No Comment? Yes, Comment!

The second essential skill of blogging is commenting.*  It makes blogging a dialogue, not just one way communication.

It requires careful thought, attention to detail, and a compassionate heart. Commenting is the glue that connects bloggers to each other. I asked Huzzahnians to work in teams to show what they know about commenting. They organized their thinking then created visual messages though SlideRocket. They had to consider their essential messages as they had only five slides (as well as title and credit slides) to work with. Here are two of the finished presentations–more to come after final edits.
(Image credits appear on each slide–mouse over the image to see the credit.)



*And here is a news flash: READING, not writing, is the first skill of blogging. Read blogs. Read read read. 

So readers, fellow bloggers, what would you add to our list of commenting guidelines, suggestions, and tips?


  1. Hello Huzzahnians!
    I love your Sliderockets! You are a talented bunch, and I am learning new things from you all the time. I am especially interested in the Sliderocket presentation itself and in the way you attribute your photos. Thanks for helping me learn.
    I am also glad to see the tip about the importance of reading. I agree!
    We have just returned from a four day weekend here in Florida, so we missed our Monday in the computer lab. I will make sure to visit you with my class this coming Monday, though. I know they will be impressed by, and want to learn how to do, Sliderockets. Some of them may drop by on their own before Monday.
    Good speed!
    ~Mrs. Donofrio

    1. Hi again, friendly neighbour!
      We are fortunate that Sliderocket is “bundled” with our student Google Apps accounts. Giving credit for Creative Commons (purposely public and sharable with credit) is an important part of blogging. In Sliderocket the credit appears on the slide automatically, but doesn’t link to the image which is unusual.
      We, as always, look forward to hearing from your students. 🙂

  2. I really liked that slide show you guy’s made. The slide show was really great and it gives great advise about blog posting.I really thought that the banana smile was very funny.keep up the great work guys I’ll be looking forward to the next time I visit.

    1. Hello!
      Thank you for your positive comment. The Huzzahnians really apprectiated it. We love to help people and give them advice, and its nice to know that people are watching and reading our posts. I’m also looking forward to hearing from you again!

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