Why Visit Us?

WelcomeMiss Wyatt has set us a task in the first week of the Student Blogging Challenge (which began last week, so we are running to catch up). She asked us to answer this question: Why on earth should anyone visit us here at Huzzah!?

Well, to answer that question, I will ask ten more:

  1. Is it Spring where you are? It’s not here. It’s a rainy, windy Fall here, so we would like to be reminded of the best days of Spring. What’s like where you are?
  2. Do you play cricket? We don’t, but we’d like to know what it’s like. We could tell you about hockey, soccer, and lacrosse.
  3. Do you have a President? We don’t. We have a Prime Minister…and a Queen! (A real one, not an impostor–did I say that?)
  4. Do you speak Urdu? German? Swahili? We don’t. But maybe you could teach us. We could teach you how to ask to sharpen your pencil in French. We are full of practical knowledge.
  5. Are you surrounded by large buildings where you live? Do you have a major sports team in your city? We don’t. We live in a relatively small town, but it’s very friendly and we find lots of great things to do outdoors.
  6. Do you get heaps of snow in winter and have lots of snow days? We don’t. The snow is generally on the mountains which are only forty minutes away, and sadly we didn’t have a single snow day last year.
  7. Do you wear a uniform to school? We don’t, and we want to know what it’s like to wear one.
  8. Do you live near a desert and get to see cactuses –or is that cacti? We don’t. We live near the ocean in a temperate rain forest with large Douglas firs. We’d like to know what a desert is like…and a deciduous forest, and the savanna, and the tundra.
  9. Do you like snakes? Art? Skateboarding? Technology? Turtles–jellyfish–dogs? Music? Hockey? Math? Space? WE DO! Wow, we could learn from you! Wait until we start blogging–we will have so much to say, and we hope you will share your knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and experiences with us.
  10. Are you a learner? Curious about people all over the world? WE ARE! The reason to come to our blog is because we are curious about YOU. We hope that what we present on our class blog, and soon on our student blogs, will peak your curiosity and stir up some questions.  Maybe you’ll tell us a little about yourself.

Glad to meet you! Thanks for visiting. Got something to say? Leave a comment after the beep. Beep!

Image credit: Welcome by Claudio Matsuoka


  1. Hi there!

    Here in New England, USA, it has just turned to fall, and leaves are already orange and red and starting to drop to the ground. We’ll be out with her rakes soon enough.
    We don’t play cricket around here, although plenty of kids do play lacrosse, although baseball, basketball and football are the main sports for kids. I did, too, when I was a kid. Now I am a teacher, and lacrosse seems long ago.
    Our president is Barack Obama, whose popularity seems to shift as our economy shifts.
    I don’t speak much of other languages. Sorry.
    I live in a rural/suburban area, so mostly, it’s houses and farmlands. The closest urban city (with large buildings) is about 25 minutes by car.
    We get a ton of snow in the winter, usually. So, sledding, making snowmen, having snowball fights, and slipping around is part of our winter activity. Plus, shoveling out the driveway.
    We don’t wear uniforms.
    Nope, I don’t live near the desert. I’ve only see cacti in the plant store or garden house.
    I love: music, teaching, sports, reading, writing, and technology.
    I am a learner. I may be a teacher, but I am always learning.

    I hope your blogging project is a success. My class is not part of the challenge, but we do have a blog: http://epencil.edublogs.org/

    Mr. Kevin Hodgson
    Sixth grade teacher
    Southampton, Massachusetts, USA

    1. Hi Mr. Hodgson, thanks for answering EVERY question–it seems one can listen on a blog. I wasn’t expecting that. I am as fascinated by our similarities as by our differences: how interesting that both can connect us. I have fond memories of snow play from my childhood, but I never much cared for shoveling. My students probably shovel once every two years, but many are downhill skiers or snowboarders. Our fall is not colourful the way it is in the East; the coniferous trees keep things green. I hope my students do get to see a deciduous forest turn to blazing colours at least once in their lives. See you on your blog!

    2. Dear Mr.Hodgson,

      It sound like you have alot of fun there in Southampton, but here we can also have a lot of fun too, we can ski,swim and play lacrosse all in one day!In the middle of Vancouver Island we have Mount Washington where you can take hikes in Paradise Meadows or swim in the Beautiful Lake at the top and ski all the way down!On the other side of the island is The surfing capital of Canada-Tofino.I think we could have quite a good time if you ever visit Vancouver Island! 😀

    3. Hi it’s Amy,
      We have no snow days here, but we do get snow on the mountains which is just a short drive from where I live. We don’t get much snow here because we are on the coast and close to the water.I have never been to the snowand hope to one day. what is a snow day like?

