Little gems dug up in the forest

Although we would never dig in the woods, we mined a rich vein of poetry during our afternoon of quiet reflection in the Northeast Woods and Lazo Marsh. Here is a handful of diamonds from student poems:

Lazo Woods, a magical forest,
So quiet that the animals think we’re tourists. –Danny

Buds that have just turned into leaves feel like they have been dipped in silk –Rebekah

IMG_4999I see trees in groups as if old friends were talking to each other
I notice the moss on them and it reminds me of clothing –Riannah

I look up at the blue sky, not cloud in sight.
The sun is in the corner of my eye.  –Jaiden

When I look up, I see the sun peaking through the trees
and then its rays light up everything around me
from a nurse tree to moss covered rocks.  –Riley

The woods are bright from nature’s light bulb that we call the sun.  –Payton

All I can see when I look up is the trees stretching to the sky and
Patches of the blue sky where the leaves part –Lizzie

As I lay on the big rock I look up and see the sun peaking through the canopy
As I stand on a log I feel it move beneath me
As I walk, sticks break
I could nap in you forever –Katie

Then I see a snake… it slithers it’s tongue at me and I smile at him–Easton

Lush greens spread all around giving the forest a majestic feeling.  Greyson

The cracking sound goes on,
and strikes fear into me,
for I am not a bird who can fly away,
nor am I an animal who can scatter away,
and yet I still stay. –Jessica

The wind whistles
And a cluster of pine needles
Fall like feathers from your neighbours   –Eric

Now I sit on a log
Waiting for the sun to hit me
Waiting for that touch of warmth
To end my journey.  – Priya

I love our earth and wouldn’t want to harm it –Ben

We all want to save the earth from extinction
Earth Day Earth Day Earth Day Earth Day Earth Day   –Matteo


    1. Thank you, Bookminder!
      We would love to have you visit next year when you are retired–we will give you a tour of our favourite rocks and trees–and you can hang around and teach US a thing or two!

    1. Maddie, our forest is usually very quiet–well, when students aren’t screaming in glee during a Predator & Prey game. The day we were out, Canada’a aerial display team, Snowbirds, were performing, so the forest was really noisy!

  1. Huzzah Bloggers,
    Your poetry is inspiring. As I read them I could just picture what your time in the Lazo woods must have been like on the warm Earth Day afternoon. Your words have captured the essence of Earth Day. Thanks.
    ~Ms. Bulger

  2. Dear Poets,


    I love all the visual imagery like when Riannah said
    …trees in groups as if old friends were talking to each other… and Payton’s …woods are bright from nature’s light bulb that we call the sun.

    All of the poems are wonderful and I read them more than once.

    Thank you! Huzzah!

    Mrs. Yollis

  3. Hello Huzzah

    I loved reading your poetry. You used powerful description. We have just finished writing narratives and focussing on descriptive senses in our work.

    Well done
    Mrs Donnelly
    Sydney, Australia

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