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Yes, I do enjoy my status as Queen of the Universe. I am quite spoiled, I admit, but I do like it when people obey. Things like–oh–well, most people do say hello when I say hello to them. And if I ask them to pass me a pencil, they do. Most are agreeable to listening when I speak, and many will follow me to the library when I lead. As for the treats my loyal nave Bob brings me in the picture above, well, those are less common than I might wish. Sigh.

But the other part of being Queen: being tough. Being stern. Having high expectations. I am all about that. And I have good reviews in that department.

Queen_Victoria 1Queen_Victoria 2Queen_Victoria

See? So, what advice do you have for me as Queen of the Universe? If you were me, what would you expect from your loyal subjects? And how would you go about getting it?

I command you to reply!


  1. Hi Ms. Smith,

    Well if I was King of the Universe I would demand steak and spaghetti for dinner. My royal subjects would build top end schools with athletics tracks as well as amazing teachers. Some advise for the now Queen would be to keep being the way you are and never forget your sense of humour, not that that will happen anytime soon. Be a good teacher and a better role model (Sing less opera, do harder math, fun games in P.E, Going outside for P.E. often.) and everybody will turn out fine. Except me, I’m all ready perfect after my year with you.

    Talk to you later

    1. Um, Mr. Grade 6 Student for Life, I am not really sure I should take advice from you. I would, however, like you to do some research on some other great rulers for me, you know, role models I can emulate. Like Genghis Khan, for example. Get to it!

  2. If I were queen I would want to have a giant palace with slides instead of doors and rooms full of choclate and guinea pigs. I would have no objections to what I say and be hand fed. From Meghan

      1. Hello, well guinea pigs arn’t allowed to eat choclate or candy(it’s like poison to them)but they love dry cereal like cheerios and rice krispies and after I eat a treat (like sugar bears) they enjoy licking my fingers. Also they like things that are easy to eat and since most choclate comes in bars and is some times rather hard to eat I think they would ignore it. Bye for now, Meghan your loyal subject

    1. Ah, Charlie. Specifics, yes, one must always be specific. I very much like the idea of sushi. Not a fan of duck though. But this is your imagination after all, not mine.

    1. Matthew, there is no question. My loyal subjects must defend me. And I am actually very fond of German visitors. It’s the Cramopoozians that worry me.

  3. Hi its Ethan. I wish i was the king of the universe :). You must have loads of cash queen of the universe. Life must be easy peazy. How is it having your own servant? I just wanted to say that your pictures are awesome.Its time for me togo now. Ok bye @(‘_’)@.

    1. Why Ethan, you are correct! This is an easy-peasy job. I love the attention. I love the power. If you are a very good boy, you can be King of the Universe one day. There are a few people in your way on your rise to the top, but I bet you’ll do fine.

  4. Hi it’s Orion

    If I was king of the Universe I would make all my subjects get me shiny things and I would be happy and I will have some cool or cute pets like dogs or kitties but I would get lonely so that’s why i’m not king of the Universe see you later.

    1. Hmmm. I like the sound of Smithlandia. Smithlandia, Smithlandia, your Queen is really wonderful I like the idea of an anthem. What do you think?

      1. Maybe your anthem could go like this?
        Smithlandia, Smithlandia, your Queen is really wonderful Smithlandia, Smithlandia, your Queen is very colourful Smithlandia, Smithlandia, your Queen is really great! I think that could be a good start.

      1. Keenan just doesn’t understand what its like to be king or Queen of the universe. I myself look up to you Queen. You as my Queen I will do my homework, study for test, and listen to your every command.Because you are, Queen of the UNIVERSE!

    1. A private zoo! Well, you wouldn’t be the first. Famous kings and queens around the world have done that. I like gold too, Zach.

  5. How is it being Queen? Do you get chocolate everyday as a special Queen?

    I would like to be king. That would be fun being in charge of everything but it would also be hard.

    have good luck being Queen of the universe.