      From Amy

      1. Hey Amy!
        A snow day is really fun here in Canada because we can build things like snow forts and snowmen(But you might have done that already up on the mountain). One of the things I like is having snow right out your door. 😀 Another thing I like having is not having to go to school but that’s pretty rare. Thanks for commenting we appreciate it!

  2. Hello from Japan 🙂
    Since you asked 10 questions and seem to be surprised it’s taken seriously, here is another one by one answer on your questions:
    1 – here in Japan the typhoon season has started, which means it’s raining, and raining a lot. Temperatures are still around 20 Celsius though, which is rather nice.
    2 – I don’t play any sports, but Japanese students play dodgeball, have jumprope binges, play soccer and of course baseball.
    3 – in Japan they have a Prime Minister, too, who gets ousted about every year or sooner, and then there is not a Queen but an Emperor, who usually stays in office for as long as 50 years or more 😮
    4 – I speak German, since I am German. I don’t speak Japanese, which is a shame 🙁
    5 – there are some higher buildings in this city here (which has some 80.000 inhabitants) but not many green areas to talk about. I don’t know if you consider 80.000 people a lot. Here it’s not. There is no popular sports team, no theater, no orchestra. People are nice.
    6 – we had snow last winter, which is something to note down in your calendar, since the usual winter here is only cold and windy. Snow means that in the morning everything is coated with a centimeter of snow, until about midmorning. And it happened about ten times!!
    7 – Japanese Elementary school students don’t wear uniforms. However they do wear a helmet! That looks cute! It must be hot in summer, but they never take it off when they are outside the school. From Jr. high schools on students wear a uniform. The uniforms probably look like those in other countries where they wear uniforms: tie, white shirt, jacket, blouse, skirt, black shoes …, and sadly no more helmets :))
    8 – I don’t know what’s a desert like either. I would like to know all those other interesting sounding habitats, too! By the way, what’s an ocean? 😉
    9 – I like technology. I used the iPod in my English lessons for the last two years. Otherwise I like to read and to listen to classic (Bach, Mendelssohn), and Jazz (Kurt Rosenwinkel, Weather Report, …)
    10 – I guess I’m a learner. Who isn’t?

    When I first visited your website I got hooked by those “Anti-Embarrassment Goggles”. I thought they are the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    1. Thank you for ansering our question the same way we ask them it was supper cool. 80 000 people seems like a lot to me. 64 084 people live in the Comox Valley.

    2. Hello Oliver, My name is Jane.
      Thank you so much for answering all the Questions.
      Wow…Japan sounds like a cool place! Is is hard to live there without speaking the language? I am from Switzerland, so I speak Swiss-German. What made you go to Japan?
      from Jane

      1. Grüezi Jane 🙂
        My wife is Japanese, so now you know what made me come here and also why I survive without speaking the lingo. Japan is a nice country indeed, especially the people. On the other hand I do miss sitting at a street café, chatting idly with some friends and enjoying a huge cup of café olé, while listening to some cool tunes and seeing the evening sun setting on the roofs of the old city, die Altstadt, you know …

        1. Hello Oliver.
          So, are you from Germany or Switzerland.
          This Summer we went to Switzerland to visit our family.
          We saw a lot of Switzerland and a bit of Germany. We went to Germany for a day trip to Lego land,Deutchland. It was really fun, but also really hot so we kept going on the “Splash Park” ride. Have you ever been to Lego Land?
          Are there any theme parks in Japan?
          From Jane

    3. Hello Oliver, it’s Keenan from Mrs.Smiths class.

      Thanks for answering all the questions we asked but I have to ask how you found us all the way from Japan? I’m also wondering what city you live in? I just read a little bit on the internet “about a childs life in Japan” and it says many people like to eat squid ink pizza. I’m wondering why? Have you tried it?

      From Keenan

    4. Hi Oliver,
      Do you like living in Japan it sounds really interesting.
      Why do student wear helmets are there earthquakes or something? Why don’t they wear helmets in Jr.high?
      You don’t know what an Ocean is? It’s like a giant lake with salt water and lots of fish that covers up more than half the world! I don’t Know who isn’t a learner, I defiantly am!

      The Awesome Huzzanian Maya

    5. Dear Oliver,thank you for posting a comment on our blog. I wonder were do you live in Japan? We all thank you for being in Japan and talking to us see you later.



  3. Hello
    I’m a Huzzahnian! Our forests are so beautiful With the Cedar, Pine, and Oak trees standing tall.
    The five reasons that I think you should come to Huzzah are.
    1.You can find funny posts
    2.Amazing pictures
    3.Some videos
    4.Comments from all around the world
    5. And find out what we have been doing as a class
    And those are my five reasons why I think you should come to Huzzah!

