Guest Post: Blogging

(This guest post is by Greyson and Eric. The topic was their own choice.)

Why is blogging good?

Britian Going Blog Crazy - Metro Article by Annie Mole

blog: Pronounced blŏg. To write entries in, add material to, or to maintain a blog.

There are tons and tons of great things about blogging. So here are some of the things we really like about owning a blog.

We think blogging is a good thing because it is a teacher, really. It teaches you many things, about others and yourself. Since we started blogging our typing skills have really improved and it keeps growing from all the work we’ve been doing. Another thing is that you really start being more social, and you get to communicate with people around the world which is something you don’t get to do every day, that’s for sure.

We think an edublog is a very useful and exciting tool and every single classroom should have one. We think that communicating with people all over the world is the best part of blogging. We’re able to learn their cultures, entertainment, similarities and differences, reading other student’s posts, and being able to comment.

Another great thing about owning an blog is that you can express yourself in posts, or comment on other people’s posts.  You’re able to be nominated for a Edublog Award, or to nominate others. That is very exciting. Edublogs Award Logo

We like how you can change the theme, the header, and customize your blog to your liking. We really enjoy how when we see we have received a comment, we get really excited. Our minds ponder, what could it be about? Our fingers scroll the mouse down, and we finally see the comment.

Well, we have told what we really like about blogging. What about you? What do you really like about blogging? Please, if you could leave us a comment telling us!

Greyson and Eric.

Britain Going Blog Crazy – Metro Article” by Annie Mole
Edublog Awards Logo
” by cx1uk”


  1. Hi Greyson and Eric,

    I really liked this post.

    I’m an English teacher in Australia and I’m planning on getting my students to write blogs in class next year.

    I’ve been reading lots of things to try to find something to help them understand how much fun blogging can be. I think that I’ll get them to read your blog before they start. It’s great stuff!

    Thanks; keep blogging and learning..


    1. @Puppy Lover.
      That’s great that you love blogging! I do too, obviously. I’ve been blogging since October (I started about a week later because I was new) and I can’t get enough of it! Thank you for the comment.

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