We have a lot in common, but…

…there are some surprises when it comes to candy.

We have been working with our friends on Long Island, New York, in Mrs. Parisi and Ms Southard’s class (the South Paris Collaborative) and we discovered many similarities. But here is a surprise: some of our candy is different!

canada smarties



The first picture shows Smarties in Canada, the second shows Smarties in the USA, and the last shows Rockets candies from Canada. Why do you think these tasty treats are different in our two countries? Does it matter? Can you think of or find any other quirky, crazy little surprises like this? And if you are not from Canada or the USA, do you have Smarties or Rockets?


  1. Hey
    Over Here in Australia we have the chocolate smarties.If any of you want to see my camp orange gameshow audition,drop me a line @ ourjournal.org/travelman.


    1. (from Solana)

      Hi Travleman, it is Solana from Huzzah. I did not know that Australia had real Smarties. Good luck with your orange camp audition.

      1. Thankyou Solana
        Are you the teacher of this class.If you are,I would always like to check out your blogs.It appears I have made internet friends with Ben.


  2. Hi, I am a teacher in the USA. We are on the other side of the country than your New York friends. I am really interested in your candy observations. Here in Washington State we have the same Smarties as they have in New York, but we have a candy that looks just like your Smarties. They are called Sprees. They can be hard or chewy. I can’t post a picture or I would.
    We look forward to visiting your blog in the future. Hopefully you will visit ours. http://partlowpowerhouse.edublogs.org

  3. Hi there, Huzzah!
    My class is from Washington in the U.S.A. We are participating in the blog challenge.I thought that your candy examples were odd. I think that in Britain, Smarties are different too. I’d have to do some research. I think the oddest attribute of the Rockets and Smarties is that they have almost the exact same wrappings and packaging! In fact, probably the only difference is the name! Come and visit my class’s blog at http://partlowpowerhouse.edublogs.org.
    See you soon!

    1. What kind of Smarties do you like? Canadian or American? I like Canadian Smarties. I don’t really get the feeling that you get.

    1. Hi, Joshuan Smarties are pretty cool they’re kind of like a candy called Mentos because with Mentos you can make Coca Cola shoot out of the can/bottle. how do you make Smoke with Smarties? Is There some kind of liquid or is there something else?

      If You see this can you reply at: tyroneh4.edublogs.org

    1. Hi Riley
      Yes I think that the difference between these candies is a very interesting topic but its also kind of normal. Canada and the U.S. have very different things like the 1 dollar bill and the Looney.
      yours sincerely, Tyler

  4. I think that it is kinda weird that they have the same candies but are different brand. Its kinda like 7up, Sprite,and Sierra Mist. Same drink diffferent name.

  5. I think that it’s interesting that every country has it’s own name for their foods and candies such as the Smarties.

  6. We are the 2R Shiningstars from Brisbane, Australia and we have entered the blogging challenge. In Australia we call candy, lollies. We have the same smartie packets as you. We have Rockets like you except they are called Fizzies and they are wrapped the same way as yours.
    Do you have Freddo Frogs, Caramello Koalas, push pops, Furry Friends, jellybeans, lollipops and bullets?

    1. Hi guys!

      So in Austrailia we have the same candy… Cool! And for your question we don’t have Freddo Frogs, Caramello Koalas, furry friends of bullets… Although that might just mean that i don’t know about those types of candy here. But we do have Cadbury. That is the company that makes freddo frogs (I looked them up to see). Even though we don’t have those things, we do have push pops, jellybeans and lollipops. Did you know here we call them lollipops and suckers? Do you do that in Brisbane too?

      Thanks for commenting come again!

  7. Hi, that is an interesting discovery. Something as simple as candy makes us realise that although we are very similar we are very different as well. As you already know we in Australia have chocolate smarties.

    Did you know smarties are great to use in maths activities? The best thing everyone gets to eat the counters (smarties) at the end of class!

    Love your blog . . . check out ours at http://www.belmoresouthpublicschool.edublogs.org. We’re not in the blog challenge BUT we do enjoy blogging.

  8. Hi I am apollo and I live in California. My teacher is Mr.Miller. I liked this blog because even though you were only talking about candy, it is a big deal in my class. By the way I prefer kisses than smarties. What kind of candy do you eat.

    Go to my group blog if you want my name is apollo, look for my blogs. Make comments Bye <:)

  9. WOW that’s really cool that other countries may have their own versions of Smarties I always thought that there was only the American kind. Those Canadian kind look kind of better and bigger! I mean like what is the difference between brand names. Well it would be cool if you could comment on my blog website so
    Bye 🙂

  10. Hi I my avatar name is Jacob162. I am in grade 6 and I go to school in California, USA and we have the Smarties that are hard not the chocolate smarties. This is very different I thought all of the candies are the same everywhere. That is pretty cool. You should visit my blogs too. Hope you could comment of my blog.