  4. Hi Mr. Hodgson,
    Sounds nice in Southampton. I wish we had that much snow in the winter here! I’d like to visit Southampton sometime. I don’t know where it is exactly, but I’m going to find out as soon as I’m done writing this comment.

    From: Jared in Ms. Smith’s class.

  5. Wow, that answers a lot of my questions about Japan. I wonder if the schooling system is the same in Japan as it is here? Are the school times the same? I wonder if there are other differences (besides the ones you mention) or similarities.
    Thank you for the amazing comment.

    1. Hi Jordan,
      I believe Canada is quite popular as a destination for exchange students, so maybe one of these days you will meet a little fellow from Japan in real life! School in Japanese elementary schools starts usually at 8.40, but students have to be in class at 8 o’clock. Lessons are 45 minutes, then 10 minutes break, next class, and so on. Between the second and third period there is a 20 minutes break. From 12.25 to 13.40 it’s lunch break, which means the students hand out the meals themselves and bring the dirty dishes down to a room where they get picked up by the company that delivers the meals. Also there is a cleanup time where everyone is cleaning the school with a broom, a wet towel or simply by glaring at some dirty spot. In the afternoon there are two more lessons for the older students (grade 5 and 6) while the younger students have club activities and sometimes another lesson, too. English at elementary schools is considered a club activity since there is no grading. Grades 5 and 6 have about 30 lessons of English a year, many parents consider this too little and send their kids to cram schools to give them a head start at Jr. High.

  6. That was a 10 out of 10 answer I would have never been able to answer that well. We play a lot of dodge ball here to we haven’t started baseball yet but it sounds like a lot of fun. Like Darion said that is a huge population compared to us.

    Sincerely Andrew.

    1. Hello Andrew,
      do you like dodgeball? I played it myself when I was a kid. In German it’s called “Völkerball”. We played it on the street though, not in school. I never played baseball myself when I was a child, in Germany we play soccer. Japanese school kids sometimes mix soccer and baseball. The pitcher rolls a soccer ball to the “batter” who kicks the ball and runs to first base. That looks funny.
      My city might sound huge to you, but honestly, it’s not. You can still find the occasional rice field pad right between some houses or a little field where they grow all kinds of vegetables. That’s rather homey! Sadly, these fields make way for new houses at a rapid pace, so there goes the coziness.

  7. Hello Canadians!

    I’m going to answer question 1. It is spring here, very warm. We get lots of sunny days, and the occasional rain. I am so happy that winter is over. I feel that this is going to be a very nice spring, there has been so much sun.

    I hope you enjoy your Autumn(Fall)
    Gus – from Australia.

    1. Hello Tasmanian Gus.
      My name is Matthew.
      Fall is the stormy season here,cold and depressing but at least we get to jump into piles of leaves. Halloween is coming up and our house is covered with fake spiders and foam bats. How do you celebrate Halloween? on the day before Halloween we carve pumpkins and put scary faces on them, then we put candles in them. on Halloween night we go around to other people’s houses and say trick or treat, then they give us candy. Its fun
      goodbye Matthew

      1. Hi Matthew.

        Alot of Australians don’t celebrate Halloween, probably because the tradition has never really “clicked” with people over here.

        It would be interesting if we did something like Halloween over here, just for a bit of fun!


      2. Hi Matthew,
        My name is Sophie!

        Here in Tasmania we don’t do anything for Halloween. It’s not a big thing here. But I wish it was! It would be so fun to go around and get candy! But here we don’t even call candy candy, we call it lollies! About how many houses do you go to, to get lollies? And are they just the ones in your street or not?
        Have fun at Halloween!

        Soph! 🙂

    2. Hi! It’s Charlie from Ms.Smith’s class.You are so lucky that it’s sunny there most of the time. It’s rainy here a lot of the time.How is it in Tasmania right now? It’s sunny here.

  8. Yes I do play Cricket. Its really fun there are 5 types of jobs you do in Cricket, theres a Wicket keeper who goes behind the wickets;a Bowler who bowls the ball and tries to get the batter out; Batters is the people who hits the balls and gets the runs; fielders who try to catch the ball and get the Batters out and Umpires who see if its out or not. There are two teams in 1 game. One team fields, bowls and wicket keeps and the other team Bats. Hope that makes you like Cricket.

