This past Friday afternoon, Huzzahnians hoisted up the sails and took to the water.  Thanks to Compass Adventures, the grade five and sixes were introduced to sailing at the Comox Marina.  Judging from the huge smiles on everyone’s faces, the afternoon was a great success.  The instructors were incredibly impressed at how fast our class caught on. 
After launching from the harbour, the four Hobie Cats (catamarans) with four students in each boat, glided across the water in perfect formation.  In the lead boat, our class’s resident sailor, Josh, put on an impressive show of tacking and keeping the sails full of wind.  The sun and a gentle wind made for a perfect day, as some of the class was also introduced to kayaking and paddle boarding on the sandy banks of the Spit.  The quote of the day, often repeated, was “This is awesome!”  I’m sure everyone is looking forward to returning and enjoying the water. 
A special thanks goes out to the instructors (James, Andrew and Molly) who patiently explained and guided us on one of the coolest field trips that I have ever seen.  Thanks, also, to the parents (Celine, Shelly, Judy, and David) who drove and our school PAC for making the event possible.


  1. @Mr. Laurie,

    Thanks for all of the compliments. The seed debate was a very juicy topic and it was quite funny as well. Mason went pretty crazy there for sure. I am taking off with blogging, again. I had this huuuuuge rush at the beginning of the year and then it totally slowed down to about 2 posts in like 2 months and at that time that was an all time low. Then I finally got back into it which is good. I hope you build your own blog soon so you could still pretty much be in the class.

    Thanks for helping our class this year and hope you become a teacher next year.

  2. Really love the class blog roll for all pupils, think you are all doing a great job, and through your activities learning to use language really effectively. Well done!

      1. That would be amazing! I love sailing, I go sailing with my gramma. Her name is Linda she is awesome, her boat is really pretty. Do you have a boat of any type?
        You are the best teacher ever!!!

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