  6. I like this post a lot! It must be nice being the Queen of the Universe! How is grade six ? I am really liking grade seven but it’s getting pretty hard to keep up on everything. I miss Brooklyn so much I wish I could be there!

    Bye for now Rebekah 🙂

    1. Rebekah, how great to hear from you! We miss you here. Grade Six is “interesting and awesome and boring” depending on who you ask. Thanks for commenting, you know I love being Queen. Take care!

  7. Hi Ms. Smiths Class! How are you guy enjoying getting started on blogging? I love to blog now and it is really fun. 😀 I have not stopped blogging, even in the summer! Its too much fun….. I think you learn something every time your on here, if not you just have some fun. Well i hope you guys have fun enjoy blogging, and always listen to the Queen of the Universe! Or you’re in some deep trouble… 😀 Grade six’s have fun Eastonh4
    aka: Easton

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Easton. I imagine you will have plenty of visitors from those of us who are two doors down. Have a fabulous year in Grade 7!

  8. I am very excited that my daughter is being taught by the Queen of the Universe. You should find her fairly compliant, as she is being raised by the Queen of the World. Please let me know if our mutual loyal subject, Princess Darion, gives you any trouble. If she needs discipline I will have her scrub the royal commode!

  9. I find that idle hands are the devil’s workshop and children must be challenged with extremely demanding tasks. For example, we’ve been decorating jewelled sword handles with multi-colored jellybeans and macaroni to display on the sword rack behind the driver’s seat of our family carriage…one never knows when they must defeat a purple dragon named “Barney”. We’ve also been busy doing castle renos, although my wife has labelled me “Duke of Hazzard”. Regardless the vinyl siding on the castle is looking real “perdy” however someone with idle hands dumped Mr Bubble into the moat. Time to ponder more new challenges.

    1. Truly, the life of royalty is full of trials, is it not? Yes, I have set loyal students–er–subjects to tasks such as pencil polishing. Hadn’t thought of the macaroni and jelly beans. You may hear about a dragon heading our way. These are exciting times. Sorry to hear about your moat. I suggest lava.

  10. I’d like to be king of the universe. Then I wouldn’t have to do chores (even though my mom says they’re good for me). But personally, I wouldn’t have someone else do my homework because then I wouldn’t learn anything(and I wouldn’t want to be an unintelligent ruler because then people would hate me and then they probably would attempt to rebel).

    1. Lucas, thanks for the great comment you left on our class blog. Seems to me you have all the logic skills to become a fabulous supreme ruler. I would gladly help out in your bid for power. Bonne chance! (That’s French and means Live Long and Prosper…or something).

      1. Hi Huzzah!

        Room 11 is new to blogging and we are really enjoying reading your blog. Thank you for the kind comments to Lucas. He will be thrilled. Please feel free to give us any pointers along the way. You and your students appear to be pros (royalty) at this!

        Mrs. T

  11. Well. Once you think about me. There really is not much point to most of the things I say. Really! Spend five casual minutes with me and you wont know what to think! So, to answer you question, There is none.

  12. WOW and I thought that my old teachers were the queens of the universe.I was wrong. You are queen and always will be. It’s awesome to have a teacher like you. Bye for now.

  13. I think I can do more then eat all day. I would like to give some of my annual income to help childen in need. Every year on the same day the kids would get a special day off.

  14. I think it would be cool to be queen even if its only like when I am reading about them I am living what they have lived and then I ffor a day.I read alot about monarchies and I feelind out what really happened to them and its horrifing.I wish I was queen then I would be fair and just.

  15. If I were King I would make sure the servants get a lot of cash for all their help. I would also help to make everyone safe and secure in my kingdom.

  16. I wish I had my own universe if only my dog wold stop blurting into mine looking for attention. If I were the king of the universe I wold donaite to all of the charities pour milions of dollors to cancer research.

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