    P.S. Look for the blog Peace and Love or Jacob 162.

  11. Hi I my avatar name is Jacob162. I am in grade 6 and I go to school in California, USA and we have the Smarties that are hard not the chocolate smarties. The smarties that you eat look like our version of M&M’S. This is very different I thought all of the candies are the same everywhere. That is pretty cool. You should visit my blogs too. Hope you could comment of my blog.

    P.S. Look for the blog Peace and Love or Jacob 162.

    1. Hello Jacob,
      I’m in grade 6 and I love our chocolate Smarties. But we have M&M’s too and they are just like our smarties and they taste the same too just the M&M’s are a bit smaller. Your Smarties are like our rockets. So all of our candy isn’t that much different they just have different names and look different and some of them taste different but they are all good.

  12. I am Titus and I am in the sixth grade in Mr. Miller Classroom. I really like smarties too. I never heard about rockets either. Is there different kinds of flavors? All we have is smarties. They are really sour. You should try them if you haven’t. They are really good!!! I hope you visit our blog =D.

  13. Hi i am Andres from Mr. Miller’s class in California. I always thought candies were the same in all countries, but I think I’m wrong. Wait never mind the packages might not be the same, but I think the candies are the same. Have any of you ever thought about working in a candy shop? I would!

    1. Hi Antony, I went to California for spring break last year. I looked every where for Canadian Smarties but I couldn’t find them. I have never tried American Smarties next time I go to America I will try them. That would be really fun to work at a candy shop. Do you want to work at a candy shop one day?

  14. Hey nice blog. i really liked your blog about SMARTIES. Smarties are one of my favorite candy. I didn’t know there were diffrent types of smarties. Do you like smarties? Well nice blogs this was one of my favorite blogs.

  15. Hey i really enjoyed you blog about smarties. Do you like smarties? i like smarties there one of my favorite type of candy. I didn’t know there were types of smarties. thats weird i don’t really eat candy that probably why i don’t know about the types of smarties

  16. HI i am Aristotle and i go to Choalone peaks middle school. I really enjoy reading about the diffrenses about how Canada and the U.S..I thought they had the same wraping i learned a lot from your guy’s blog. Thank’s for the info and keep up the awesome work!!!!!!

    1. Hi Aristotle,

      I’m glad you were able to learn something from this post. I never knew any of that before too so I was shocked when I learned it. Also I was wondering if you’ve ever come to Canada and tasted our Smarties or Rockets and if they taste the same as your Smarties. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you liked our writing.

      Talk to you soon maybe

  17. Hi i am Aristotle from King city California.I really enjoy reading your awesome blog. Before i read you blog i thought Canada and the U.s. had the same rapping. I really learned a lot from you blog. Thank’s for the info and keep up the good work.

  18. I really liked reading your post about the candy from the U.S. and Canada. I think the candies have diffrent names because I think smarties wpuld sue rocket company. Or if smarties would of had the name rockets, then rockets would sue smarties.

  19. Hi my name is Alexander162. I am from King City, CA. Your post is very interesting. I did not know that candies have different brands. I always eat smarties, but I did not know that it has brands. I want to ask a question. My question is, do you eat different kinds of candies?

    Your post is really interesting. I really liked it. Thank you for posting it. I really learned a lot.

    1. Hi
      I did not know that we have different candy.
      but I think it is really cool because if we all have the same candy how would we be different? And being different is better then being the same

  20. Hi my name is Brianna from the comox valley, Im in Mrs.Braidwoods class.
    Wow!! the smarties in the US are so much different then in canada, they look exactly like rockets here!! I wonder what the rockets there look like! My favorite candy is smarties!

  21. Hi Travleman, it is Solana from Huzzah. I did not know that Australia had real Smarties. Good luck with your orange camp audition.

  22. I think smarties are really good though when I eat too many my stomach hurts. Thats why I try to eat a little bit. Well nice blog!!

  23. I love smarties!!! I think you had a good point to talk about. I didn’t know we had different candy. I always thought only our cultures were there difference between us. I think that’s cool though. It makes me want to try the candy!!! I really like candy!!! Oh, and can you come and comment on my blog? Anyways, great blog.

    1. I left a comment on your blog, Heaven. I really like the idea of touring the world on a candy tasting mission…Yum!

  24. Hi, I’m Tulsi from Southern California. I think the Rockets and the US Smarties are exactly the same, thought I’ve never heard of Rockets. Now candies are being segregated?! This is unruly. I LOVE to eat both Canadian and US Smarties.

  25. I think smarties are one of the best candies. I think they taste a little sweet and sour. What are your favorite candies?

    1. I really like toffee, but it has a tendency to remove fillings. Although I really like my dentist, I am not a fan of fillings, so a try to avoid toffees…but somehow they still get in my mouth!

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