Who had fun on Halloween?

We did!

Halloween is a big favourite in our class. We like the candy, for sure, but we seem to love the costumes more. There was a lot of variety this year and scads of creativity. Notice the homemade costumes and the great ideas for enjoying this spooktacular day.

Did you dress up on Halloween? What costume did you wear? Any funny or spooky stories to share? Maybe you did something different this year…ask Tristan what he did. He says he knows he got less candy than you…find out why. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow, we loved watching this and I think we felt like we missed out, because we didn’t dress up hardly at all 🙁

    We are trying hard to get our blog up and running, please check us out at: http://quirkyteacher.edublogs.org/ and leave lots of comments for my class. This is their first blog experience and they are very keen to hear from others.

  2. Happy Halloween everyone! Did you guys get alot of candy? I did I got ove 100 peices of candy but my sister stole half it! 🙁 Well Christmas is coming soon so i guess !Merry Christmas! Have fun! 😀

    1. Thank you for your happy wishes, Sarah. Seems to me everyone had a great time and really enjoyed their costumes –and the candy, too. I am not ready to think about Christmas just yet….there is so much to do before we get there. Thanks for stopping by, Ms. S.

  3. Cool video/photos, nice costumes, awesome class!
    Lucky, all the people in your class dressed up…
    In our class BARELY anyone did! (at least the quirqyteacher brought CANDY)

    1. Hi Cassidy and Stephanie, I also enjoyed the costumes–there was a lot of variety and creativity. I put links in your comment so you others can visit you blogs.

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