    1. Hi Alastair, my name is Jane
      Thank you for explaining cricket to me! I have never played but now I want to. Our main sport here is hockey. I don’t play hockey though, I figure skate. Do you guys have ice sports in Tasmania? We also are pretty close to a ski mountain, called Mount Washington. I ski downhill, but there is also cross country skiing, snowboarding, and freestyle. Do you guys ever get snow in Tasmania? We get about a foot each year. We have something called snow days here in Canada. It is when we don’t got to school, due to snow. Last year we didn’t have a single snow day! Do you have snow days in Tasmania?
      In the summer, lots of people fish. I don’t go very often, but others do.
      From Jane

    2. Ice sports!? Here!? No way!! It’s WAY to hot here for any ice sports! We get snow on the mountains, but never at low lying levels. We play hockey, but not on ice. So we never get snow days ;(

      Anyway, hope you can learn cricket some time!

    3. Hi,

      No we don’t play any Ice sports. We only play Soccer, Basketball, Hockey(Not Ice Hockey),Cricket, Netball and some more. We never have snow in Tasmania. It’s usually hot or raining it’s never snowing. The Closes Mountains are Cradle Mountain and Mount Roland. They never usually have snow on them but some times they do.

      Hope you have fun playing Ice Hockey I would really want to play it.

      1. Hello Alastair
        Wow, no snow….I can;t imagine it.
        Can you guys still go to the beach in the winter? What are the highest temperatures you have ever gotten in Tasmania? What type of animals do you have in Tasmania? Here we have bears,deer,birds, garden snakes, rabbits, whales, chipmunks and cougars, but we see those rarely.
        from Jane

  9. Hi I’m Kate and I would like to answer question #7.
    Yes, our school does wear school uniforms. I enjoy wearing our school uniform because I feel like I belong to my school group, I feel safe because whenever I walk to school or go on an excursion and hurt myself, everyone knows what school I go to and can get help from the my school. I don’t have to go around all my drawers to find suitable clothes I just have the right clothes to wear with the right colours (our colours are yellow, blue and yellow). Also if we didn’t have a school uniform we wouldn’t know if the person that came to our class was part of our school and might go to another school. Would you like to wear school uniforms or not?????
    From Kate.

    1. Hi Kate! Here in our small little town in BC Canada we don’t wear uniforms. Many days I have wanted to wear a uniform because I couldn’t find my shirt or socks. So, to answer your question yes, most days. Do you have like a choice out of your uniform like could you wear a skirt or pants? I know in other schools they can do that. In our country most girls wear jeans and t-shirts that say something on them like ” Impossible love” with a pic of a cactus and a balloon with a heart in the middle. Do you wear that sort of thing in Australia? One of the most common type of jeans are called skinny jeans. They are what their name is. Do you have this sort of clothes in your closet?

      1. Hi Meghan,

        Yes, to be honest I do have those types of clothes in my closet. Yes also we do get to choose what we wear, girls like to wear skirts or skorts. Skorts are shorts and skirts put together. Cool huh???? I don;t wear them though, I like shorts.!! Yes we do wear skinny jeans and there big fashion accesory where I come from, in my family, that is. I think it is great for you to want to wear school uniforms sometimes. Just one question. Where you live, what is the biggest accesory when it comes to fashion??? Is it the same as Tasmania???? Talk soon, Kate.

        1. Hello Kate, cool! I’ve heard my sister saying stuff about skorts but I never knew what a skort was! Right now here it is autumn, so I can’t wear shorts or tank tops right now.(I would love to though!) So I just wear jeans and long-sleeve-shirts. Now to your question. Well, we girls love to wear awesome earrings. Like cupcakes and monkeys type of earrings. We also wear high tops and skate shoes. Do you wear that type? I wear high tops mostly. So to answer your question probably shoes are the most awesome accessory. TTYL Meghan

          1. Hi Meghan,

            Nice to talk to you again. Here it’s Spring and a warm one too so some girls after school wear high tops. I don’t wear them though. I don’t have any. Mostly boys wear skate shoes in Tasmania, girls usually wear sand shoes. Thanks for answering my question. Yes it actually is like Australia!!!! Cool huh???. No sorry I don’t wear that stuff and I don’t have my ears pierced and I have no high tops as I have said. What is fall like where you live??? Is it cold or is is it a bit chilly or warm.

