How do you see the world?

Guest post by Jane and Laina

You’ve eaten breakfast, brushed your hair, and made your lunch. Now you’re standing on the corner of the sidewalk on your way to school, looking at the straight road that stretches ahead of you, its sides appearing to meet and disappear far, far off. It’s called one point perspective and it means that parallel lines appear to come together in the distance. It also means that objects and buildings look less detailed and colorful the farther away they are.

Perspective drawing is challenging.

It’s easy to draw flat things on flat paper, but it is harder to create the illusion of three dimensions on paper.

Our class went on a mini field trip…so mini, in fact, that it was just out into our hallway. Examining the ceiling tiles, lights, lockers, and floor tiles, we noticed that they seemed to changes in size, distance apart, and detail the further away they were from us. When our classmate, Laina, ran down the hall, it was as if she started to shrink! This was perspective at work.

Two other students show you what perspective looks like in our halls.


We summarized the following rules of perspective:

  • objects in the distance appeared smaller than objects closer to us
  • parallel lines came together at a vanishing point
  • colours and details faded toward the distance.

Ms. Smith’s minions have all created perspective drawing pieces, just for her. She was just so proud of the pictures, that she decided to post them right here on Huzzah!

Please, feel free to take a look at them.

Have you ever drawn a perspective piece of art? What did you find challenging? What did you find the most fun about it?

Please leave a comment.

You can spin the display below to look at all the art created by our classmates. Keep checking in on Huzzah! for more art!

Perspectives on Abstract Perspective on PhotoPeach


  1. Hey,

    Yes in fact I did draw perspective last year. (It helps when you have a really great teacher.) The challenging thing is you have to remember to draw to the vanishing point and on the horizontal and vertical lines. It is also challenging to make everything look realistic. The hardest thing I found was putting another build on top of one that was already there, that really confused me.

    Talk to you later,

  2. Hello,
    I have been looking around lately at my environment with perspective. I swim regularly at the Aquatic Center and I noticed the lines on the bottom of the pool appear to get slimmer as they go away. It was really interesting to notice things at the pool!


  3. We love checking in on your site. We have just starting our own classroom blog and are learning a lot from your exciting blog. We would be interested in becoming blogging buddies with you!!

  4. We have done an interdisciplinary unit on the great maters and our Art teacher has helped our Fifth Grade students create mini-masterpieces of the masters paintings. I have watched her as she has discussed perspective with the students and how to achieve perspective. I will guide the students to also use this blog to gather information on perspective.

  5. Our 5th grafe is involved in an interdisciplinary unit with the art and linrary teachers. They read a novel, research an artist, and recreate their own mini masterpiece. The art teacher teaches them perspective when they begin recreating their chosen work. This blog will help my students gain insight into perspective. They can also get an idea of how other students use and learn about perspective.

  6. You certainly have been blogging a long time! 25,000 visitors…phew. I like the way the photos of the two boys illustrated the vanishing point. Noticing that the strength of colour changes as well is a good point to make. The children’s art work is very well completed and shows a lot of variety.
    Yours is an exemplar blog.

    Mr E
    Hawes CP School

  7. Hello,
    Love your blog.
    As a grade 5 teacher in Mississauga Canada, I have been blogging with my students for a couple of years. I really like your ideas. I have a question….how to create the carousel of images from photopeach…did you use a premium version…if you could please help me out I would really appreciate it…thanks.
    Bryan Woods

    1. Hello Mr. Woods! You don’t need to have a premium account. When you create you slide show, there are two buttons: one says “story”, the other “spiral”. That’s all!

  8. Your artwork is really colourful. We like the way you presented it in a spinny spiral. We noticed that you put a lot of detail in your pictures.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring our blog-work.

  9. I was never taught things about art when I was at school, that seems amazing to me now. It’s good to see young people being given such worthwhile direction.
    My school isn’t as long as your corridor! I went to NY City last year and crossing 5th Avenue was an exercise in appreciating perspective.

    Photo peach was a good choice for posting the work.

    Mr E

  10. Hi Division 4,

    Your art work is great, and I love how you displayed it on your blog. What a creative way to show your hard work. Bravo!

  11. Hi my name is Seb from Hawthorndene PS,

    I love your art it is cool how it looks like you are staring right down a tunnel.
    We did art simular but with our names it is called choldescope art.
    Check our blog( and you can see our art!

  12. Your blog is cool,
    I loved the robot dances
    (It was my favourite)
    About the vegemite tasting have they had
    It before or have they only heard of it?.

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