Have you got what it takes?

We’re hiring! Looking for a few good men  Huzzahnians…

Gorilla Rentals: Now Hiring

Ms. Steak is on the street looking for future Huzzahnians.

The call has gone out and applications for the position of Grade 7 students are pouring  in. Ms. Steak is reviewing each candidate carefully. What do you think–do these applicants have what it takes to be a Grade 7 Huzzahnian?

Some applicants let her know how wonderful they are right away:

  • I would love to apply as a Grade 7 student. I am very amazing and hope I meet your expectations. ~Kaiden
  • I would love to apply for the position of Grade 7 student, just like I did for that unicorn raising job, which was very cool. My friends and family told me I’d do great. (Not really. They just said go to Grade 7.) ~Roxanne
  • I am the best student you’ll ever have (sometimes)…So when I get this job, and I know I will, you will be proud! ~Julia

Many have special talents:

  • I have a great number of eating trophies from the USSR, but sadly I got kicked out for trying to eat the national monument.  ~Kyle
  • If you accept me you will never regret it. I am a genius. I am an awesome cartoonist  and I could make millions if I showed the world my talents. ~Noah
  • One of my qualities is that I am athletic. I play soccer and I make Ronaldo look like he has never touched a soccer ball before. ~Spencer
  • I am also creative and raise unicorns with moustaches in my backyard. Just kidding. See? Creative. ~Adena
  • I am such a fabulous genius. I have created a miniature ferris wheel that can hypnotize anyone, even Superman. ~Tristan

Some have fabulous personalities:

  • I am very easy going so I know, like, legitimately, positively that EVERYONE will like me. I’m not even kidding. Everyone loves me. ~Sophie
  • I am a great role model, and am nice and friendly. I will try my best to work hard and listen. And I have great manners. ~Trevor

A few were making excuses already:

  • I will try my best to listen and work hard but I can’t come to school on all days that end in a Y because I have to make McNuggets at McDonalds. ~Cole
  • You should know that I have very important meetings in NY (New York) and may not get to do homework. ~Chelsey

Some know how to…appeal to Ms. Steak:

  • I would like to, wait, no, LOVE to be a student in your Grade 7 class! It would be an honour. ~Summer
  • You sound like an amazing teacher! I’m very quiet in and out of class and won’t waste your time with stupid questions. ~Melanie
  • All the teachers have said that I have been a very good student and that I listen to the teacher at all times. ~Reece

There were a few perfect students in the pile:

  • I am known as the teacher’s pet. Everyday I will bring and apple for the teacher. NEVER will I be late or miss one day of learning; all my homework will be finished before it is due. ~Kehana
  • I truly believe that I would be a fantastic Grade 7 student because I’m funky fresh and have an extraordinary sense of humour. I also have convinced myself that I have a fabulous voice that I can keep quiet at the right time. ~Josh

Some applicants shared their limitations:

  • I would also like to inform you that my greatest dislike of all is my arch enemy…BROCCOLI (scream). ~Liam
  • My least favourite subject is math because it requires hard work and smartness. ~Bekkam
  • I am amazing at art. It’s just…I have no control over a pencil (I got my mom to write this for me). I have not sense in colour, pictures, or shadowing. But aside from all that, I make a great artist! ~Elysa

Others knew how to wrap it up with a bit of begging:

  • So, Ms. BBQ–I meant Ms. Steak, I hope you will accept me as a great Grade 7 student. ~Monica
  • I hope my good manners, leadership skills, and awesome personality will help you make the right decision for this awesome job! ~Maddy
  • I have just informed you of all the reasons why you should let me into Grade 7. I hope you don’t make a “mistake” and not pick me. ~Becky

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So the pressure is on. Ms. Steak is finalizing her list of new hires for the 2012 – 2013 team. What do you think? What qualities should she be looking for in her new students? Leave us a comment, we’ll let her know.


