Earth Appreciation

We are indeed fortunate to have the beautiful Northeast Woods behind our school. Living in a rain forest means we do get a lot of rain in the winter, but in spring we reap the benefits: the woods are lush with new growth and echoing with bird song.

The woods are one of the best things about our school. We run through them and play in them, and today we were inspired by them. The weather was perfect for quietly sitting and appreciating our environment. We observed using all our senses–and gathered some snippets of poetry. Our poems will be on our blogs soon.

Meanwhile, be inspired the beauty of the woods.


  1. Dear Huzzah!

    What a lovely setting you have! I wish I was there right now!

    Can’t wait to read the poetry that was inspired by your beautiful forest!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

    1. I have done this activity for several years but at other schools–I have to say this area is particularly spectacular. We call it a ‘solo’ as kids sit by themselves to write. For many this is a new experience. Maybe that’s why the writing is so rich.
      Congratulations on the great success of your class blog, and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi my avatar name is Peter and I come from King City, CA. I attend school in Chalone Peaks Middle School. My classroom is Mr. Millers classroom. I love the nature and sure enough it rains over here too. We got a lot of rain this year and it’s barley going to be May. Do you guys have drought’s over there? If you do tell me more about it.

    1. Hi Peter! Yes, we have had a few hot, dry summers, but not a true drought. Some people who depend on wells have had difficulty, but generally it is more of forest fire problem as the under brush gets very dry and fire spreads in the dry tinder.
      We are not good conservers of water in this part of the provinces, but lately people are beginning to pay greater attention.

      Good luck with your blogging. I am a big fan of your class!

  3. Hi my name is Helena.I’m from Mr.Miller’s classroom in California.I loved your video. I hate it when people just wast trees by using lots of paper and pencils.Do you hate that?We are just wasting oxygen.

  4. You are very fortunate to have these woods behind your school. I love the trails there and don’t visit them nearly as often as I should. What a great idea to spend the afternoon on this really important day appreciating them. I’m looking forward to reading your poetry and discovering the details behind your inspiration.

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