1. Hello Ms.Smith’s class!! My name is Daisy and I’m from Mr.Miller’s 7th grade AVID class. First of all I love your blog theme. I was looking through your blog and I saw this video.This video is cool.I love those sketches you put in the background.Did your students draw them? If they did there pretty awesome compare to my drawings.My favorite drawing is the first one with the dinosaur drawings.Well bye…….for now.


    1. Hi Daisy,
      Thank you for the compliment about the Me and My Shadow art–yes, students did their own backgrounds. They also chose their photo poses which was really the source for the design. I bet you could do this sort of drawing–give it a try and post it on your blog!
      Thanks for writing,
      ~Ms. S.

  2. Hello HUZZAH I love your me and my shadow video it really moved me.I like how each student and his or her own shadow and none of them are the same.Thanks for sharing I loved it.

    1. Hi Alicia–thank you for taking the time to visit. I too like how none of these is the same–each student had a unique idea.
      Thanks for visiting,
      ~Ms. S

  3. Hi Huzzahnians. I am Andre from Mrs. Braidwood’s class and I’m in grade 7. I like the pictures of the ”Me and My Shadow” because everyone is posing in a way that looks really close to the shadow. How do you put the picture that was drawn and the student together in the same photo?

    1. Hi Andre, thank for asking. First, I took a photo and then printed it in black and white. Students cut them out carefully and glued them on before drawing the baseline for the build, wall, or other flat object. I hope to see your “Me and My Shadow” drawings pop up on your blogs soon!
      Thanks for visiting,
      ~Ms. Smith

  4. The shadow pictures are amazing. They are so creative and expressive. I love how they are each unique. The personalities of the students show through. Each of them looks happy and a bit precocious. Wow. As a former art teacher and appreciator of expressive artwork, this is good stuff.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! My students are very creative and do love art. Yes, happy and precocious is a good way to describe them. I will let my students know that their work is appreciated.
      Again, thanks for your kind comment,
      ~ Jan Smith

  5. Hi,

    This is probably one of the coolest pieces of student created art I have ever seen. I will definitely be doing this with my class this week! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Room 3 Carlton School, Wanganui, NZ

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