  1. Hello Huzzahnians!

    I am a middle school teacher in Venice, Florida, with a 7th grade homeroom. If Mrs. Steak, a.k.a. Mrs. BBQ, won’t hire you, come on down to Florida, and I will be happy to interview you in person. I am looking for some creative, unicorn loving types who have soccer skills that make Ronaldo look like he’s never touched a soccer ball. Skills in listening and keeping one’s magnificent voice under control are especially helpful. I would also be interested in purchasing the ferris wheel which hypnotizes anyone. I assume it works on students who have not yet learned the listening and voice control skills typical of the Huzzahnians.
    We are in our first weeks of blogging, and we could use some help from other middle schoolers. We don’t pay too well, but we’re a friendly bunch who detests broccoli. In the interest of full disclosure, we also have some issues with controlling our pencils; they seem to break in half at inopportune moments and then hurl themselves to the floor where they remain, trying to camoflage themselves into the rug. We do work on all days that end in “Y”, but we take vacation on days that end with “Z”. We hope some of you apply for the job of 7th grader in Florida! You can apply at: bdonofrio.edublogs.org

    Most sincerely,
    Mrs. Donofrio

    1. Good morning, Mrs. Donofrio! Thank you so much for your friendly, entertaining comment. I am sorry to say that you will not be able to hire these students as Ms. Steak has hired the lot.I know my kids would love to spend time with you and your students in Florida–just a hop and a skip from where we live. In the mean time they will just have to visit your blog. And what an impressive blog you’ve launched–already so skillfully managed at a young (blogging) age.
      We just started school so this year’s new bloggers have yet to begin commenting. But I have added you to our blog role and I expect you’ll have visitors from Canada soon.
      Best wishes to you and your students,
      Ms. Smith
      (Administrative Assistant to Ms. Steak)

  2. That is so cool!!!! I love the world apple with a bite out of it 🙂 And those views are amazing!!!!! u guys have sooooo many views i cant even see Europe!!!!! 🙂 Are address for are website is bdonofrio.edublogs.com. Please post a comment it would help us so much cause we just started our website and we would love to have you on ours!!!!!!!

  3. That is a very interesting blog post! Your 7th graders are hilarious! I have just started middle school…it is fun. How many of you made the cut?

    1. Hi Dia, twenty nine lucky people made the cut and are these year’s crops of Huzzahnians. Ms. Steak is pretty happy. I hope Mrs. Donofrio is aware of how lucky she is to have you and your classmates. You are very positive people.

  4. Wow. This is an extremely impressive blog, and sure seems like there’s a whole lot of creativity and humor in your class! Any-who I’m supposing some top notch kids are in your classroom this year. I’m also excited to see what’s in store for seventh grade in my school. Whelp, have fun with your huzzahnians!

    1. Hey, Nicholas, thanks for your kind compliments about the Huzzahnian crew. Yes, they are pretty darn great. I hope your grade 7 year is full of inspiration for you. We’ll chat again on your class blog soon.

  5. Hey Huzzuahnians!

    I am a 7th grader in Mrs.Donofrio class. I loved the whole idea about hiring your students for your blog. Some of the answers that your students gave were very entertaining to my classmates and I. Like the unicorns with mustashes and not going to school on days that end with Y because of making Mcnuggets and McDonalds.

    I think some qualities for the job would be, good listening and following directions. With some humor in there because everyone could use a great laugh! I would love to be part of your Huzzahnians blog, if possible.

    Please come and visit our blog http://www.bdonofrio.edublogs.org.


    1. Hi Mercedes, you are welcome to be an honourary Huzzahnian. It sounds to me like you have a lot in common with my students. I completely agree that humour is an essential requirement in a student. We will pop by your class blog shortly.

  6. Hello ,
    My name is Hannah and I am in Mrs . Donofrio’s 7th grade class . Your students have quite an imagination . I would love to see a unicorn with moustache ! I think Mrs. Steak should look for a class that will wan’t to learn. I hope that the new huzzahnians make a great class.
    – Hannah

    1. Hello, Hannah. I am in 100% agreement. I am certain that Ms. Steak wants to work with students who want to learn. This crew does look enthusiastic, so I think we are on the right track.

  7. Greetings Hazzahnians!

    I am a student in Mrs. Donofrio’s 7th grade class. I love this! Your students are very creative. You must of had a hard time choosing out of all these funny and talented kids! This was very entertaining to read with my classmates and I. My teacher, Mrs. Donofrio, and many the students think the unicorns with mustaches is our favorite!

    I think some of the qualities for the job would be creativeness and helpfulness. Also the students should express their humor, and, at the same time, have self control and be respectful.

    I am sure you have already visited our school blog, seeing we are on your blogging friends list. We will be doing some very exciting things this year.

    I hope you have a great class this year and get all the apples one of the students said they would give you.

    1. Hmm, Sadie. I think I will recommend that she use you your ideas in the job description in coming years. I look forward to reading about the exciting things you and the other kids get up to. Yes, apples are great–though I love chocolate, too!

