We’ll make it, together.

Stay close. We need each other.

Welcome to a new school year.

Are you excited? Worried? Missing summer already?

Me too. But I know this is the year to make it, together. We have each other, and that’s a lot.

Do you have any advice on making it, together? I bet you do. Please leave a comment…we’d like to learn from you.


Photo Credit: Cute Penguin Couple by John Foster


  1. Hello Huzzahians,

    My advice to you on how to “make it, together” is to be open to all ideas from those around you, share your own ideas with those people, and, as a group, talk out solutions and possible exciting challenges you can do together based on the many ideas shared.
    Welcome to your new school year. I know you will be strong leaders to my grade 3 class when we come together in January.

    1. That is a great idea. You should never be mean to someone no matter what and if someone asks to hangout with you at lunch or recess never say no. Always include them.

      1. I think it is ok to say no to people from time to time, but in a way that is kind, not hurtful. What do you think, Kehana?

      1. Thank you very much for the comment. I am glad that it is your favorite. I was thinking about your question and I think I came up with an answer. If every one did that then it would be a very good world, but no place, I’m afraid is perfect.

        1. I agree with you. I really don’t believe in “perfection” if that means no chance for surprises or difference or innovation. I think the world is a rich place with all our wonderful imperfections.

  2. Hello Ms. Smith! I have to say that I am very excited this year, mainly about blogging. I also miss summer though! My advice on how to make it together is to always be inclusive and don’t make people feel left out.

    By the way, I really like the image you chose for this post!


  3. Hi Mrs.Smith,

    I’m quite sorry I haven’t written on my blog earlier, everything has just been so chaotic with the new move!

    I encourage your new students to come visit and comment on my blog. Though I may not be writing on my blog as much, I want you to know I’m still here! I have been having a great time in Victoria and have made many friends.

    I am looking forward to keeping up with Huzzah! and to seeing what you write next. I will be making a new version about my ‘Where I Live’ post and making more changes on my blog.

    Have a great year and I’ll keep in touch!
    Yours Truly, Laina

    1. Laina! So very wonderful to hear from you! I am glad (but not surprised) that you have made new friends at your new school. I am thrilled that you will continue to write. I will be sending bloggers your way. By the way, your avatar has changed. I will stop in and read your new about me.
      I will keep in touch, too.
      Missing you,
      Ms. S.

    1. Hi Caitlyn, actually I have. I saw them on a beach when I was in South Africa. They were tiny ones–I don’t remember their names. They were lying in the sun and fighting with each other for a spot to sit.

  4. Hello
    I’m from Mrs.Braidwoods class. I’m grade 7 in the Comox Valley and I’m am blogging with my class. It’s my first time blogging.
    I really love learning and reading your blog.
    How was your summer?

    1. Hi Savanna, thanks for asking. I have a strong feeling that you will love blogging–it’s a satisfying, rewarding way to connect with people all over the world. I had a fabulous summer, particularly August, when I went kayaking on the West Coast. Summer seems so long ago now, doesn’t it?
      Happy blogging,
      Ms. S.

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