            Anyway, talk to you soon and hope you visit our blog too!!!! Bye and TTYL. Kate

        2. Hi Kate
          Yes, Meghan is right, most of the girls wear awesome earrings. I don’t though because my ears get infected really fast if I don’t wear my studs.( the small earrings that they use to give you after they pierce your ears). I don’t wear high tops either, I wear runners, flip flops, and boots. What is your favorite color? I wear pretty much every color. My favorite is probably brown. Here the fall is kind of Stormy, and really rainy… have I mentioned it is really cold?
          What are the falls like in Tasmania?
          from Jane

          1. Hello Jane,

            I like to wear runners or flip flops sometimes.
            Your falls don’t sound to good, but I can’t say anything, ours are like that too.
            My favourite colour is either violet or aqua but pink, white and black really suits me so I wear that type of stuff.It’s my birthday today and we had junkfood for brekky and tea. I played basketball in a tournament today and won both and tommorrow we have the Grand Final. I also got everything I wanted which I think is quite special.
            What grade are you in???? What are the orders that you go in school???? Ours are Primary School then High School then Collage and then University.

            Talk soon to you, hopefully!!! Kate

          2. Hi Kate, great to hear from you again!
            I am in grade six, how about you?
            Our school order goes primary, which is kindergarden to grade three. Then, comes intermediate. That is grade 4 to grade 7. Then comes high school, which is grade 8 to grade 12. So, it sounds as if you like sports!I Love to figure skate What other hobbies do you have?
            from Jane

  10. We wear a uniform. Its ok wearing one but I would rather normal cloths. It is good couse if some one finds you lost thay can take you to your school. How come you dont wear school uniform?.

    1. Hi Brodie,

      I guess people would be able to find your school if you’re wearing a uniform. Isn’t it kinda strange wearing the same clothes as everybody? I’m not sure why my school doesn’t wear uniforms but I don’t think they are needed. How many students does your school have? We only have a small group only about 180 in our school so it seems ok. Do people ever make fun of you if they see you wearing your uniform?

      1. We have about 400 people in our school. And nobody bags people out because we all wear uniforms in Tasmainia.And its not really strange wearing the same clothes as everybody else because everybody in Tasmainia has a uniform.And do you want to wear a uniform to school? I’ll talk to you later bye.

        1. Hi Brodie,

          No I don’t really want to wear a uniform to school. I like wearing my own as they are more comfortable I would think. Do you just have to wear a certain shirt or is it shirt and shorts or pants? Also, are you able to add stuff on to your uni at all? What do you usually do outside at recess?

          1. Yes we wear certain clothes but they’re pretty cool. Our cloths are mostly yellow with a bit of blue and green and we have a school logo on the tee shirt. We have trousers that are blue. I wish we didn’t wear school clothes but we have to. What do you do at recess? I talk to my friends

  11. Hello Canadians!

    I’m from a place in southern Australia and it is a warm but windy spring day here. It has been very mixed up this spring. Last week we sizzled, the week before we froze , the week before that was aveage and before that there was a humongous rain storm. So really I can’t say that I am able to remind you of anything nice about spring. Thanks for reading, William

    P.S I hope your Autumn (fall) isn’t too cold.

    1. Hello Australia!

      Right now it is sorta raining but mostly sunny. What is the food and culture like there? Is there surfboards there and big waves? Well it’s bin nice talking to you see you later.

      P.S. We got flew shots today and it was not fun.

      1. Hi Again Canada!

        Where I live the food is pretty basic. For breakfast you might have cereal or toast, for lunch you might have a sandwich and maybe a peice of fruit or something like a cookie or chips and for dinner we might have some lamb, steak or beef with some potato and vegies. As for surfing in my town the waves only get to 2m max and the water is only 15 degrees. On our west coast we can get 18m waves so I reckon the surfing is wild there though.

        Cheers, William!

        1. hello again William

          Wow,I can believe how much you eat,if you come to Canada you will be amazed of how much food we eat per day like in the morning we will eat cereal,oatmeal and eggs and toast.For lunch we eat well any thing that is healthy and for dinner we eat what ever our mom or dad makes. Thanks for this experience. I hope you could come to my website, that would be so cool see you later.

  12. Yes I do play Cricket, There are 5 different things you can do, Theres Bowler who bowles the ball down the pitch to try and get the batter out. Theres the batter who tries to hits the ball. Theres the umpier who desides if the gets out or not. Fielder who tries to catch the ball when the batter hits the ball. And lastily theres the Wicket keeper who catches the ball if the Batter misses the ball. What kind of sports do you play at your school?

    1. Hey Bradley,
      I never tried playing cricket before, it sounds fun. At my school we have a school soccer team and cross country running team. Our class practices lacrosse in gym most days. We didn’t play a real game yet tho, but I would like to. I hope to hear from you soon,

      1. Hi Daniel we play lots of sports in Tassie. There’s Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Surfing, Badminton, Squash, Tennis and fusal [indoor soccer]

        Cheers Bradley!!!!!