  8. Dear Ms. Steak and the 7th grade Huzzahnians,
    Adena, I love the fact that you are raising unicorns with mustaches in your back yard! Ms. Steak, the picture of the door mat made me smile. You and all of your class really have a great sense of humor. All of your blogs are interesting and really fun to read. I plan on visiting your blog often for more funny and amazing blogs. Congratulations on your 42,440 viewers!

    1. Hello William, I am Kyle. Thanks for the comment. I don’t know if I’ll make it with my Russian eating trophies and all. But I think you are a great guy for our class and Ms. Steak would love to hire you, if you would like to join.
      Bye Bye

  9. I really love your blog! Your 7th graders are really funny! Unlike Liam, I happen to love broccoli! I really enjoy playing volleyball and lots of other sports. My favorite subject is math and I also like English. I hope you will chose me as one of your huzzahnians! Please post a comment on bdonfrio.edublogs.org. We would really appriciate that!


    1. You are hired, Erin! I also like broccoli. I am rather too short to be any good at volleyball, but many of my students are very good at it. The most beloved sport here is soccer. Many boys play and watch hockey, too. We will come and comment as a class soon!

  10. Hello Huzzahnians,
    This is my favorite blog post by far! I love the idea of hiring 7th graders, I am now an 8th grader. I was not a 7th grader but 3 months ago, I was not hired I just had to pass. My favorite thing about this blog post is, how all the students listed why the wanted to be part of your class. How many made it? I hope they do well, it’s a hard job being a 7th grader! I made it though, with the help of my 7th grade teacher Mrs.Donofrio. She was so energetic at 8:00 in the morning, she had everyone wide awake by 8:15. We love her, she also has a blog you should check it out bdonofrio.edublogs.org. She has some pretty amazing stories to tell. Well I wish all your 7th graders the best of luck! Bye for now!
    Sincerely, Kelsey.

    1. Hello Kelsey,
      This is Chelsey. I am glad to hear that this is your favorite blog so far. We will try to make others think that way as well. I don’t know how many made it, but I hope all of us did. I found it hard just being in grade 6! But I hope to make it through grade 7 as well as grade 8. If Ms. Steak doesn’t accept me, I’ll be sure to go to Mrs. Donofrio instead of trying again. In the meantime, you should check out my blog at http://chelseyhz3.edublogs.org/
      Hope to hear from you again soon!

  11. You have an amazing blog! I hope I can be one of your huzzahians. I love to watch all different sports, but I love to play vollleyball. My favorite subjects are math, english, and religion. Thank you! Hope to see you on our blog soon!!

    1. Thanks for your compliment, Emma! You would of course be welcome as a Huzzahnian. You sound like a terrific student. Hope you have a great year.

  12. I also, like Erin love broccoli! I have an obsession I think. I don’t play many sports, I do horseback ride though it is a way for me to let go and just have fun. I love Math and Science and I really enjoy reading! I think that I would be great if you hired me!!! Check out bdonfrio.edublogs.org.

    1. Hi Christina, I am thrilled to hear you are a math and science fan. You are hired! We are about to launch into chemistry. I am looking forward to our unit on ecosystems in the spring as we live next to beautiful woods. We will chat on your blog soon!

  13. Dear Mrs. Smith,
    I have been browsing your blog today and I just love how creative the applications for hazzahnians were! My favorite post was about the unicorns with the mustaches. Unicorns happen to be my favorite mythological creature! I would also like to apply for the hazzahnians considering that I would be an amazing addition to the team! My favorite subjects in school are math and science. I don’t really play sports but I am dancer and I also enjoy to play the piano and violin.
    Please visit our blog at bdonofrio.edublogs.org


    1. Looks like this moustachioed unicorn thing has stuck a nerve. I am not sure how attractive they would be. We have quite a few musicians in our midst– I hope you will get to know them.

  14. Dear Mrs. Steak,

    I am in the eight grade class at Epiphany Cathedral School, I love sports and I recently did the Venice Triathlon with my friend Jesse, so I’m very athletic. I have type one diabetes so I understand health very well. I consider myself as a nice person, and have lots of friends. My best friend Mac, and I play football for our school, we also do lots of other sports including, soccer, basketball, and we go to our family YMCA every once and a while. On weekends, I love to hang out with my friends and we go to our city’s basketball courts almost every weekend. I look foward to hearing back from you! Thanks! ~Jace

    1. Jace! What a busy, busy life you lead! Do you have time to breathe? My brother has type one, so I know that you have to stay very organized and healthy to stay on top on your health. I look forward to learning more about you and your classmates.

