1. Hi Ms.Smith,

    I’m still alive, don’t worry. I was extremely busy over the summer, traveling and visiting family and friends; I went to Kamloops, Armstrong, I went to the Interior Provincial Exhibition, I learned to surf and Stand-Up Paddle Board in Tofino. I’ve just been all over British Columbia.
    now since school started (Gr.8!!), it has kept me so busy, since I am now going to middle school here, I’m not yet in highschool. Even I don’t believe I’m in Grade 8 now, I remember being at Brooklyn in Grade 3 when the school was still one campus, and looking up at the Grade Six playground thinking “They are so much bigger than me”.
    I miss all you guys so much, but I think now, I am happier here than I was in Comox. I have a lot of nice friends and it’s going pretty good for me here. I want to try to come up there to visit Brooklyn again sometime!


    1. Laina! How great to hear from you–has it really been over year since you flew the coop? Sounds like your life is exciting and fulfilling. I’d love to see your smiling face pop around the door. Please come back for visit any time. We’re on the bottom floor. I know you’ll knock ’em dead in Grade 8–have a super year.
      Hugs, Ms. S.

  2. Cool! I love that amazing photo! you guys worked really hard on this class blog. I love that apple of the world. You guys are are great. I cant believe how many visitors you guys have. i apreccitate your work. great job! sincerely: Tyson Davenport

    1. Hi Tyson, I like the apple photo, too. I find it fascinating what people can do to manipulate images theses days. I appreciate your comment!

  3. That is a great picture of the world for a new school year. I hope you and all your huzzaians have a great school year and visit our blog at bdonofrio.edu.com

    1. Hi Andrew, yes, beyond the “Apple for the Teacher” idea, I think this picture does symbolize getting the most out of every experience. I hope you and your classmates have an excellent year!

  4. Dear Ms.Smith, I really like this apple photo. I think it really symbolizes the start of a new school year! I also think the caption “…the world is yours to savour” is an awesome caption for this picture. It shows that with enough dedication and hard work, anythings possible.

  5. Mrs Smith, That picture is very cool. Did you make it ? Or did you find it online? To me, the picture means all the new worksheets, tests, quizzes and other work is “juicy” compared to last year’s work, which would be less savory. Also, it could mean that all the world’s wonders are just waiting there for us to find, and we need to take a bite out of life to find them out.

    1. No, Dia, I didn’t make it. If you mouse over the image, you’ll see who created the image. I have linked back to the Creative Commons image on Flickr. I like your second idea about the world’s wonders. I don’t think I have ever encountered a tasty work sheet, test, or quiz. They might be a part of learning, just not the deliciousness we crave. Maybe like the vitamins. Necessary, perhaps, but not as enticing as following your own learning passions.
      ~Ms. S.

  6. Hi I am Brendan from Lacombe AB. I think that that is a really cool picture. I noticed that your class is excited for the school year I am too and so are my classmates.

    1. Hi Brendan,
      Lacombe is a great place to come from, as is Alberta. I am very glad to hear that you and your friends are excited about school. We are already having a lot of fun here.
      Thanks for visiting,
      Ms. S.

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