  13. Hi
    We do wear a school uniform here. When I wear my school uniform I feel like I belong.I also feel like I’m not diffrent than every one else.Whats it like not wearing a school uniform?

    from zoe w

    1. Hi Zoe,
      It’s nice not to wear a uniform because you can chose what you wear, and it shows everyone is different but the same. What is it like where you live, is it mostly sunny or rainy? Here it is rainy because it is fall.

      Hope to talk again

      1. Hi Amber
        Well its sunny and rainy all the times but it gets really annoying because one minute its nice and sunny but next thing you know theres rain buckting down.What tv shows do you like?

        1. Hi again
          There are so many shows I like it’s hard to pick my favorites.Do you have any pets? I have a cat named Spike,I also have two fish.Whats your favorite colour?
          Mine is purple.

    2. Well Zoe it would be totally sweet to not have to chose your close every day. Sometimes I wish my school had uniform. Does your school have a cafeteria?
      Oh thanks for visiting our blog!

      1. Hi i’m Molly no we don’t have a cafeteria but we have a canteen. Thats where we can get our lunch orders from or buy a snack and then go and sit down outside to eat.

        what subjects do you like the best at school???

      2. Hi Darion
        We don’t have a cafeteria we have a canteen instead. It’s like a cafeteria but it’s outside and you have to go up and order all your things like honey bears(lollies) and your chips.What’s you favourite food? mine is my mums cornflaked chicken.

        1. My favorite food is sea food from where my uncle works, it called the blue water cafe it is amazing. I was wondering what your favorite animal was?

  14. Hi I’m Molly and I’m answering question #7.
    Yes our school does have a uniform. We have yellow school tops with a logo on it that says what school we come from. It’s probably safer to wear a school uniform because when we go on exursions to places if we get lost its easier for peoploe to find us.I don’t mind wearing a school uniform and I guess it’s easier to find what you need to wear to go to school. And it also makes you a part of the school community.

    I would like to know what sports you play at school?

    1. Hi Molly.
      My name is Molly too.
      In Canada we play sports like hockey and soccer. I play guitar, basket ball, sewing, and glee club. Bye!

      1. Ha funny we have the same name and I play Basketball too. I also play Touch football and go to the gym.

        What do you like to do out of school???

      2. Hi Molly how are you?
        I like the same things that you like. At our school we have school choirs that sing some fantastic songs and we sometimes use songs from the show, “Glee Club”. What is it like in a glee club at you’re school? What is it like to hockey were you live? What is it like when it is summer in Canada?
        From Alyssa
        P.S What time do you start school in the morning in Canada?

  15. Do you have laptops at your school? At my school we have six laptops that my class can use. We use them for writing, games, email and other things.

    1. Hi Thomas, we don’t have laptops but we have a computer- room that has 30 new computers. we use them almost all the time. we haven’t done any games on them yet but we’ve done math on them and were in the middle of making are own blogs on them. when do you get to use the laptops?

      1. At my school we get to use them before school and on Monday. Also we use them if we get our set jobs finished.
        Are you allowed to take your mobile to school? We are, but we have to leave them at the office so they don’t get lost or stolen.

        1. Hi again Thomas!
          We don’t get to bring mobiles to school (we call our mobiles cell phones) in fact barely any of us have mobiles:( When do you get to use your mobiles?

    2. Hi Thomas!
      At our school, we don’t have laptops, but we have a computer lab with 30 computers. Is it true that you don’t celebrate Halloween where you live?

  16. Hi my name is Sophie and yes we do wear school uniforms.
    Our shool uniform is a yellow top with our school logo -let those who work hard receive the reward and on our green collar we have with two blue stripes.
    We wear black shoes and navy trousers/shorts/skirts.
    We wear our school uniform to represent our shool and to keep us safe.I do like wearing our scool uniform

  17. Hello Huzzahnians!
    You should be getting a lot of responses from students in my 4-5-6 class. We are a double class (about 50 children) and 2 teachers from Devonport in Tasmania. Tasmania is the sourthernmost state of Australia and the only Australian state that is an island! Our students range in age from 9 – 12 years. Miss Chettle and I love teaching our double class and we enjoy thinking up great activities to do.

    We have really enjoyed looking at your blog and were really glad to see that your school year has started again so that we could ‘talk!’ We are only novice bloggers but we have certainly enjoyed the ride so far.

    Looking forward to reading more!
    Mrs V 🙂

    1. 50 children?! AND YOU STILL HAVE YOUR SANITY?! Amazing! Thanks for visiting our ickle bloggiekins and leaving a comment! I’m new to blogging too, but it’s pretty fun.

      1. I am laughing at your reply Noah – you sound like you have a funny sense of humour. I think that some of the children in our unit would question whether Ms C and I DO still have our sanity! We do some very silly things somethimes.