  15. I like the blog post it is very cool! I enjoyed the seventh grade comments they are all very funny I laughed the first time I read them. Please comment on our blog.

    1. Hi Bandon, thanks for your comment! I left a comment for Mrs. Donofrio earlier today. My students will soon drop by with comments of their own!

  16. Dear Mrs. Steak,
    I’m in eighth grade student of Mrs. Donofrio (commented on first). I am sorry I didn’t make the cut early enough. I had some computer problems. Well, let me tell you about myself. I play the sports football, soccer, and basketball. Running cross-country is my favorite sport. On September 15, I ran a 5k and place fist in my age category.

    I also like to eat a lot and everything (even broccoli). Hopefully I can get some USSR eating trophies, like Kyle. I am one of the students who can’t control a pencil in Mrs. Donofrio’s class. My favorite subjects are Math, Science, English, and History and I’m smart, but not a genius like Tristan.

    Thank you for commenting on our blog. Please get your students in there at bdonofrio.edublogs.org.


    Michael C.

    1. Hi Michael
      I like to play a lot of sports too. I used to play soccer. But I don’t play it any more. My favourite sports are hockey, soccer, football, basketball, tennis and baseball.
      Thanks for writing,

  17. Dear Mrs. Steak,
    I am in the eighth grade at Epiphany School and I really enjoy your blog. Your students are very funny and creative. My favorite post is “Have you got what it takes” because my class and I all laughed at the creativity of your students. My personal favorite is the one where Roxannne said “I would love to apply for the position of Grade 7 student, just like I did for that unicorn raising job, which was very cool. My friends and family told me I’d do great. (Not really. They just said go to Grade 7.)” I thought that was pretty funny. Hope to hear from you real soon!

  18. It is good that all of the students made it! I was hpoing for you to say that! Have you vistited our site yet? WE would love to have you at bdonofrio.edublogs.org!

    1. Yes, Dia, I have visited your site, but my students haven’t yet. Most are new to blogging and we started school about a month later than you. But don’t worry, we will visit soon.

      1. I’m glad that you have. Did you like it? I myself am new to blogging, but I think it is so fun. I am thinking about maybe making a blog for myself later. I’m only sixth grade, and only recently experienced the awesomeness of blogging. Mrs D is a truly wonderful teacher.

        1. Yes, your blog is terrific, but actually more important (believe it or not) is the quality of the comments from you and your classmates. You have been well taught by Mrs. D. and I know you make her proud. People will flock to your blog. I too have experienced “the awesomeness of blogging”– I am so glad you are hooked.
          ~Ms. S.

  19. Hello Huzzahnians,

    I love your blog and posts. I am in Mrs. Donofrio super seventh grade class. I happen to be Mrs. Donofrio son. I am very athletic, I play baseball. I also consider myself a nice person. I have lots of friends, but my best friend is Frankie. I try to hang out with Frankie on the weekends but we both play baseball and we both play every weekend. I hope you continue to have a succesful blog.

    1. Hi Mitch!

      My name is Summer, I am in Ms.Smith’s seventh grade class.
      Thanks you very much for your comment! Were glad to get the blogs running again.
      You sound like your having lots of fun with Frankie! Is he in your class?
      We’re having loads of fun here at our school. Most people don’t like school, but after a long summer I’m having a great time back here!
      Keep up the great work! -Summer

  20. Hazzah!!

    Hi Hazzahnians,

    My name is Heather, and I’m in Mrs. Donofrio’s seventh grade class. I have been online doing homework and I just came across your blog, and I love it. The idea for the applications is fantastic. Your class like to think out side of the box, now don’t they. I have noticed that you Hazzahnians have been chatting with my school about sports, well as you can tell we do plenty of them. We have a lot of teams but, no I am not on any of them. I do a sport outside of school though. I’m on a swim team, and I have been swimming for 4 going on 5 years this October. I have to go so, tootles. Im sure my class would love it if you could visit our class blog.



    1. Hi Heather, we have a few swimmers in our midst as well. You’ve been at it a while! Did you watch the US Olympic and Paralympic swim teams compete? Quite impressive performances! Yes, the Class of 2013 really does think outside of the box–good thing Ms. Steak hired the lot of them. Thanks for the compliments about our blog.
      ~Ms. S.

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