and just help make the world great. What good ideas are u going to do? I guess this good bye.

    1. Hi Donovan, I believe the class is planning a bake sale and we will be doing a family care package, too.
      Thanks for visiting,
      Ms. S.

  7. Hi!
    I think its great you guys have a class motto! Even though “Do Good” may sound simple, it has a a big meaning. Its important to always remeber to help somebody and even one good deed could make someone’s day better.
    ~Michaela (from Mrs.Donofrio’s class)

    1. Yes, Michaela, one good deed does make a difference. I have found it quite powerful to see how someone’s face change when you give them genuine, sincere feedback about why you appreciate them.
      Thanks for visiting,
      Ms. S.

  8. Hi!
    My name is Brooke and I am in Mrs.Donofrio’s seventh grade class! I was looking at your blog and I came across your “do good” motto was a great thing. It’s great for inspiring to kids my age to do good deeds. I’m sure it’s really going to get kids going and do really great things for our world everyday! I really love your blog keep up the great work Huzzah!

    Your friend at hey kids,

    1. Hi Brooke, thank you for your encouragement–I see that you already know how to “Do Good”.
      Thanks for visiting,
      Ms. S.

  9. Hi Mrs. Smith,
    I think this ‘Do Good’ project is a great idea! I think doing good is something we all should try to embed in kids like us. I bet trying to put the pieces together in silence must have been hard! I know it would be for my class! The poster looks great! I hope you have a great weekend! I will keep you and your son in my prayers!


    1. Hi Louis,
      Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and your concerns about my son. I am glad you like the poster and its message. Having it hanging at the front of the room means we have a daily reminder.
      Thanks for visiting,
      Ms. S.

  10. Hello fellow Huzzahians!
    My super amazing name is Zeth! I totally love the DO GOOD poster! I love how this poster teaches kids, both young and old, to do the right thing all the time. I would say this is a great goal to strive for. I will try my best to also make this my very own goal. See, I’m in the sixth grade, just starting middle school, and striving to do my best in EVERYTHING I do, both in life and and school. Thanks for the boost in my day!

  11. Hi, I think that this is one awesome project! I think that we should do this at our school. I love how you did it with puzzle pieces and colored them in and put them all together. Doing good is an essential thing in life if you want to be appreciated by anybody. I am in 8th grade in Mrs. Donofrio’s class and we all really like your blog.


    1. Hi Christian, what I like most about your blog is you, the students. It’s really clear to me that you have learned the essentials of blogging really quickly. Your comments are such a pleasure to read. I would love it if your classes also use Do Good as your motto.
      Thanks for visiting,
      ~ Ms. S.

  12. Hi Huzzah, my name is Julyssa. I am in Mr.Miller classroom. I like your motto: Do Good. I like the message you gave in your post. I also like that you said that kids and adults can make a difference. I love you blog theme because the colors match it. I really like this post and the message you gave.
    Your friend,

    1. Hi Julyssa, thank you for your encouraging, specific comments. You are obviously learning a lot about being an effective blogger. Yes, adults and kids make a difference by every little action every day. I am glad you appreciate the message.
      Thanks for writing,
      ~Ms. S.

  13. Hi Huzzah,

    My name is Hannah, however I am not the same Hannah that commented on your blog earlier. I think that it is neat to have something like what you are doing, and to put that on the internet will probably show the world that your class is awesome. I have never heard of an idea quite like this do you think that my father might use an idea similar to this with his students? I also liked the video you put in there; I believe that my father would find your website really fantastic. By!


    1. Hi Hannah,
      Of course your father–or anyone for that matter–can use this idea. Do Good in all its many forms is a universal idea–and what ever strategy people use to remind themselves to be their better selves is all right by me.
      Thanks for visiting, Hannah!
      ~Ms. S.

  14. Hi I’m Michelle. I’m in Mr.Millers class. I help my grandma every time I go to Mexico. I help her around the house or help her sale homemade bread. I love my grandma and I want her to be here forever. I like helping my grandma if not my grandpa. I help him clean the backyard. I love helping my grandparents. This is my blog address. Hope you can visit.

    1. I really love what you have to say about your grandparents, Michelle. You are fortunate to live so close to them. I can imagine the smiles on their faces when they get to spend time with you. What a great way to do good.
      Thanks for visiting,
      ~Ms. Smith

  15. Hey do gooders Matt here I love your poster when I first came to my school all the new kids colored a puzzle piece. When we all turned them in we had a puzzle and it said faith. It was really cool it looked funny because every one colored it different.
    I thought it was really cool. It had blue green pink purple and so many different colors. Speaking of blue what lake do you live near and is it blue or muckey.


    1. Hi Matt, I have done the puzzle piece idea before. We put them all around the classroom, linking our students together. They were unique pieces, but belonged together.
      About your question: we live on the Strait of Georgia, attached to the Pacific Ocean. It tends to be dark grey and cold, but full of beautiful sea life.
      Our main lake is Comox Lake which is cold and deep as it is fed by a glacier. How about you–any lakes nearby?
      I appreciate that you visited us, Matt.
      Keep blogging,
      Ms. Smith

  16. Hi I’m Chase. I think thats a great project! I also think we should do something like this at our school. Chosing to do good is always the right choice. I’m in 8th grade in Mrs.Donofrio’s class, and we like your blog. Hope you can visit our blog!

    1. Thanks Chase. I see your blog has just launched. I hear from Mrs. Donofrio that you do many great things at your school. I will be watching out for your fist post so I can leave you a comment.
      ~Ms. Smith

  17. Hi Mrs. Smith
    I remember that bake sale. That bake sale had some pretty good treats that were so good. just thinking about them makes my mouth water. I wonder if the grade 7’s are going to do a bake sale this year too?

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