        We love teaching together – just the same way that students like to work in pairs or groups. It is great to have someone to bounce ideas around with, laugh with or even have a grumble to when things are not going well 😉
        Mrs V

  18. Hiya guys,

    Cricket is really fun! In it you have a bat, a ball and cricket stumps (you can use a wheelie bin) You have two batters, one bowler and as many fielders as you like 🙂 The bowler throws the ball to where the batter is and the batter tries to hit it. If they hit the stumps a.k.a wheelie bin (Maybe) they’re out and the bowler gets to bat or the fielder can. We also play soccer, AFL (Australian football league) and hockey.

    Hope you enjoy my information about Australia.

    1. Hi Will, over here on Vancouver Island we play baseball instead of cricket, have you heard of California kick-ball? If you haven’t then this is a description… I’m not sure why its called “California” kick-ball, I think it probably originated there. Anyways, in California kick-ball there is a pitcher, kicker and outfielders. The pitcher rolls the ball to the kicker who kicks it, then the outfielders have to try and catch it. If they don’t then there is 3 bases, they have to grab the ball and tag the first base before the kicker gets there. If they do catch it then the kicker is out. I hope you understood this bye, Max.

  19. Hey Guys.
    No we do not have a president, we have a prime minister as well because we are a member of the commonwealth just as you are. We also have the same Queen as you.

    1. Hey, Cooper.

      We don’t have a president too, but we have a prime minster, he is a guy and his name is Stephen Harper. I never knew that we had the same queen as you guys, that’s a pretty cool fact. Do you want Henry to be king or do you want another queen Elizabeth?

      Thanks for commenting on our blog, Bye :).

  20. Hi Canadians,
    Australians speaking. The biggest house I’ve seen in Tasmania is two storeys.We aren’t surrounded by large buildings. Our city’s major team is Tall Timbers a basketball team. We have tons of things to do outdoors and the thing that I love to do is play sport such as cricket, football, bike ride, motor biking etc.

  21. Hi,
    I love snakes, Art, Skateboarding, Technology, Turtles-Not Jellyfish-I love dogs, Music, math and space. I might love snakes but we have some of the most poisonous snakes in the world. Some are so venomous we can die if we get bitten. Art and Maths are my favourite subject in school because it’s so fun. Technology is so cool over here we got awesome stuff. I like turtles they are cute but jellyfish you get stung and ouch it hurts. Heaps of people have dogs over here and they are adorable .What can I say about Music? Its sick! I love dancing and singing to it and it can take your minds off things. From Xavia

    1. Hi Xavia,
      I like a lot of the same things as you. My favorite animal is a turtle. I just got a pet turtle a month ago! I also really like snakes. My friend just got a pet snake. I don’t like jellyfish either, but I’ve never gotten stung. I also agree that technology is awesome and so is art. I like math but it isn’t my favorite.

    2. Hi I’m Charlie from Ms.Smith class and I love snakes too I just got one 2 days ago! I do like art and I am a fan of skateboarding. I am fascinated of the technology we have today! I like turtles but not jelly fish they hurt when they sting you. Dogs are cool I’m not really a math guy but I do like space. P.E is my favorite subject.

      Talk to you later!

      1. Hi Xavia, I’m in Mrs.Smith’s grade 6 class and I like snakes a lot! I kinda like turtles but I hate jellyfish. We have dark red and brown jellyfish whose stings really hurt! My friend Charlie got a three days ago! Its a butter motley corn snake whose name is buttercup. I want to go to Australia because it has lots of snakes except they’re pretty much all dangerous. 🙁

        bye, Max

  22. G’day mate,

    We sure do play cricket, it’s one of our favorite sports at school. The equipment you need are two bats, two sets of wickets and one ball. You can have as many fielders as you want, two batsmen and one bowler. It’s so much fun what can I say? It’s the best.

  23. Hello it’s Chloe
    I live near lots of buildings, some are very big but not tall.I live in Devonport, Tasmania. Our major sport is Australian rules league.We can go swimming at the pool or the beach, play out side with our friends go to the library and much more. I enjoy my day it’s fun.How fun is it there?what do you do for fun?

    from Chloe

    1. Hello Chloe,My name is Kendra.I live in British Columbia
      on Vancouver Island. Thanks for visiting our blog if
      I could I would come on over to Tasmania. are there
      Tasmanian Devils in Tasmania? My favorite things to do
      are reading and writing.

      1. Hi Kendra
        Please come visit Tasmania, it is wonderful.
        Yes we do have lots of Tasmanian Devils but lots have died from facial tumours but we still have lots left.I love reading and literacy.What is it like not wearing school clothes?

