Is our advice worth taking?

Last Tuesday, September 21st, was World Peace Day. You may have hear about Peace One Day, an audacious idea that all war could cease for one day. Young people often feel powerless to make a difference, but when given the tools to communicate, their messages can cause adults to pause and think. But are these messages too simple? After all, they are only a few words. Is this what the world needs to hear–and do? What do you think?

Peace One Day from Jan Smith on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Ms. Smith,

    My personal opinion is that when adults see that even younger people are realizing problems that they should to. It’s like kids leading an example instead of adults doing that. You might say that kids become the adults and sharing this out and bringing awareness to the problem and adults finally grasping the huge load of problems that surround this world. And maybe they should introduce Peace Week. It would allow more help to countries that are affected by the nature of war. It might even be possible for peace to come a natural thing, and that would be cool. Or maybe companies could stop producing firearms and ammunition though that wouldn’t be the best idea because people who get violent might not be able to be contained or if 100 terrorists got their hands on guns there would be nothing the army could do to stop them. It’s all actually very tricky since if you do one big thing, like take away all the guns, then a medium thing like terrorists get their hands on 100 guns, then the 1 big thing didn’t work and it was foiled by 1 medium thing. It’s all like a balancing act.

    Bye for now

    1. Greyson, kids do get that stuff a lot more then adults. They usually think more about their own life and the emviroment more then then other people, and they don’t care if war is going on in a different country.

    1. Hi Dakota,

      Peace really is a way to solve problems. But sometimes peace isn’t enough. Like when you care for somebody and they’re about to die, caring isn’t enough to stop them from dying. If every country signed an agreement to help each other, say like the country is suffering from food loss, a disease has spread through and wiped out a lot of people, it has to be more than peace, and that would be a lot of work because the human brain has needs to survive as well as say it’s thoughts and voice it’s belief. It would be a great thing as we are still struggling to have peace in the world. If there was peace in the world, do you think people would want to fight more because their anger would be bottled up inside them until it over flows?

    2. Wow, that was a really good point. Plus it is true that this is the only way to resolve our problems. I think if world peace started that would be the greatest thing that could happen to us. I have to go back to class now, bye.

    3. You are so right that should of been in our video that is the best phrase I have heard a lot of good phrases. I wish every day was world peace. Don’t you? If we ever do this again that will be what I put on my hand!

  2. Hi everyone this vidio was insirering…! And war is horribul…! I don’t think that people should have war all the time…!!! And i realy think that everyone should atlest tyr to stop “hunger”

  3. Every word counts even if it’s a whole paragraph or just a few words. I do think that this is what the world needs to hear and do, because if we get more people to share we can stop world hunger and more.

  4. Hi! My class last year did something like this for the Vow of Silence. I think that this is what the world needs to hear and do because it would deffinetly make our world a better place. I’d have to say the messages are small but some ar not so simple.
    Some of the messages like Share and Start being nice are a little simpler than some of the others.

    1. I took the vow of silence last year, because my brothers at Highland high school took it to direct awareness to people that are mute. I think that Peace one day is an awesome thing to do. I hope that eventually it will be Peace one week, or even Peace one month!!!

  5. This is a good video! Last year my school did something like this for the vough of silence. I like it because you guys have the writing on your hands!

  6. I think it would be amazing if war could stop for one day, forever would be even better don’t you think? The messages are not to simple they are are simple though, but they are also strong, they are what the world needs to hear and do!

  7. Hello Mrs. Smith!

    My name is Kaley and my class blog is the Ripple Effect and I used to blog last year.
    I think that the world should do this because it would make a BIG difference.

  8. Every message makes a difference. Last year our school had a day of silence for Free The Children. I like that other schools are trying to make a difference too.

  9. What a beautiful video! It really made me think. You have come up with some really important and thoughtful ideas, and I’m looking forward to sharing your blog with my class tomorrow.

    We have just started blogging at my new school in London, and I am looking for great blogs to inspire my class. I have added a link to yours, and I know that the children in Ferry Lane would love a few comments, hints and tips from you guys. If you can, please add a link to our blog too!

    You can see us here:

    Thanks again,
    Jack Sloan
    Ferry Lane Primary School, London.

    1. Wow, Mr. Sloan, what a compliment! We are very grateful. It appears to me as if you are very successful at blogging already–I think my students could have some fun with those math riddles. If you look in our sidebar you will see a link to your site. Best wishes in all you do.

  10. Such a wonderful post on so many levels. I love the combination of the students expression with the slogans or statements written on the palm of their hands! Such a wonderful, wonderful idea. Great blog too. Our students are also part of the blogging challenge and are currently on their mid term break, they will be back in a week and a half and I will show them this video then, they will love it, I am sure as much as I did.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

    1. Hi Mr. Webb, I can tell from your blog that you have had a busy year! I am going to learn more about Maori Mihi and I know just where to start. Thanks for your kind comments. We will going on a (virtual) tour of your school very soon!

  11. Wow, this video makes me think, people in Pakistan are in need of help and we need to do everything we can to help them get food and water. It’s a good thing were having this movie on Friday, Bye for now Matt.

  12. Hi Kyra
    I know that feeling, when you want to make a difference.
    I got it to when I watched that video. Our class just had a movie night for Pakistan flood relief, which raised $1000! It made me feel really good afterward.
    We are so lucky to live here, but I can only imagine how cool other countries are, even after disasters.
    Thank you for commenting,
    From Jane

  13. I really agree on this video. I think people should understand we need to stop fighting and start helping. Nice video and a message to Huzzah, The dragon has moved. Well thanks and I encourage you guys to spread the word more and make more videos of that. Other than that, awesome site!

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Sandy. We will keep spreading the message about treating people well, and practice it ourselves. We are sooo happy the dragon is on the move!

  14. Hi im a kid from washington state. What city are you guys from? (you might be right above us.) I go to Franklin Middle School in Yakima. Are you on the east side or west side of canada? (Or up by Alaska?) please respond!!!

    1. Hi Alijah, we are in fact closer than you think! Take a look at this post from last year–it has a map of the distance between your school and ours. So we are on the west side of Canada, and much closer to you than Alaska.

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