  24. G’day mate

    We sure do play cricket you need two bats, a ball and two sets of stumps. The rules at school are if you bowl someone out you get to bat. You need two batters, a bowler, wicket keeper and lots of fielders. We also play Australian rules football, basketball and soccer.

    From Jack.

    1. Hi
      I’ve never played cricket what happens when you hit the ball? And what does the bowler do? You know what’s cool we have the same name!

      See ya Jack:)

  25. Gday mate,
    I’m an Australian and we have a prime minister as well and we do wear school uniform to say we are a part of a school group.We have cricket here but I don’t like to play it. Instead I play hockey.It doesn’t snow here much in Coastal Australia and I’m a Tasmaanian in Australia(to be exact I live in Devonport in Tassie!).I don’t like snakes at all because we have some of the most venomous snakes in the world. I am a learner thank you and I find it really fun to learn. Thank you for asking these questions.
    See ya later mate. From Kara. =)

    1. We don’t have a uniform but we do have a dress code. What do you do in cricket and is it your national sport? Lacrosse is our national sport , and we are currently learning to play it. Here-depending where you are-it can snow from 1cm to 5ft in the northern most parts of Canada. It sounds like you have to be careful of slithering things. We do say “eh” here we just don’t notice it and some say it more than others, just in case you were wondering!

    2. Hello My name is Andrew from Mrs Smiths class. We do not play cricket here is like baseball. Do you play floor hockey or ice hockey we play floor hockey at school and ice in a league. I personally like snakes mostly because we only have garter snakes, which are not venomous. I like learning to learn also.

      See you later Andrew

  26. Hi I’m Rebecca I’m from Devonport in Tasmania and I do like snakes. They are fun to play with at the Melboune zoo. Have you ever held a 9 foot python? It’s cool. They are not poisonous.

  27. Good day mate,
    I like art,animals and tennis.In Australlia we have lots of australian animals that are unique to Australia such as kangaroos, koalas, emus devils, platypus, possums, wallabies etc.

  28. Hi Rebecca,
    I like snakes to. No I have never held a nine foot python but I have held a full grown red tailed boa. Whats it like in Tasmania? Here in B.C Canada there is a lot of mountains, the ocean and fun places to go like hiking and bungee trampolining. Thanks for commenting!

  29. Hi
    We have one animal unique to where we live too, it is a type of dear that sleeps in front lawns and eats hedges as high as they can reach. It looks a bit weird. have you ever seen or heard a Tasmanian Devil?

    By Zach

  30. Hello Dylan, My name is Matt, I live on Vancouver Island, We don’t play much cricket where we are but it sure sounds fun. Are most popular sport around here is probably hockey. It is my favorite sport ever I play on a team we have to travel a lot. What kind of stuff do you like to do where you live? and also are there any Tasmanian Devils around you? sincerely Matt

  31. Hi,
    I love snakes, Art, Skateboarding, Technology and Turtles too. I have gone to Australia but I did not get the chance to go to Tasmania. I was super close to getting bitten by a snake . I bet the jelly-fish hurt, my dad got stung by a blue bottle jelly. I love music I don’t dance but I do sing(sometimes)and I play guitar. My 3 favorite subjects in school are art,music and gym


  32. Hello Canadians.

    I would like to answer question 6.

    Where we live (Devonport) we don`t get snow. To get snow you have to drive about 1 hour SE to a place called Cradle Mountain.

    In previous years (around 50 years ago) it has snowed in the city, but it hasn’t for a long time.

    So, obvioulsy if we don’t have snow we don’t have snow days, wich is a bit of a shame!



    Ps. I am looking forward to learning more about life in Canada.

  33. Hi Gus
    Let me ask you one question…..what are your Christmas’s like without SNOW?
    We don’t always get snow at Christmas, but we always have cold weather. How do you guys play hockey with no ice? Do you play with roller blades?
    from Jane

  34. Hi my name is Sophie and I am going to answer number 9.
    No I don’t like snakes one tiny little bit.
    But I do like art.
    I’m not to keen on skateboarding but I DONT like technology.
    But I do like turtles and dogs but I don’t like jellyfish but I definitely love music
    And if you start up your own blog I WILL try to visit.


  35. Hi from Tassie I’m Lucy,

    I’d like to answer question 4.

    I don’t speak any of those languages but I do know a little bit of Australian Sign Language (Auslan) for people who have a hearing problem. We have a student in our class who signs using Auslan because he has 2 cochlear implants. He also has a full time interpreter to help us communicate.
    It’s a little hard to learn but my mum knows a lot of it too.

    Happy blogging
    From Lucy.

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